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Ace: Anal sex toys for female pleasure and prostate massage
Sex toy review: four hearts.

Item Description

Anal stimulation need not come at a hefty price. No way! And anal sex toys should be designed with your safety, comfort, and pleasure in mind. The Ace is made with all three aspects emphasized. You can now explore your backdoor erogenous zone with a "stay put" fit and tremendous sexual satisfaction. The Ace makes other butt plugs look and feel like archaic designs of the past!

The Ace is designed to provide a tight, comfortable fit. Its tipped, bulb-like head creates the smoothest insertion possible. The head's size and shape aren't too aggressive, so you can experience pain-free anal stimulation. The head's contours narrow into a thin semi-flexible shaft that can handle pressure and weight. And its flared base makes backdoor exploration safe, and also allows for greater toy control since the base is easy to grip.

Made of high quality phthalate-free silicone material, the Ace is hygienically superior to most butt plugs like it. It is non-porous, dishwasher safe, harness compatible, and hypo-allergenic. The Ace is the enthusiast's butt plug excellence realized, is certainly one of the most anal-friendly toys designed, and is a real pleasure to play with!

Editorial Review

The Ace is perfect for the type of anal stimulation I enjoy. The bulb-like head is a much better design than round butt plug heads that start off too wide, decreasing insertion pleasure potential. The Ace's head gradually widens, allowing for my anal muscles to slowly adjust to penetration.

The thin shaft sure makes total insertion more comfortable. I can feel the bulb head deepest, but the thin shaft allows my anal muscles to collapse around the toy, which creates an orgasmic stir inside of me. I especially like buzzing my clit with my Berry Delight while the Ace is inside of me. Butt plugs feel good, but I like the accompaniment of secondary stimulation.

The Ace keeps anal stimulation fun, safe, and enjoyable - like the manufacturer promised. I agree with those sentiments. I also recommend that lube be used with the Ace. Universal Lube makes the Ace extremely slick, so you might try it before another lube.

Additional Details

Size:  Small Ace:
3.3" total length
1.3" diameter

Large Ace:
4.25" total length
1.65" diameter

Material:  This item is made of Phthalate Free material, and Silicone.
Manufacturer:  Tantus

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Sex toy review: four hearts. BYOB
I came close to rating the Ace a big 5.0. If it came with vibrations, it would have gotten a 5.0 from me. Awesomely shaped.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Professional Servant
I remain shocked that this toy is so good or that other butt plugs are so bad. The Ace is so much better than anything that's crossed my path. Comparing it to other butt plugs is like comparing a diamond to play jewelry.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
The shape rocks. No other shape feels as good as the Ace's shape. The ultra smooth texture does a lot for me. Very solid flared base.
Sex toy review: four hearts. holly go lightly
I purchased the Small Ace for myself. My husband watched me play with it and apparently wanted to try it. I don't share anal toys -- not even with my husbands. I bought him one so he'd leave me alone. We both have an Ace. I doubt we'll buy another butt plug as long as our Aces don't wear out.
Sex toy review: three hearts. G. Delfino
Great shape and size. Could use more flexibility. I still think it is better than my other anal sex toys.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Jenn
The Ace is my favorite butt plug. I sometimes use it as an anal probe. Ace in the hole!
Sex toy review: five hearts. dirty mind
Does some unimportant group award toy manufacturer's with awards for the best sex toys? If I worked for said group, I would declare the Ace a award winning butt plug. The manufacturer found a way to make insertion pain-free, pleasurable, and to not limit stimulation. I declare it the best butt plug.

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