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Cupid's Arrows: A Cure for Post-Holiday Hangover?

Cupid's Arrows:  A Cure for Post-Holiday Hangover?

Instead of presenting you with a massive, in-your-face Valentine's Day advertising campaign, VibeReview has compiled a list of pro-Valentine's Day sex toys and adult products that you can browse. So if you've been looking for sexy gifts, this list is the best starting place for you. And since purchasing the right Valentine's Day gift is so incredibly important - helping lovers embrace a world of emotional, physical, and sexual interaction - it's time for you to actively participate in your relationship's growth by purchasing sexy gifts that can rekindle passion and dedication.

Valentine's Day is the last day of Lovers Finals, when individuals have an opportunity to prove that they have, indeed, been paying attention to his or her significant other. Taking notes? No, that was last month. Now, it is time to take the test of love, hopefully demonstrating what lovers have learned about one another over the course of their relationship. The gift a person chooses to give says just as much about the giver as it does the receiver, so this is your chance to prove your worth! The perfect Valentine's Day gift not only says, "Yes, I care for you," but also says, "I know you, what you like, and what pleases you the most."

VibeReview figured you might like a historical perspective to help you choose thematically correct gifts. So we sifted through tons of historical discussions to find relevant Valentine's Day information. This cherished day of love and companionship has a tradition of mysterious theories and historical accounts. My goodness, mysteries abound - on the Internet (of course) and in books! We decided to go with the most romantic account of Valentine's Day, and we are sure you'll enjoy this version of such a sacred story of love. Hopefully the brief account below will inspire you this Valentine's Day.

Claudius II - that intransigent Roman emperor who outlawed marriage for young males as a measure of increasing army enlistment - accidentally set the wheels of love in motion, pure love, that led to the creation and observance of Valentine's Day. Claudius was a grumpy, stubborn political pundit, a man lost in his own world of power struggles and authoritarian endeavors. Claudius the Grump (as we like to call him) wouldn't have appreciated Valentine's Day, as he would have been too busy decreeing this, decreeing that - or simply too occupied with enforcing his strict policies. As galactic waves of heartfelt admiration boil your blood, seizing your body, it's a good idea to remember that Claudius the Grump might imprison you for your acts of love - at least that's what he did to poor St. Valentine, who ministered secret marriage ceremonies for young lovers, for those youngsters who wished to break oppressive political chains, taking control of their own lives.

Claudius the Grump didn't take the news well; he definitely disagreed with St. Valentine's circumvention of the system, so he imprisoned the dedicated St. Valentine. But while imprisoned for conducting marriage ceremonies, St. Valentine, it is believed, fell in love with the jailer's daughter. Intimate companionship, that's what he found with his captor's lovely daughter, and through his devotion to this woman, St. Valentine overcame the harshness of captivity, focusing on love, admiration, and purity. He sent her simple - yet emotionally fulfilling - love notes that any woman or man would appreciate. His affectionate disposition is something we could all aim to re-create in our lives. Not just for one day, such as Valentine's Day ... but for each new day spent in the loving embrace of our significant others.

Can you compete with St. Valentine's loving actions? Probably not. Unless you plan on being incarcerated unjustly and then finding love while imprisoned. However, you can build on the example set forth by such an amazing man, and there's no reason you can't be your lover's St. Valentine! What will you do for your lover when this Valentine's Day arrives? What gifts will you purchase? In what scenario will you present your lover with a gift? Are you planning on romancing your way back into her or his heart? Have you considered getting a sex toy as a hot, steamy gift - one that clearly demonstrates your sexy motives for Valentine's Day? Lovers can transcend the simple act of physical pleasure by learning and adopting fresh ways to connect with one another; thus, truly exalting deeper intimacy, a togetherness that balances physical pleasure, emotional connectivity, and sexual gratification. Sex toys and adult products have a knack of facilitating a radical transformation in individuals and couples, teaching lovers how to relax while in a vulnerable state and how to trust one another. But it does involve some risk-taking and a willingness to be patient with one another.

Step outside of your comfort zone. Take a moment to create a sexual scenario in your mind. Follow through with that scenario by purchasing the right sexy equipment to help you and your partner enjoy Valentine's Day. An experimental nature leads to fascinating and arousing conclusions and can be the starting point for emotional and sexual growth. Surprising your husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, or wife with a sex toy from VibeReview is the first step toward a series of relationship improvements that every couple thrives on. Chocolates, roses, and the usual suspect gifts just won't do, not this Valentine's Day! Nothing whispers "I love you" or screams "I want you" like a quality sex toy, and after the roses have died and the chocolates have been eaten, your amazing new toy will still be around, reminding you of your special holiday, and pleasing both of you!

Titillating Gifts for Couples: Popular Sex Toys

1. Kama Sutra: Art of Making Love: Even the most sexually experienced couples find the Kama Sutra: Art of Making Love helpful in spicing up their love life. Sometimes a couple's romance seems to reach a plateau, but that needn't be the case, not with this new translation of the ancient text helping you and your lover reach more enjoyable sexual dimensions. Improve positional intercourse with this manual of love, learn to understand your partner on a deeper, more spiritual level, and come together as two separate individuals that merge into a single organism of love and appreciation. This outstanding text has helped millions of people reach their sexual goals by joining partners in an erotic journey that emphasizes patience, compassion, fulfillment, and dedication.

