Male Sex Toys: Adult toys, masturbation sleeves, and cock rings increase male pleasure

Alchemy Love Ring

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Alchemy Love Ring: Adult toys, masturbation sleeves, and cock rings increase male pleasure
Sex toy review: four hearts.

Item Description

The Alchemy Love Ring introduces men to more effective and stylish erection enhancement. Rubber cock rings are known skin irritants for some men; however, the Alchemy Love Ring's non-porous solid ring eliminates the possibility of skin irritation while also providing a snug fit.

Creating a firm, thick erection is possible with the Alchemy Love Ring. Why waste time with stretchy cock rings that lose shape and tightness? When you need a tight-fitting cock ring that's hygienically superior, there's only one solution - to wear the Alchemy Love Ring for intense erection enhancement.

Since the Alchemy Love Ring is made of seamless, heavy-duty, non-tarnishing metal, the highest quality standards are met. Your firmer erections prove to be a defining moment in your intimate encounters, always delivering when passion reaches its enjoyable peak.

Editorial Review

The Alchemy Love Ring deserves plenty of praise. I've never been a guy who wants a flashy cock ring - it's just not my style. I am more interested in cock ring performance than how a cock ring looks. Now, if the cock ring looks great and performs at a high level, I am overjoyed; but it's rare for both elements to co-exist.

The Alchemy Love Ring is sleek, sexy, and less intimidating than leather cock rings or fat rubber cock rings. There's something calming about its metallic reflections. It doesn't look like a "typical" cock ring, which makes a lot of men feel more comfortable wearing it.

As far as performance, few cock rings feel as comfortable as the Alchemy Love Ring. Though it doesn't stretch, it does offer maximum stability. Make no mistake, this cock ring gets down to business: Your erections will be super-hard, but the payoff is great - an erection that literally pulsates with excitement and anticipation.

If metal cock rings are not your forte, I suggest trying the Cock Sling, which is made of high grade silicone material - or try Silicone Island Cock Rings that come with three different sizes in one package. Finally, you could spice up your sex life with a vibrating love ring that sends arousing vibrations to your partner's clitoris. The Impulse Micro Arouser and Orbit Ring Vibe are ideal for beginners.

Additional Details

Size:  Medium:
1.75" diameter
5" width
2.0" diameter
.63" width
Material:  This item is made of Metal.

Customer Reviews Add a review

Sex toy review: five hearts. Pete
Geez can get the same thing for about a tenth of the price at your local hardware store!
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. all work no play
My favorite cock ring next to the Neo Love Ring. I wear both whenever I want a hardcore erection that never quits on me. Can be difficult to slide on when I am really hard, but beyond that I like what the Alchemy Love Ring does for me.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Easy to slip on and slip off. I like it better than flexible rings.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Flanders
I like the Alchemy Love Ring: 1. It is solid, stronger than flexi-rings. 2. Easy to clean, avoiding bacterial problems (rubber is porous). And my one negative comment: 1. It's not adjustable, obviously. It'd be cool if a metal clasp that fastens were created. Maybe they already exist, I just haven't seen any.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Diggin' Dirkster
No question a better erection enhancement alternative to thick, wide, and skin-irritating cock rings. Whereas my previous rubber or jelly cock rings rubbed my girlfriend's vagina raw (the in and out friction of the ring rubbing against her vaginal opening), the Alchemy Love Ring's smooth surface feels fine to her.
Sex toy review: five hearts. keenan
Like Glen commented, I hated rubber cock rings. Apparently I am allergic to rubber. The god awful penis itch, a present of rubber cock rings. The problem was, I like what cock rings do (so does my partner). I recently bought the Alchemy Love Ring, which works just as well as rubber cock rings; but that unbearable itch is gone. That's improvement and that's all I wanted! Prompt delivery too.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Watcher of Towers
Use lube to slide it on and off. This cock ring is awesomely tight. And for me, that translates into a harder erection. Erection problems didn't encourage me to buy the Alchemy Love Ring, but if I can get an even harder erection, count me in as interested. Good stuff, dudes. The Alchemy Love Ring works better than expected.
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. glen d.
100 percent an improvement over those horrible rubber cock rings. My Alchemy Love Ring works to perfection. Always a hard erection that helps me control myself.

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