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VibeReview, founded in 2002 by a Registered Nurse, aims to create a safe, female-friendly community where women and men have access to a wealth of adult toy information and sexual health articles. VibeReview's mission is to provide an easy-to-navigate site that offers women and men honest editorial and customer reviews, which are useful in making informed purchasing decisions. Instead of restricting reader and customer participation, VibeReview encourages consumers to write honest sex toy reviews. Refusing to bombard customers with sleazy images and written content, VibeReview chooses to maintain a respectable balance between naughtiness and sexual sophistication.

Your high expectations are not trivialized when you visit VibeReview's unique website. VibeReview offers each reader access to accurate and current product reviews that are written by everyday people just like you. All of this is conducted in the classiest manner possible, refusing to alienate anyone based on his or her experience level, gender, or sexual orientation. VibeReview created a site that is fully functional for anyone who wishes to post toy reviews. Thus, readers and customers are encouraged to share her or his experiences with other men and women. No one should spend their hard-earned money without knowing all the facts about what he or she is buying. In this way, customer reviews facilitate a healthy informational sex toy dialogue.

VibeReview sells superior quality adult toys that have earned positive reviews. Readers and customers are invited to continue this tradition by sharing their own unique experiences, helping others become more knowledgeable. VibeReview values all opinions, suggestions, and experiences, recognizing how all three contribute to greater sexual fulfillment and satisfaction.

Editor's Note: We've been flattered by tremendous customer praise and kind words over the years. Here are a few emails sent to VibeReview customer service folks. We changed customer names to protect the innocent, but other than that, these emails are just as we received them. A quick glance at VibeReview in action:

Heather K,

You guys rock!

I know you and your company will experience continued success because you will have a bunch of repeat business ... just because of the way you do business.

I respect people who respect me and customer service. I also really like the concept of your business. Besides that, you are just a nice person in email. If you are a part owner, congratulations. If you are an employee, they should pay you more. This is my store of choice.



I'd like to say that I appreciate your site. I believe I am getting honest evaluations because, even though you do not say this or that item is not good, you will deflect to another product as being great in that category. You answer a bunch of questions. I also appreciate the non-vulgar feel or sound of the site as compared to all the rest. I would guess that your repeat business is the heart of your business for those reasons.


Not only do you have the FASTEST replying support operation, but you folks run the all-time review/sales site. Your recommendations make the difference.

Thank you for your help in this matter.


Hi Heather,

Sorry for not getting back with you sooner. School has been crazy - midterm paper time. I sent the item back to you guys today, I also got a certified note saying when it was shipped - if you'd like I can scan it and send it to you as proof of shipment.

You continue to impress me greatly, thank you for writing that letter helping me to understand the different factors that go into this sort of thing. When I get a moment I do in fact plan on leaving an informative review, just noting my own dissatisfaction, not simply putting the product down.

Once again, you are really great and I owe you for letting me learn this lesson in a way that didn't leave me feeling cheated out of the experience I thought of myself as "buying". From what I've learned, you really can't buy the experience that a toy aims to give you, and experimentation is the key.

Thanks again, Heather,

All the best,


Please believe me when I say I am both thankful for your understanding and to be honest impressed.. Understanding goes a long way, and it is surprisingly uncommon for a retailer to truly value every customer. I work in retail selling computers for a company that takes this practice very seriously and always strives to understand their customers and turn them into promoters, which sometimes means bending some rules or taking a small loss. I can tell you that you have made me a promoter of your site, which I was already impressed with in the first place. I just want you to know that I understand the situation from your side.

I will leave an informative review about my own personal experience with this product. To tell you the truth I am still very confused as to why I didn't have the same experience as other men with the toy.

Thanks again, truly, and I promise you I will be making future purchases from VibeReview.

All the best,

Hey heather

You've really been great, I've bookmarked your site and will be shopping at it in the future. Thanks for all your help.

Hi nikkita,

Thanks for your quick responses and the great customer service. I'll be shopping for additional products on your website in the future. Thanks again.


Thanks for getting back to me so quickly...yes, please go ahead and have one shipped out but I would like to have it sent to my boyfriend's address which is: <address removed>. Thank you for waiving the shipping charge, I appreciate it! Thanks again for the quick reply...I will definitely do business with your company again!

Hi Heather,

Thanks for your lovely email. What wonderful customer service! If the Kangaroo is available I'd love to try it. I look forward to getting my order. Thanks!


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