Frequently Asked Questions

Ordering Questions

Why can't I buy anything?
We are currently upgrading our shop and orders have been temporarily disabled. You can still access all our reviews, but you will not be able to buy anything until the upgrade is complete.

Is your site secure?
Yes. Our site is protected by SSL encryption which is the Internet standard for credit card transactions. It's the same security used by almost all online merchants, banks, and credit card companies. The SSL security becomes activated as soon as we ask you for your personal information including address and credit card info. You will know that this security is active by the "lock" icon in the lower right corner of your browser.

Having trouble placing an order?
Please contact us and we'll be happy to help you.

Is my information private?
Yes. We do not give any customer information or share any of your private data with anyone not directly affiliated with filling your order. For more info, please see our privacy policy.

I seem to have been charged multiple times after my credit card was declined. Why?
Often times, banks will put a temporary charge an an account if a card is declined. The charge is usually removed by the next business day, though each bank has their own policy. Not all banks use these temporary charges, but when they do, your only option is to either wait a day or so for the charges to clear or you can call your bank and see if they can speed things up for you. VibeReview is simply out of the loop at this point. Even if we try and call your credit card's bank, they will not talk to us since we are not the cardholder. Unfortunately, this is something that we have no control over and if a bank has this policy, they will do it to everyone - not just VibeReview customers. If for some reason the multiple charges are not gone after a day or two, let us know and we'll be happy to investigate it further.

Can I pay with a check?
In order to provide you with the highest security, we require that all payments are made with a credit card though our secure website.

The name printed on the item packaging does not match the name on the website. Why?
In order to maintain the high quality image of our site, we often list many of our items under a different name than the manufacturer puts on the box. Rest assured that all of our items are the same ones that are in the pictures and descriptions - there are no generic substitutes or anything like that. It's just a simple matter of renaming certain toys to names we feel are a little more friendly.

Shipping Questions

How long will it take for my order to arrive?
Most orders are shipped on the same day they are placed. Orders that are placed on the weekend and/or include out-of-stock items may sometimes be delayed slightly. Orders are usually shipped via Priority Mail, which is a 2-3 day service but can take up to 7-10 business days to arrive during busy seasons, or UPS Ground which usually takes 2-6 business days. If you need your package to be guaranteed by a certain date, we recommend selecting one of our express shipping options.

Why does my order not qualify for free shipping? At certain times, we may offer free shipping promotions. Certain extra-heavy items are disqualified from free shipping offers, as well as orders shipped to destinations outside of the U.S.

If I request One-Day Shipping, will I get my order the next day?
Expedited shipping is just that - expedited shipping, meaning that your order will be shipped using the type of shipping that you request. While most of the items available on our site are shipped the same day, some items are not available immediately, so selecting One-Day or Two-Day Shipping does not necessarily mean your order will arrive in one or two days. There is no weekend pickup or delivery for One-Day or Two-Day Shipping. Regardless, all expedited orders receive priority over regular orders.

My order seems overdue - where is it?
If your order has not arrived within 15 days of placing your order, email and be sure to include your full name and your order number and we will do everything in our power to help you locate your package. Depending on the shipping method used, we may also be able to provide you with tracking information.

Is your packaging discreet?
We respect your privacy and all our shipping is done discreetly. All orders are shipped in plain packaging and use a return address of simply "Shipping Dept", plus the street address of our warehouse. No indication of either VibeReview or the package's contents are displayed on the box.

Do you ship internationally?
At this time, we ship only to US and Canada. For Canadian orders, the customs form description will list the package contents as "Bathroom Accessories".

Additional Questions?

If your question has not yet been answered, or if you have any additional concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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Last updated: Oct. 08, 2023