Anal Sex Toys: Anal sex toys and butt plugs work well for secondary sexual stimulation.

Anal Explorer Deux

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Anal Explorer Deux: Anal sex toys and butt plugs work well for secondary sexual stimulation.
Sex toy review: three hearts.

Item Description

Anal stimulation is a tricky deal. Some people prefer narrower shafts, while others prefer a wider shaft. Anal Explorer, the original butt plug, offers a narrower shaft for those individuals who dislike a "stretching" feeling. Anal Explorer Deux, however, takes the same design, adding more width. Even with the additional width, Anal Explorer Deux still remains classified as a narrow butt plug, of total moderate length and width.

The smooth jelly makes friction a thing of the past. Painful insertion and complete can applaud their dismissal. Anal Explorer Deux is designed for an easy backdoor approach and entry. The flared base helps achieve the desired stability and flexibility that most people want with their butt toys. We encourage you to experiment with toys of varying lengths and sizes, to determine which works best for you. On average, most of our customers prefer narrow-to-moderate sized butt plugs.

Editorial Review

Normally Julie handles most of the butt toy reviews. I stole this assignment from her desk! My reason was simple: I am a gigantic--like, really huge--fan of Anal Explorer Deux. Several of our lady reviewers at the office experimented with Anal Explorer, when it was first released. While I enjoyed the sensations produced by Anal Explorer, I wanted a firmer fit; I need a wider shaft and less length to achieve the anal stimulation that I enjoy.

As soon as Anal Explorer Deux came into the office, I knew that the toy I desired had finally been created. I am glad I didn't settle for less. Anal Explorer Deux is better than the original. I get a tighter fit. While the basic design is the same, the additional width is exactly what I wanted. That subtle difference in length ends up producing a not-so-subtle difference in pleasure. Simply put, I get more from Anal Explorer Deux than the original butt plug.

Most people (women and men) differ in the amount of stimulation they need for satisfaction. Starting off with a narrow toy is the way to go. Work your way up to a more comfortable fit. Some beginners may be able to handle this butt plug toy, but I recommend that beginners start with Red Stallion. With each new use of a butt plug toy, lubrication is necessary. My personal favorite is Eros Aqua Water-Based Formula.

Be sure to review any product bought on VibeReview. All of our customers depend on your opinion of the products you purchase!

Additional Details

Size:  5.5" total length
1.75" widest point
Material:  This item is made of Jelly.
Manufacturer:  Doc Johnson

Customer Reviews Add a review

Sex toy review: three hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Not a bad fit. Could use additional texture ticklers. Once inserted, it stays put. I recommend using i-Lube lubricant with it. That's the best way to get a smooth insertion and pull out. If you like a wider fit, then you will like this butt plug.
Sex toy review: four hearts. hodaddy
100 times better than the original. This sucker fits my anus so tightly that it NEVER falls out. I receive only the best anal sensations with it deep inside of me. The texture and material also stay constant with my body temperature.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Plai Fool
Hello?!! Is anyone home? If you wanted a vibrating butt plug, why didn't you buy one? For Pete's sake. For a basic butt plug, with no bells and whistles, Anal Explorer Deux is off the hook. Translation: the smooth shaft isn't too large, and it's easy to insert. I am hella pleased with this butt plug.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Prufrockian
Content, but not necessarily going bananas over this plug. Worth the price, but I may buy a plug with vibrations next.
Sex toy review: three hearts. RosieH.
It stretches my ass the right amount. The "fit" was fine. I wanted more internal stimulation, though. I will continue to use this butt plug, but I will also be looking for another one. It's nothing that the manufacturer or VibeReview did wrong. I could always use an extra toy.
Sex toy review: two hearts. Kara P
They could have added more ripples and ticklers. Too basic and standard for me.
Sex toy review: four hearts. marilyn_monroe
This one is better than the original, Anal Explorer. Its thicker shaft is more satisfying. The only negative: needs more flexibility. Hey, also I bought Astroglide Anal Lubrication. It works great with this toy, better than other lubricants.

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