Male Sex Toys: Bondage sex toys and vibrating cock rings add sexual excitement

Adonis Pouch

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Adonis Pouch: Bondage sex toys and vibrating cock rings add sexual excitement
Sex toy review: two-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

Aphrodite's love for Adonis spurred the creation of a revolutionary sex toy, taking cock ring technology into new territory with the Adonis Pouch. Men are flocking to this sleek new vibrating pouch, quickly finding out that erection enhancement coupled with vibrations drives partners wild.

The Adonis Pouch is made of high quality latex that stretches to accommodate individual sizes. This pouch is created with plenty of comfortable room for your sensitive scrotum, and is connected to a medium-sized latex cock ring. The erection enhancement ring is covered in stimulating noduled, ribbed texture.

A vibrating bullet resides just below the pouch, in the perfect position to stimulate your partner's clitoris. The Adonis Pouch comes with a wire hand controller that allows you to change multi-speed settings. If you want vibration intensity to increase, use the hand controller to adjust vibration settings.

The Adonis Pouch successfully provides erection sustainability and creates the thickest, fullest erection possible. Sex and masturbation - due to increased penis sensitivity - feels intenser than ever before. Your lover notices a dramatic difference in performance right from the start!

Editorial Review

What a naughty sex toy device! And it works quite well, which is even better. The Adonis Pouch makes sure that erection support and enhancement come in a big package of pleasure. I felt somewhat strange slipping the "pouch" over my balls. I am used to my testicles roaming free, like nomads ready to conquer distant lands. But I went with the flow, of course; and I started liking the tight enclosure around my testicles. Not to mention that it looks kinky as hell!

I wanted the tightest fit possible, and that's exactly what I got with the Adonis Pouch. Since my testicles were swallowed alive by the pouch, the erection enhancement ring could do its job properly. There was no free space for penile blood to escape to - and, seeing as trapping blood flow is the objective, I was pleased by the results. My erection's firmness surprised even me.

The vibrating bullet is the ideal size and located in the ideal position. Some vibrating cock rings slip and slide too much, with imprecise vibration delivery (as you can imagine), which limits the effectiveness of vibrating cock rings. No thanks, I'd rather stick with a vibrating cock ring that is stable, never moves, and delivers vibrations to where they belong!

How did it measure up against other vibrating cock rings? I still prefer to use my Impulse Micro Arouser and Neo Love Ring - both are less bulky and don't prevent or impede deep penetration. The Adonis Pouch is a large cock ring-like sex toy, so it's large size can get in the way. Still, as a less expensive alternative to the Impulse Micro Arouser and Neo Love Ring, I celebrate it as a quality sex toy.

As with all of my latex products, I like to rub them down with silicone lube to get a nice shine. A few drops of Eros Bodyglide does the job nicely.

Additional Details

Battery Info:  2 AA batteries required.
Material:  This item is made of Latex.

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Sex toy review: three hearts. Anton_67
I can't imagine myself using the Adonis Pouch all the time. However, since receiving it in the mail, I have used it several times and always enjoyed myself - as did my horny girlfriend.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Austin L.
I won't go into specific details, but the Adonis Pouch had a profound impact on me. I figured wearing it was cheesy and more for looks than anything else. Not all, though. It helped me perform better in bed. I wasn't struggling or anything before wearing it, but it upped my game. Literally.
Sex toy review: three hearts. bopperpunkrock
i enjoy seeing my boyfriend with the adonis pouch strapped on. it performs decently. it was worth buying just to watch my sexy boyfriend in it. that alone turns me on.
Sex toy review: three hearts. sexy_couple
Wearing the Adonis Pouch, initially, felt like the Adonis OUCH. The material pinched skin. I realized that the pouch needs to be pulled tight without any wrinkles or excess hanging material. This makes the pouch tight and also helps the cock ring work better. I wear it frequently, often enough to justify purchasing it. My wife prefers our Neo Love Ring because it's not as large.
Sex toy review: one-and-a-half hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
way overrated by some people. instead of helping me and improving sex, the adonis pouch slowed me down significantly and got in the way.

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