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Interview with a Hunk: Jean Val Jean

Interview: Jean Val Jean

Jean Val Jean stormed into the industry with instant star-appeal. Men want to be him, ladies want to be with him, and he's having a great time with it all. His green eyes sparkle with wisdom and gentleness. Jean Val Jean understands and appreciates the adult entertainment industry. He exudes a comfortable confidence that doesn't make other people around him feel uncomfortable. This manly, supremely gorgeous man is melting hearts all over the world.

Jean Val Jean was born and raised in Montlucon, France, where, as a young man, he dreamed of becoming a male porn star. He has a "thing" for American women. This adorable hunk has been nominated for multiple AVN awards. The Jean Val Jean Filmography contains many memorable films and scenes - some of the best in the industry. With his sexy, sculptured body and a thick French accent he's gaining a loyal female and male following around the world. We had an opportunity to interview Jean Val Jean at AVN.

How long have you been performing in the industry?

I've been making films for exactly a year! Yes, one year today. It is a really exciting time for me right now. You see, I never did porn when I lived in Europe, but porn has been a dream of mine for years. I must have been...14 years old, something like that, when I first considered porn as a career. I really liked American girls, so I wanted to be a porn star in America.

A year ago, it was. I flew from France to the AVN convention, in Las Vegas, Nevada. I met each production and distribution company at the convention. I introduced myself to each company, explaining how I wanted to be a porn star. Several companies were interested in me and gave me my first shot at porn. I also found an agent who brought me to LA. Soon after, I starred in my first scene with a French girl (laughs).

I love your accent! Hey, French women are gorgeous.

Yes, French girls are sexy and hot, but I prefer American girls. It's just one of those preference deals - we all have them.

What is it about American women that you like so much?

American's their energy level, their enthusiasm. In general, I think American women are more sexual - yeah, definitely more sexual and experienced and willing to experiment with their sexuality. American girls are better at oral sex. Seriously, believe it or not, blow jobs are better in America.

Ah, blow jobs - a man's favorite topic! Do you have any blow job tips or suggestions for women?

Yeah, tighten up and close the back of your throat. Like you are trying to swallow something. Gently suck it, and a lot of teasing the penis head - suck it a lot. I love it when a woman acts like she wants to swallow my whole body, like she wants to eat all of me. Oh, eye contact is big. Always maintain eye contact. I love seeing a woman's eyes during oral sex.

Do you have any special sex toys? Any sex toys that you love?

Of course! I have the Power Stroker 100X, which is awesome. I enjoy masturbating. Stroking gives me the opportunity to fulfill my fantasies. I get a kick out of the Wicked Masturbator. Vibrating cock rings are a new favorite. The Impulse Micro Arouser is a killer vibrating cock ring. Guys should try it out. Ladies love clit vibrations during sex.

Do you have a favorite film or scene that you're featured in?

I did a scene for Hustler that was outstanding. I can't remember the name of the movie! Anyway, I was with two hot girls in an elevator. I'll never forget that scene. I felt so horny; it was amazing, really. Visually and sexually, it is one of my favorite scenes. I really got into the action. I've liked most of my movies and plenty that I haven't starred in. There's been something special about all my films. I can remember something cool about all of them. I always look forward to making new memories (winks and smiles).

In that Hustler scene, though, one of the girl performers was directing me and asked if she could be my girlfriend in the movie. The viewer can only see her hand. She asks the other two girls, "Would you like to fuck my man?" Then she starts taking off my pants and she starts to stroke my cock and she says, "I want you to suck the cock of my man." She stroked my cock while the two other girls were sucking me. The scene was good, very intense with lots of energy. At the end she asked, "Would you mind if I jack you off in the mouth of the two girls?" It was so hot.

Do you have a favorite sex position?

Sure do. I love two sex positions. I can't choose one favorite position, you know. The Cowgirl (woman on top) turns me on because get to see and touch the girl - her breasts, face, lips, legs, everything. I can grab the girl's ass, which I like to do. Licking and kissing boobs, another hit with me. Doggie-style is my second choice. Having a view of a gorgeous ass does it for me.

Care to offer any sex tips to less experienced men and women?

Passion is everything. Be passionate when you make love or do anything sexual. Mechanical sex is no good - it gets boring, lacks enthusiasm. Kissing plays an important role in creating and maintaining a connection between a woman and me. I can tell a lot by the way a woman kisses me. I can feel her sexual energy - if it's weak or strong, which helps me decide what I need to do, or what steps to take next. In those first seconds of kissing, I learn a lot about my partner. Guys should take their time and never neglect their foreplay fun.

What's the secret to a satisfying sex life?

I think it really depends on the person; some people are very sexual, some aren't. It really depends on how sexual you are. If you are very sexual, it's a good thing to do porn (laughs). You can express your sexuality and be creative with sex, which is very interesting. Just be as passionate as possible. Take the time to learn about your partner's preferences. Honestly, it's all about preferences. If you know what you partner likes, be sure to do more of it. Don't rush, not straight to sex. Pay attention to how your partner responds to whatever you are doing.

Are you working on any projects right now?

I'm working on a secret project right now, but I'm also working on my website. I am always filming new movies and scenes.

Jean, thank you for your time. Keep burning up the sets! I look forward to seeing more of your films.

Yes. Thank you for your time, as well. I look forward to making more movies!

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Last updated: Apr. 14, 2024