Sydnee Steel talks adult sex toys, rabbit vibrators, dildos, and a clit vibrator.

Interview with a Porn Star: Sydnee Steele

Interview: Sydnee Steele

Sydnee Steele is dazzling millions of men and women everyday with her erotic on-screen performances in adult movies. She is one of the hottest young women in years, and she's proving her worth in one spectacular performance after another. Millions of televisions, DVD players, and computer monitors are overheating with stimulating, all-arousing action - all because Sydnee Steele is laying a sturdy foundation of excellence in the adult movie industry.

Before entering the porn industry, this sizzling beauty had quite a career, starting off as a finance executive. Later, she signed with Wicked Pictures. She has won numerous awards. She's been AVN nominated for best performer, and her fans know why: Her erotic electricity is contagious, setting fire to all who watch her demonstrate what professionalism is about! We caught up with Sydnee at the AVN show, and we sat down for some intimate girl-talk.

What was your introduction to the adult entertainment industry? How did you become familiar with porn?

One of my friends worked for an adult newspaper. She and I spent a lot of time going to parties and professional functions together. I learned a lot about the industry from interacting with various professionals within the adult entertainment industry. I met many different girls who worked as female performers in lesbian sex scenes and straight scenes. A mutual fondness flourished between these performers and me. I kept hanging around the porn scene, and one night I ended up shooting a female threesome scene that was hot, in Dallas, Texas.

I've always known about the industry - even if from a distance. I could've gone on to a career in finance, but I was having a lot of fun with the porn industry. All my fantasies...all the women....all the men - it's just a great fit for me. Since I had interacted with professionals before completing my first scene, I had a good idea what the industry had in store for me. I feel blessed to have so much fun. I am extremely sexual, so this business made sense to me.

What do you enjoy most in the adult entertainment industry? Is there something that captures your heart about performing?

The freedom. Yeah, I am free to express myself emotionally and sexually. I've always been an emotional person who thrives on self-expression. And it's not just freedom of self-expression. I mean, I have a ton of free time. I like being able to come and go as I please. I have few time restraints to deal with, and that's certainly a positive.

I also have the freedom to choose my own movies. For me, that's a huge benefit. Choosing my own movies lets me feel comfortable with the process - I don't feel trapped in a bad situation. In general, it's important to be oneself, and with this job and the freedom I do have, I stay true to everything I know I am or who I want to be in the future. There's more freedom in this industry than a desk job - or any other mainstream type of job-job.

Is there anything you dislike about the adult entertainment industry? Something you would change?

The stigmas associated with the industry bug me. Most people are nice, but some companies and people produce and distribute crappy films and products. You know, like, some of that over-the-top nasty productions. I'm not about any of that. I'm not interested in a quick buck. Contrary to what some people think, quality porn stars want to work on quality films. Unfortunately, as I've seen, too often the poorer quality films are associated with all porn stars - and, seeing as there is a huge difference, I wish a label wasn't applied to all of us.

What are your favorite films? The ones you've starred in. Or any favorite performances?

Euphoria is definitely one of my favorites. Brad Armstrong and I directed it. Euphoria was one of Wicked's big-budget films of the year. It won 13 different awards! Complete with 10 of the hottest sex scenes, the movie has done well, and continues to do well. I am featured in five of the 10 scenes. It took 12 days to shoot the film, which for an adult movie is a long time. The average shoot takes three or four days, so that tells you something about the length and quality of the film. Just overall, Euphoria was fun - from the costumes to the on-screen action, a wonderful experience for me.

Wicked Divas is another one of my favorites. It contains some of my older scenes. It's not a typical compilation video. I asked Wicked to put it together. They agreed, and I've been extremely satisfied with the results. I've shot so many off-scenes for Wicked over the last six years that I wanted all the scenes sequenced. Like a demonstration of my career path. It's like a biography in that way. I recommend it to collectors.

Do you have any special sex toys? Any favorites?

Yeah, I most certainly do. Sydnee Steele's Elegant Endeavors vibrating dildo is a good foreplay sex toy. I imagine couples (some single women, too) love it the most. It's an awesome toy that gets me ready for wild and hot sex. Sydnee Steele's Sumptuous Pussy is a toy that guys will love. It is an exact replica of my nether regions - those hot spots! Yes, those hot spots! Also, my Sydnee Steele's Beaded Stroker is quite popular. I get a lot of mail from men about how much men like the Beaded Stroker. That makes me feel good, like I am performing an important public service (laughs).

I also suggest that women try playing with the Pocket Rocket Booster. It is a clit vibrator that turns me upside down in pleasure. I recently tried the Mini Corsair, which I believe to be one of the best smaller vibrators I've ever seen. In the end, there are so many good toys. The key is, in my opinion, to spend more money for the quality products - that's been my experience with sex toys.

Do you have a favorite personal lubricant? Is there one you can't live without?

Astroglide is a good water-based lubricant. I am now changing allegiances, though. i-Lube and Eros Bodyglide are just as good, maybe better. KY Warming Liquid is pretty cool. It warms my clit up before scenes, a tingly feeling that enhances my orgasms. I am always willing to try new lubes and enhancement products.

Are women better at oral sex? Especially when it's female-to-female oral sex?

It depends. Some women are better oral sex lovers than most men, but I've had some men that are tongue talented! In films you don't get to pick the girl you make it with. Sometimes a girl will say she likes women, but then it turns out that she doesn't like women - and this, as you can imagine, means that the stimulation experienced is limited. You have to have your heart into it. Since most of my girl-on-girl experience has been on camera, I haven't had a ton of off-camera experience with women. What experiences I have had...have all been really exciting.

