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Interview with a Porn Star: Stormy Daniels

Interview: Stormy Daniels

Stormy Daniels - the consummate adult performer with ocean blue eyes, glowing blond hair, and a curvaceous figure - is an archetypal Southern Vixen, from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where she began her adult entertainment career as an exotic dancer. In a twist of fate, the gorgeous Stormy found that she had a knack for on-screen performances. She retired as an exotic dancer in 2000, when she signed a contract with Wicked Pictures. Her unbelievable sexual irresistibility propelled her into instant stardom.

Stormy's on-screen performances are many, but she's also appeared in Playboy, Hustler, Penthouse, High Society, GQ, and FHM. She has performed in over 50 films, won countless awards, and been seen on HBO's Real Sex. Pornucopia: Going Down in the Valley and Space Nuts are two of her most popular films. In addition to on-screen performances, Stormy has directed over eight different films and written several others. Yes, this sexual starlet has a ton of talent.

VibeReview longed for an interview with this amazing performer-director-writer. When VibeReview crossed paths with the lusty Stormy, we requested an intimate one-on-one discussion - the real deal, an unforgettable interview. Luckily, the hot and steamy Stormy agreed!

What prompted you to become an adult movie performer? Had you always considered adult films as a real possibility?

No, I hadn't invested much thought into adult movies. It's by accident - or fate, I guess - that I found a niche in the porn industry, or that I even had the opportunity. At the time, I was dancing and looking to make more money on the road as a feature dancer. A friend of mine asked me, "Well, do you want to come out to LA and do a couple of lesbian sex scenes?" Though I am technically not a lesbian, I felt like it was a good opportunity, so I went to LA, where I met the good people at Wicked Pictures. They showed a lot of interest in me, so I ended up staying an extra week. That extra week (she laughs) turned into a second week, which turned into a permanent home in Los Angeles. I still live LA. I discovered quickly why LA is so appealing.

Is there one particular aspect of the industry that you like the most?

Not really, you know. I...well, no: I like it all - the entire scope of activities, scenes, people, and unlimited sex fantasies. Nothing compares to living out one's erotic fantasies - and that's what I do! How cool is that? Right now, I am having a great time in my career and my personal life. My fantasies are becoming a reality.

Is there anything you dislike about the industry? Something you'd like to change?

That's easy. The stigma. A lot of times industry professionals stereotype performers. Once a performer is labeled a certain way, industry professionals - at least in the past - might not give the performer an opportunity to cross over into different genres. However, this isn't so much of an issue these days. There's an incredible amount of crossover potential right now, and I couldn't love it more. That attitude of "You are what you perform" is slowly going away, which allows me more room to operate - or to perform in different roles. Two years ago, when I first began performing, it was a huge problem. It's getting better.

Take for example, when I hosted a New Year's Eve party in Miami. I was the only porn star at my table, and probably the only porn star at the party. People at the party didn't freak out, you know. They didn't say, "Oh...that's a porn star...." I didn't feel out of place, or like I didn't belong with these other performers. Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, and the Wayans brothers were there. I took photos with all of them and a few other stars. The stigma is not what it used to be like. None of that "don't talk to her, it's bad for your reputation" nonsense happens very often anymore.

As unfair stigmas decrease, I feel that more opportunities for crossover will be there for me. I am a performer, and would like nothing more than to perform in a variety of genres. Porn stars are now seen in music videos, mainstream magazines, and mainstream movies. Sydnee Steele and I acted in the hit movie Girl Next Door. The stigma is definitely not as bad as it used to be, but it's still there. If I am in a bar and a guy asks what I do for a living, chances are that, when I tell him I am a porn star, the guy will say, "Ahh, so how ya' doin'? What are you doin' tonight?"

So, you like sex performing because you get to live out your fantasies? Are there any erotic fantasies that you haven't lived out?

There is one fantasy that keeps driving me insane. I've wanted to do it for so long, but it just hasn't happened yet. I want to be with two guys. It turns me on so much, like, the thought - the fantasy - it never leaves me. I haven't even been with two men at the same time. In the future, at some point, I will dive head deep into that fantasy. But I want to be with two men who take their time and know what they are doing. I want the experience - oh yes - to last.

Are you serious? You're a well-known porn star! You've never been with two guys at the same time?

I know, it's hard to believe. It's true: I haven't been with two men at the same time. I almost, almost lived out the fantasy a few months back. Unfortunately, one of the wasn't "all systems go." So I keep waiting and waiting, waiting patiently. A little impatiently, mind you; but I am waiting nevertheless. All this waiting is sorta good. When it does finally happen, I bet the experience is a wild one!

VibeReview readers love true-life sex stories, especially super hot sex stories. Do you have any hot real life sex stories to share?

Right now, I am dating a guy who works in the industry - not as a performer, though. We've been having a good time together. On one of our friskier days, we had sex in his car...while he was driving! Yes, he was driving down Venice Boulevard - with my head sticking out of the sunroof. It's a small car, so we didn't have much room. I am surprised we didn't crash. That's my new favorite real life sex story, I think.