2. The Sweet Celebration Box: Do you have the right adult products to take your romance to a new level? Rest assured, the Sweet Celebration Box contains all the sexy items you need to get started right away, to immediately redefine the intimacy shared between you and your partner. Each box includes Vanilla Creme Oil of Love, French Vanilla Creme Body Souffle, Kama Sutra Massage Oil, a Sweet Honeysuckle Boudoir Puff in a pure white satin bag, and fragranced rose petals, which are all useful for increasing the heat between the sheets and your partner's sexual feistiness. Whether you are going on a trip or spending time alone at home, this box of sexual goodies is the perfect way to ignite an ever-growing flame of passion that lights your way during stressful, complicated nights.

3. The Lovers Paintbox: Whatever happened to creative between-the-sheets playtime? It's coming back in style, starting with the Lover's Paintbox. Instead of going through the motions, adhering to the same routines, you should consider erotic painting as a type of seductive foreplay. The Lover's Paintbox comes with three delicious chocolate flavors: dark, milk, and white and includes a sleek paintbrush. Sooth your sweet tooth and sexual desires by painting your partner with chocolate, licking and eating and sucking each drop from her or his entire body. Become a master of erotic painting after a few strokes of pleasure touch your partner's awakened body, and then invite your lover to paint you - the real masterpiece - giving you the attention you deserve and want.

4. Under the Bed Restraints: There's no better time than right now to surprise your significant other with a crafty and safe restraint system; one that is both playful and easy to operate. Since there is no justifiable reason for you to waste time messing with complicated restraint systems, you might as well go with what works best and is most convenient. That's where Under the Bed Restraints come into the picture. You might not be interested in the naughtiness of extreme BDSM, but surely you are intrigued by the idea of light BDSM sex and goofing around, and after playing with these restraints, you will surely know all your lover's secret desires and understand what types of stimulation drive her or him insane!

5. The Fantasy Sex Swing: You've read and heard all about sex swings: how they are used, what they are used for, and how they can help couples sustain difficult sex positions. Maybe the idea of a sex swing intrigues you, but you are unsure if it is a practical sex toy gift. The Fantasy Sex Swing is extremely practical, easy to use, and made of high quality, durable material. It can take whatever energetic movement you can muster in the throes of passion, and does so without sacrificing your partner's comfort and pleasure. You've always wanted to feel every inch of your partner, and this sex swing makes that possible. The ultimate "Let's Get It On!" statement, this erotic sex swing can turn average sex into many nights and days of unbelievable sexual encounters that you once only dreamed of!

6. Kama Sutra Massage Oil: Foreplay includes many activities, even though many couples automatically assume that oral titillation is the main source of foreplay. Wrong, oh so wrong. Massage and sensual body touching is an important part of foreplay that can go a long way toward creating more enjoyable sex, and is, as some people admit, a key component of quality intimacy - the kind of intimacy that is less attainable during quick oral fun and makeshift, on-the-go sex. But, in order for sensual body touching and massage to feel its best, you must have reliable massage oil. Kama Sutra Massage Oil is the best out there, so you are in luck! Devote yourself and your time to exerting effort in the area of foreplay massage, because it is one of the best ways to ease into relaxing sexual encounters.

7. The Ovation Intimacy Kit: The perfect "His and Her" kit that includes condoms, vibrating love rings, lube, stimulating gel, and wipes is one surefire way to turn the heat up in your relationship. Basically, for several nights of wild and erotic bedroom play, the Ovation Intimacy Kit knows how to start and finish your sexy night with an orgasmic BANG! One can never have enough condoms for protection, and there is always room for during-sex clitoral vibrations. Slide on a condom and a vibrating love ring for intercourse enhancement, doubling the pleasure without much effort on your part. You can use this kit's superiorly formulated personal lubricant for enjoyable slickness and the arousing gel for more intense sensations, and when the night has concluded and it's time for clean up, this kit contains helpful after-sex wipes. Ideal for weekend getaways and tantalizing holiday sex, the Ovation Intimacy Kit properly arms you with all the sex toys and adult products for great foreplay and sex.

8. The Sex Sling: The Fantasy Swing might be out of your price range. However, as luck would have it, the Sex Sling - at least on a smaller scale - allows men and women to make love in usually unsustainable positions (except for those flexible gymnasts) and also invites an element of playful submission into your Valentine's Day fun. The Sex Sling is comfortable and durable, and you can be sure that those hard-to-reach penetration angles are easier than ever to experience with the Sex Sling providing support and comfort while you pleasure one another.

9. Climax Bursts Cooling and Climax Bursts Warming: Sensations are the names of the game, and few types of sensations can compete with stimulation effect of cooling and warming agents, which can be used by both women and men. Sure, foreplay and sex feel wonderful to begin with, but imagine how great those activities would feel with cooling and warming sensations leading the charge. Each touch, soft kiss, gentle thrust - all feel more intense when Climax Bursts Cooling and Climax Bursts Warming are used for clitoral and penile stimulation. It's all about enhancing an already excited situation, and both products are certainly capable of intensifying each sensation experienced.

10. Tantric Lovers: Corny, goofy, and downright fun, the Tantric Lovers game is one way to pass your together-time, and will present each of you with new sexual opportunities that you imagined were impossible or impractical. This sexy game encourages lovers to explore Tantric techniques and sexual empowerment without the action getting bogged down in boring seriousness, and truly is as educational as it is fun and erotic. Bless your sexual lifestyle with a refreshing new viewpoint and connectedness by devoting time each week to playing Tantric Lovers.

Have a mind-blowing, sexually explosive Valentine's Day that neither you nor your partner will forget. You have the power to transform your lover's sex life with the simplest of sex toys and romantic adult gifts. Show your lover how you care and appreciate him or her, and don't forget to include yourself in whatever bedroom action takes place!

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Last updated: Oct. 08, 2023