Do you have real orgasms while shooting scenes?

Oh, absolutely. Some of my on-screen orgasms are awesome - some are pleasurable tickling tremblers. Every once in a while, I have to fake it. Faking orgasms, though it happens rarely, is part of the creative process. I wouldn't be in this profession if I had to fake orgasms most of the time.

What's the key to bringing a woman to orgasm?

That's easy! Foreplay and a ton of teasing. Spend more time on a woman's body - her breasts, legs, arms, stomach...don't even go near her pussy for a while. The fire - or building up steam - is the most important part. If a woman is hot and wet enough, then anything is possible. I like my pussy teased, too. Kissing, hugging, licking, cuddling, and sucking - all those play an important role in getting ready for sex.

But, you know, I do enjoy spontaneous sex sometimes. The "Come here and fuck me: Right now, right here, don't wait" factor also comes into play. Even then, I want some foreplay. Even if the foreplay is dirty talk and some touching, some type of foreplay is necessary for me. Other women might be different, but that's what I need as a woman. Sex is fun, but foreplay makes sex more enjoyable.

What's your hottest "true-life" sex story?

That's daily for me. I don't have just one special moment. My boyfriend and I spend half our time in the bedroom (laughs). We are constantly trying new stuff. Lately, we've been experimenting with Kama Sutra and Tantra. I like to be tied up in my bedroom. I really enjoy being tied up by a good friend of mine. He teases the hell out of me for hours, then we have sex over and over. It's the teasing that gets me hot. The Tantra part of it blows me away.

Tantra is fun, right? I started experimenting with it recently.

It's awesome...I've seen stars before. No, seriously! I've felt so much pleasure that I've literally seen stars. My friend and I were fooling around with one another when I felt like I entered a tunnel of stars. I can feel my heart chakra and sex chakra, like it's warm fire burning. But it's not literally a "burning" sensation; it feels really good. Tantra is like a drug! It's freaking amazing, something that I love to do. My partner and I connect really well, and Tantra with him is amazing.

Did he teach you Tantra? Your partner, I mean?

No. Like most people, I started by reading a Tantra book. A instructional and informative book. I wanted to try the techniques with my partner, so we started playing with what I was reading in the book. We were already really playful, but Tantra has turned us into erotic lovers. We fool around as much as we can. Using Tantra is easy to do when two people connect on more than a sexual level. Since I am not afraid of my body and he's not afraid of his body, we can relax and experiment with one another.

Slowing sex down with deep breathing makes a difference, I swear. I would have laughed about it in the past, but using breathing techniques makes every sensation come to life. It's like I can feel every movement deeper in my body. Yeah, try Tantric and meditative breathing. With deep breathing I can hold an orgasm for a long time. It's like climaxing for a long, long time. I get excited talking about it, because it does work.

Do you recommend a specific Tantra book?

Most of the books I've read are really good. It's hard to choose just one! Anne Hooper's books are good, if a little too generic. Go for a book with specific examples and illustrations. I get mine from a spiritual bookshop, so I suggest people start there.

Would you care to share any sexual tips or advice to less experienced women and men?

Depends on what they are doing (laughs)! Relax. Have fun. Just be yourself. Don't worry too much about performance - that's too much pressure. Just let go!

Any advice for women who've never orgasmed? Or who find climaxing difficult?

Absolutely. When you're alone, play with yourself. Learn every part of your body. Touch and caress every inch of your body. You'll find your hot zones that way. Try different textures for touching, as well. Once you learn where your erotic zones are located, you are ready to capitalize on your personal preferences. Seriously, how can anyone know what to do if they don't what feels good or where to touch or how to touch that special place. Foreplay and sex are about experimentation, learning what works and what doesn't.

Move your hips during sex. Don't just lie there. Get active. Move your hips up and down, in circles, or from side to side. Try different combinations of these hip movements. I know how to orgasm in a variety of positions - and the different types of orgasms, clitoral and vaginal. I had to play with myself a lot and experiment, which is why I understand what feels best to me. I wouldn't recommend that women use vibrators for their only way of climaxing. Maybe if they use a vibrator during sex, that's turns me on. Put the tip of a vibrator on your clit while you have sex. Just open up, relax, and have fun. Experiment as much as you can.

If you could have sex with anyone, who would it be?

My partner! He's the guy I am having sex with right now, and I love it.

Do you have any hobbies? Is there anything besides work that you are passionate about?

Totally! Surfing is a new hobby. I freaking love it! I began surfing three years ago; I haven't stopped since then. It's true what they say: Once you experience surfing, it changes your life. Surfing gets me in tune with waves that have traveled hundreds - no, thousands - of miles . The energy behind every, surfing is an evolving process - a physical, emotional, and spiritual journey. Scary, beautiful, and physically challenging - surfing, it rocks. I like making the most of my life. I want to experience as many new things as possible.

What projects are you currently involved in? Is there anything special that you are working on?

Right now, I am involved in my website. Twice a month I have sex live on the website or I do something sexual - a blowjob, whatever. I like to goof around on the camera. It's a great rush; I have a lot of fun doing it. All the performances are in my house, so I can wear costumes or whatever and chill out online, just doing my thing. I'm also shooting a movie called Pillow Talk. Devinn Lane stars in it alongside of me. It's a really cute movie with a great sex scenes.

Sounds great, Sydnee! Good luck to you, girl. We appreciate the interview. Have a fantastic weekend at AVN.

I appreciate it. I like these informal interviews. Take care.

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Last updated: Oct. 08, 2023