Of course, like many people, I have had sex in a non-moving car - which I've always liked. I've had sex on a car, in a car, by a car! You name it. I've also had sex in a plane. Sex in a plane is something that I recommend. There's not a lot of room to move, but the thrill of a quickie in the air is undeniably erotic. I am sure that I've had sex in a variety of places and positions - at questionable times, in a rush - I just can't remember each time. My crazy sex stories are like most people, I imagine.

Are there any sex toys that you couldn't live without? Any favorites? If so, why do you prefer these sex toys to other sex toys? Basically, what's special about your favorite sex toys?

It's always difficult to choose just one or two or three! The Vibe Rabbit and Fantastic Fusion are fantastic. I am into dual stimulation vibrators. My Pearl Diver is good, too. The Magnificent Vibrating Glove is a really cool sex toy. Wow, I like so many different sex toys. All the Wicked products make me feel good.

Here is my chance, I guess, to plug a toy for men! All you sexy fellas out there should have fun with my replica toy. Stormy Daniels's Precious Private Parts is my most intimate creation so far. More realistic than you can imagine, this vagina and ass replica is molded from my very own private parts. Go check it out sometime. I think a lot of men will get a kick out of it. I am told it's one of the best replicas right now!

Who makes your orgasm better - men or women? Do you have a preference between the two sexes?

Men! I love and adore women, especially for making out and rubbing and that kind of stuff. But after messing around with women, I always want to go home and fuck a man. I never feel completely satisfied until I have a man pleasing me. I enjoy looking at women more than men. I love frequenting hot strip clubs and receiving erotic lap dances. I get turned on by watching and feeling women, but men are the reason why I get off the most. A strap-on is not the same thing, not even close. I don't prefer one over the other, just each has a different sexual role in my life.

What have been your favorite performances? What movies have you enjoyed making?

Space Nuts and Suspicious Minds. Those are my two favorites so far. Space Nuts was a blast to make. Plus, one of the scenes is featured - just a small clip - in The 40 Year Old Virgin, which was really exciting for me. Suspicious Minds is technically Jessica Drake's film, but I wrote it and love my character in the movie. Highway, as well, is really cool - I like it a lot.

Sexual advice is rampant. Would you like to share your sexpertise with less experienced women and men? Any sexual suggestions?

Do not be shy. Maybe at first you will shy when trying something new, but make yourself relax. Talking about what you are going to do - or what your fantasies are - is important. Silence is uncomfortable for me, and I know that other women feel the same; and, likewise, I am sure men feel the same way. Someone has to talk, you know. If both people are timid, it can make for an awkward moment. I personally don't like having sex with someone who is quiet. It's difficult to interpret their quietness - are they having a good time, do they like what I am doing, should I try something else, etc.

Opening up, taking risks - that's important. I like my sex to be vocal. I'll let my partner know what feels good and what doesn't. I hope that my partner shows me the same respect, because I want to make them feel good, too. Having to guess what works is not something that I enjoy. Trying new things is equally important. I learned about my body through experimentation. The worst ting that could happen...I might not like how it feels.

Oral sex is important - for men and women. Do you have any suggestions for women who want improve their oral sex techniques?

Sure, I love oral sex. Despite what some might think, there's more to oral sex than sucking. I use my hand to gently twist and pull the penis, pivoting your hands in opposite directions while the upper hand (your hands are stacked during this, like holding a baseball bat or tennis racket) goes up the shaft. Now, start the sucking. Quick licks! I love moving my tongue all over the glans (penis head), in circles, and up and down licks.

Once the penis is fully erect, I start sucking the glans slowly - using my lips for suction, making my mouth really tight. I bob my head up, down, and then move the penis from side to side in my mouth. I always maintain eye contact while sucking a penis. When the guy starts getting really excited (sometimes grabbing my hair, pushing me down on his penis), I start taking the entire penis into my mouth. I keep jacking him off while I suck.

If you could have sex with anyone, who would you choose?

Johnny Depp. Pirate clothing or not, he's my choice! Well, no clothing! Yeah, Johnny Depp is the man.

Good answer (both laughing)! What are your favorite hobbies?

Besides the obvious? Ha! Kidding, of course. Yeah, you know, I love riding horses. There's something extra special about horses, and I've always enjoyed being around horses. Writing is a large part of my life, as well. I am constantly writing. Now that writing is part of my job, I have time to release my creativity. Dancing - who doesn't like dancing? I'll dance for hours.

Are there any current projects you'd like to mention?

I'm shooting a movie at the end of the month, but I don't know the name of it. And I am in the process of writing another film that I will direct. Other than that, I am just enjoying this wonderful life that I have.

Thank you so much for your time. Have a great weekend at AVN.

No, thank you! I appreciate the interview. I am going to check out VibeReview when I get home.

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