Sex Toys 101

About Toy Materials

Adult sex toys are made of specific materials that are conducive for sexual activity: masturbation,, foreplay, sex, and couple play. However, some sex toy materials are better than others. When choosing... Read More

Lube Interactions

With all the available lubes today it can seem a bit confusing about what's compatible with what. Fortunately, there are only two main interactions you need to be aware of: Oil-based products and Latex: Oil-based... Read More

Choosing a Vibrator

There are so many vibrators on the market today that choosing one can seem overwhelming - especially for beginners. Fortunately, almost all offer a unique and unforgettable erotic experience that will... Read More

Choosing a Dildo

Deciding on dildo sex toys can seem overwhelming to the novice, but after your first experience you'll have a much better idea of what you're looking for in a toy. Listed below are a few considerations... Read More

Lubrication 101

Personal lubricants and lube are necessary for a variety of sexual activities. Many men and woman find that lubes create slicker, more enjoyable gliding potential for masturbation, oral sex, sex toy play,... Read More

Vibrator Technology: A Short Introduction to Innovative Designs

At VibeReview our employees often ask one another, "What will they think of next? Is it even possible to build on the already fascinating catalog of innovative sex toy vibrators?" The foundation for sexual... Read More

Ultimate Beginner's Sex Toy Guide for Women

Dismiss all your frustrations. Yes, disapprovingly wave your metronomic finger at your personal anxieties. You've identified the problem: You require immediate sexual gratification, but you've been... Read More
Ultimate Beginner's Sex Toy Guide for Women
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