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Interview with a Porn Star: Jesse Jane

Interview: Jesse Jane

Jesse Jane - an all-American girl from Fort Worth, Texas - is a self-proclaimed nymphomaniac with alluring green eyes and a provocative smile. Her captivating beauty and enduring vitality propelled her into official stardom; and even though she's only been in the business a few years, she's one of the hottest starlets in the industry.

Naughty, classy, and gorgeous - Jesse Jane is the perfect porn star, which explains why so many men and women idolize her electric and erotic on-screen performances. VibeReview, knowing how important she is in the industry, took a few minutes to interview the sultry Jesse Jane. Her blossoming sexual confidence and charisma enthrall millions of fans and, of course, VibeReview.

Your girl-on-girl scenes are non-stop action, some of the most erotic scenes in the business.

Thank you, I like girls (giggles). I don't neglect my boys, though!

Who knows how to push your orgasmic buttons the best, men or women?

Wow, that's a tough question! Honestly, it's a case-by-case basis. After experimenting with talented ladies, I find that women really get me going, but experienced men usually get me off pretty good, too. Women tend to do somethings better than men, but men can do somethings that women can't. It all balances out, I think.

I've been with men who are really good in bed. In fact, a few of those men still seductively roam in my dreams: I continue to dream about those special moments with super-talented men, and it just so happens...most of them are my exes. Men or women? It's more about a person's passion and technique.

So, it's more about performance and technique?

Yeah, exactly. Some girls know exactly how to pleasure me the right way, others struggle with the basics. It all depends on experience level and a willingness to try different techniques. I sort of like teaching someone what works best for me, or how to try different techniques. In general, women make me climax quicker than men.

Like I said earlier, I've had sex with men who are really good. I'm not sure why, but a lot of men don't know how to please me. I mean, good sex takes practice and an understanding between partners, so maybe inexperience is part of it. The men I've been with are generally less experienced than the women I've been with.

How do women unlock their orgasmic potential? What's the key to a powerful orgasm?

Practice, technique, and time. You know, I've spent years exploring my body - really learning what feels best to me. Since becoming a porn actress, I've learned more about what doesn't work, like a process of elimination. Once the bad techniques are ruled out, I keep experimenting. There are a few techniques that drive me wild. But I suggest that men and women practice different techniques as often as possible. Learning - oh, that's what I love about my job!

For example, I like to start with gentle kisses on my inner thighs. After several minutes of slow, gentle kisses, I get really wet. However, I don't like it when men or women focus on my clit too fast; my clit is sensitive, so I like a steamy build-up before any clit action. Thigh kisses are a great starting place - for me at least.

After thigh kisses, I like someone to blow on my clit. Not excessive blowing, obviously. Alternating between thigh kisses and clit blowing gets me really excited. Tingling sensations - oh, those tingles! - travel up my spine, and then I get goosebumps. Once body tingles start, I am ready for periodic clit licking and sucking. It's all about the build-up. After 10-15 minutes of doing this, I cum incredibly hard.

Techniques for G-Spot orgasms are obviously different. Sexually, women have different preferences, but I've noticed that many women climax quicker when they ride a partner, grinding slowly to the front, then the back - none of this bouncing up and down. I like to grind slowly, in a forward motion, which makes it easier for men (or dildos) to hit my G-spot. Hip movement and knowing the G-Spot's location are important.

Great description! Your techniques, I am sure, will help men and women improve their sex life. Are you willing to share any other sex tips with VibeReview readers?

Try new things! You never know what you're might like. You could find a new favorite sex position. Some of my most intense sexual moments are because of the excitement that comes with trying something new. An unusual experience, or something that I don't normally do, is powerful. Like, for instance, I rarely rode a man. I didn't like it much, but once I tried different movements while on top, I became very orgasmic in that position.

Don't stress out! Stress-free sex is so important, particularly for women. Who can experiment if they are stressed out?!! Keep your sex life going. Sexual stagnation is boring, too routine-ish. If there's something you really don't want to do, then don't do it - just don't be afraid to try new things in bed. You might open-up to a new world of sexuality you never dreamed about, and become an entirely new sexual animal.

What's your hottest and wildest sex story? A sex story from your personal life, not an experience you had during a movie.

Oh, wow! Tommy Lee and I, when we were dating, went to a club to watch Crystal Method and Paul Oakenfold play. We sat in the VIP balcony with a huge crowd directly beneath us and VIP members everywhere. When the band started playing, Tommy and I fooled around. We had sex right there, in the VIP section: I sat on top of the railing, did the splits, and Tommy went to work. We had sex in front of everyone - It was great!

I've also had sex in a car going down I-35, on the way to Texas. While we were going 85 miles an hour down the highway, I straddled the driver. Right when I got into it, a highway patrol officer drove up, right next to us. He just smiled and gave us a thumbs up. It was so cool, especially since it's near impossible to get away with anything in Texas.

You are an oral sex professional. Do you have any oral sex suggestions or tips? How can a person improve their oral sex techniques?

