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Burning Man 2007 - Camp Beaverton

Burning Man 2007
"Camp Beaverton: Camp for Wayward Girls" is an intentional (and experimental) Burning Man community camp AND conversation. For who? For Gay and Queer Women, Dykes, Bykes, Sluts, Butches, Bois, Trans-peeps, Diehard Lesbians, Geekster-Hip Lezzies, Lipstick Lesbians, the Bi-identified, the Bi-curious, the Hetero-flexible, and even (gasp!) the occasional Straight Girl (as long as she's as Wayward as the Playa is dusty). We are thoroughly queer, yet inclusive, with a definite chick-centric bent. Participation, inquiry, conversation, and owning your shit are the name of the game.

Our intention is to provide two things: a kick-ass Queer Oasis in Black Rock City 2007 for girls who LOVE girls, and a continuing conversation exploring female and feminine queer sexuality in the world and in BRC. Participatory in nature, Camp Beaverton, whether online or on the Playa, is a place where you are encouraged to explore YOUR expression of queerness and allow the rest of us to ask "What is MINE?"

Can we create Queer Sisterhood? Can we work together to make finding "our people" less arduous by creating a camp to draw 'em to us while we host some kick'n events and shine our Batwoman signal high in the sky? Join and read on to see if what we're up to calls to you... And please, spread the word 'cause we're looking for some serious bee-atches to it throw down as our future Beaverton Camp Counselors as we can create something that's not existed on the Playa yet, as far as we can tell!

VibeReview is proud to be a part of Camp Beaverton. Come by and see some of our latest and greatest toys, while mingling with the loveliest ladies on the Playa.

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