Anal Sex Toys: A strand of dildo balls feels good as an anal sex toy and smaller butt plug.


Anal Beads

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Anal Beads: A strand of dildo balls feels good as an anal sex toy and smaller butt plug.
Sex toy review: three hearts.

Item Description

One of the best features of anal beads is that they give just as much pleasure going in as they do coming out. As each bead enters the anus, the sphincter is pleasantly stimulated and opens to engulf the ball, then squeezes shut again once it enters the rectum - exciting the user with each bead insertion. Once the beads are inside, it generates a pleasant feeling of fullness and pressure that many women and men enjoy. As the beads are pulled out - one by one - there's an intensely pleasurable sensation that brings many to orgasm.

NOTE: Before using your beads, check for any sharp edges and make sure all knots are securely tied. If you find any rough edges, file them down with a nail file or a piece of fine sandpaper.

If you want to reuse your beads, protect them in a condom to keep them clean.

Editorial Review

Anal Beads' popularity has increased dramatically over the last couple of years. Many people are intrigued by anal stimulation, male and female alike. Sensitive nerves surround, and are in, the anal cavity. Penetration sends these tiny nerves into a frenzy, and if done correctly, intense pleasure results. The question, of course, is what type of stimulation works best.

For beginners, VibeReview recommends Anal Beads. This amazing string of beads is easy to insert and remove, with no painful experimentation felt. While a first-time user might feel uncomfortable with the stimulation, since it is a new feeling, pain should not be felt. Lubrication should be used with the beads. We recommend Astroglide for anal penetration.

Each bead is small enough that the anus will not experience trauma. Sliding each bead inside of the anus generates more pleasure than one can imagine. The string design is perfect for pulling the beads out during climax. It's a serious sexual surge that everyone should try. I use anal beads and other anal toys often, sometimes during intercourse. My boyfriend, though he won't admit it publicly, also enjoys the feeling of anal beads. Men should not be afraid to try this form of stimulation. Once you've experienced it, you will understand why so many people like it.

Additional Details

Material:  This item is made of Phthalate Free material, and Plastic.

Customer Reviews Add a review

Sex toy review: three hearts. Zvook
I don't need much to get off on anal sex toys. I have no use for long and wide anal sex toys -- I am not that interested in stretching my bum out. I only want the slightest stimulation, and these anal beads come in handy for what I want.
Sex toy review: three hearts. NaughtyNadia
I'm not that crazy about them. I took the last reviewer's suggestion and bought the Flexi Felix. No question, the Flexi Felix is what Anal Beads want to be, yet cannot be because the beads are crappy. Get the Flexi Felix instead.
Sex toy review: two-and-a-half hearts. PETA Princess
These anal beads are too small and I can't stand the texture of each bead. I threw away these anal beads and ordered the Flexi Felix. Whoa, a big time difference. Don't waste money on these anal beads, but you should get the Flexi Felix. A much, much better anal sex toy.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Anal Beads is my first anal toy ever. I got tired of finger stimulation. My best friend recommended Anal Beads as a alternative to finger action. So far, the beads feel great.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. rubbermaid
I LOVE anal beads, particularly the brand VibeReview sold me. Some anal beads are too large or hard. In contrast, these beads fit my tight hole perfectly. I'm not much into huge dongs in my a-hole, so these anal beads work for me. I must also mention that they are easy to clean. Warning: don't leave the beads out where an animal can get to them. My cats mistakenly identified my anal beads as a play toy. I bought some new beads, as you can imagine.
Sex toy review: three hearts. nihil
I'm a dude who likes anal beads. I don't like them as much as the other reviewer, but I like the feeling enough that I use the beads occasionally.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Vivian
At one point in my life, I was extremely scared of anal sex or anal sort of anal stimulation. I had heard so many bad and good things about it that I had no clue how it would really feel. Well, obviously, I tried these anal beads. I enjoyed myself. I didn't tell my husband, though. I will tell him, but only when the time is right. I've never done anything like this, so he will be surprised. When I get brave enough, I might buy something a bit larger.
Sex toy review: four hearts. alex_cassius
Most guys wouldn't admit it, but anal penetration feels wonderful. Insecurity, I assume. Me? Hell nah. I've played with these anal beads on many occasions, and I will proudly declare, "Anal beads feel great!" I've played with them alone, during masturbation time. I've also had my girl pull the beads in and out of me while she plays with my penis. Don't knock it 'till you try it. They don't hurt or anything, so I plan on buying other variations of these anal beads.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. bluebird
I'm surprised more Anonymous Reviewers didn't show up in this thread. Most people are ashamed of their anal beads dependence. Obviously I'm not. There is no better feeling than quickly pulling anal beads out at climax. It really makes a huge difference in the longevity of the orgasm. Plus, they feel wonderful inside during sex. Don't be bashful, ladies. The anus is so incredibly sensitive that orgasmic pleasure triples with anal beads.
Sex toy review: four hearts. my lil friend
How many women use anal beads? It's more than you would think. Most of my girlfriends use them or have used them in the past. It's not difficult to understand why, either. Double penetration (with limits on length and width, of course) feels wonderful. That experience only requires that you use the beads with someone you trust and feel connected to. I don't need anything fancy, nor do I like very large beads. I've enjoyed using the basic anal beads.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Eliza Dane
I have found that using a string of beads during sex helps me orgasm much more intensely than I used to. It makes for good foreplay, and it turns my husband on like crazy to watch the beads slowly go in. He really likes using the beads on himself too.
Sex toy review: two-and-a-half hearts. lulu
I don't understand the anal beads fascination. This strand of beads didn't arouse my sexual spirit like I thought it would.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Sweet Cheeks
Anal beads! Everyone repeat it. Yes, I love anal beads. There's nothing better than feeling my husband's penis deep inside my vagina, making me orgasm, while I pull the beads out of anus. The orgasm intensifies to level beyond reach otherwise. It's an inexpensive way to feel like a million bucks. If you are looking for something to enhance your orgasms, try anal beads. They don't cost much, are easy to use and clean, and feel wonderful. It's all about understanding and appreciating one's body.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
I was nervous to buy anal beads. I haven't bought anything like that before, so imagine the suspense of waiting to use them. I enjoyed them quite a bit. They did make my orgasm better, which was the goal. They aren't too expensive, so that was an added bonus, really. If you aren't too nervous, give these anal beads a try.

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