Thanks for the compliment. If you keep showering me with these compliments, I may have to demonstrate my answer! I am kidding, of course. But, sure, I take a lot of pride in my oral sex performance. Oral sex - and all foreplay fun, really - sets the tone for other sexual fun, so it is extremely important. Ask any woman who feels neglected in this area of her sex life. The same is true of men, I think.

Blowjobs are a lot of fun. I make an effort to suck and lick a man's penis while gently massaging his balls. I start by stroking a cock. I stroke it slow for a minute or two. No fast stroking, not at first; the teasing, the slow stroking drives men nuts. I slowly, gently lick and suck it like a lollipop or a popsicle. Very slowly, still - and then I pull the cock out of my mouth, stroking it faster, harder. But I suddenly slow down, placing the penis back in my mouth.

I start sucking the cock faster and use my hands to rub the penis' shaft up and down, followed by quick licks on the penis head and the penis head's little hole, where I flick my tongue back and forth. I also stick the tip of my tongue inside of it, moving my tongue in circles. After teasing the hell out of him, I suck his dick hard, fast, and deep; but I always continue using my hands to massage his balls and dick. Be naughty! I enjoy slapping a cock on my tongue or seeing how much of a man's penis I can swallow!

It's a similar situation with women. Obviously, there are differences, but overall, the same techniques should be used. The inner thighs - lick them, blow on them, and kiss them. The teasing part of oral sex and foreplay make the difference. I like to push my partner to almost cum...then slow down before they do, teasing the hell out of them. When they do finally climax, the suspense makes the orgasm more intense.

Shoot, your questions and my answers - or thinking about my answers - are making me horny. I'm getting so horny talking about all of this (laughs). I'm thinking about masturbating right after this interview. Unfortunately, I forgot my vibrator today. Figures, huh? Oh well, I am sure I will manage (devious smile).

I'm not sure you can handle my next question then! Do you have a favorite vibrator?

The toughest question of all. I have several vibrators that I couldn't live without. My Vibe Rabbit rocks my world. I love my dual action vibrators. No woman or man can make me cum as quickly as my Vibe Rabbit. My Quicksilver G-Spot also does the trick. Metal vibrators, like the Quicksilver G-Spot, feel so different than other vibrators - it's a slicker, cooler, firmer texture. Oh, and yeah, super-powerful. The Pocket Rocket Booster is my favorite clit vibe. Phew, it doesn't get much better than it.

I found this Lipstick Vibrator recently. It's not a favorite toy, but it is a cool one to play with in certain situations. VibeReview might carry it, not sure. Anyway, it looks like a cute tube of pink lipstick. It vibrates quietly, is small, and can be hidden. In fact, I masturbated next to my boss on an airplane, when we were on the way to a film festival. He had no clue what was happening! I sat there in my seat, with a big grin on my face. He looked at me and asked, "Why are you smiling?" I cracked up, saying, "Cause I just masturbated right next to you and you had no clue!"

I am also partial to my line of replica sex toys. I don't get much use out of them, but I know the fellas do. My Jesse Jane Decadent Love Doll has been a hit. I worked closely with California Exotic Novelties on this one. They made multiple casts of my entire body - it was so hot! The finished product looks like me - it tripped me out! My Jesse Jane's Intimate Passages replica vagina is a successful sex toy, as well. I am very proud of these two toys. Not everyone gets a chance to make replica sex toys, so I am grateful for the opportunity.

What's the deal with Brittany Spears, did she really hit on you?

No! I'm really good friends with her manager, Larry Rudolf. Everybody heard this story about me and Brittany in the Hamptons, but I was in the Hamptons with her manager. She wasn't even with us. I've heard that story though. After that, people started asking me about Justin Timberlake. Newsflash: I've never met Justin Timberlake, but I wouldn't mind meeting him.

So far, what are your favorite movies you've starred in?

Erotique is my all-time favorite. It's been out a year and a half, and it's already one of the top-selling DVDs of all-time. Everyone I know loves that movie. It's beautifully shot. I consider it to be a high quality film that different groups of people like.

People love Island Fever 3, which was recently released. The DVD comes in both a high-definition resolution and standard resolution. It was shot in Tahiti and Bora Bora, where the scenery is so beautiful that it looks fake. Seriously, the environment...gorgeous. I almost cried during sunset - I've never seen anything like it.

For Pirates, I got to do a teaser with Miss Carmen Luvana, and we have real sword fights. We've only filmed the trailer, but I finished my mini-sword lesson already: I had to learn how to catch a sword thrown at my back. I have to turn around and catch it! If I don't pay attention, I could get stabbed in the back with a real sword.

Fortunately, I did well during the trailer. Carmen threw the knife, I turned around, and I caught the sword perfectly. It was really, really cool. I think this is going to be my favorite movie of all-time...yeah, 'cause just shooting the trailer alone was so much fun. It's called Pirates and will be released later this year. Check it out.

Awesome, I'll definitely keep an eye out for it. So tell me, if you could have sex with absolutely anyone, who would it be?

Angelina Jolie. I would jump her bones in a heartbeat!

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