VibeReview Security Policy

VibeReview makes security a top priority. We understand that for you to feel comfortable as a VibeReview customer, we need to do everything possible on our end to make sure your information stays private. This notice describes our privacy policy. Please read this carefully, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us. By visiting VibeReview, you are accepting the practices described in this Privacy Notice as complete and sufficient for protection of your personal data.

Method of Transaction Security

While shopping at VibeReview, all the information passed between your computer and our servers is encrypted using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption. This powerful encryption is the industry standard for encrypted web transactions, and it's the same level of encryption used by your bank and credit card's websites.

To find out if SSL is currently active, look for the picture of either an unbroken key or a closed lock at the bottom of your browser window. If you don't see either of these indicators, or if you see a broken key or an open lock, then most likely SSL is not protecting your transaction and your personal information is unencrypted and readable by any and all parties as it makes its way across the Internet.

One more way to tell if SSL is guarding your transaction is to check the URL of the site you are visiting in the "Address" box at the top of your browser. The URL should start with "" or "" when processing secure transactions. If the URL starts with "http://" (with no 's' at the end), then SSL is not active and your information is not being encrypted.

All links on the website that accept or display credit card information are set to use SSL to protect the transaction. If you typed in the URL directly, be sure that you included the "s" in "https://" to ensure the transaction is secure.

Datacenter Security

Our datacenter is staffed by a team of top notch systems administrators who do everything they can to stay current with all of the patches for our system software. We are running the Linux operating system rather than the buggy and insecure Microsoft Windows. This fact alone means that our website is more reliable, secure, and stable than many of the websites out there. All of our servers are protected with strong passwords and every step has been taken to protect us from hackers.

Database Security

Our user keys are created using a randomly generated 30 byte string and are stored in a cookie set at login. As the number of possibilities for this string is roughly equal to the number of particles in the observable universe, the chance of anyone guessing this is virtually impossible. We do not store any credit card information in our database, and the only personal information we keep is your shipping address, name, email, and phone number. We only keep this information so you don't have to type it in each time you order something, but we'll be happy to delete it for you if you request it. As stated in our privacy policy, we will never sell or give out this information under any circumstances.

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