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Animal Buddy

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Animal Buddy: Quality sex toys and vibrators as female clitoral stimulation techniques
Sex toy review: three hearts.
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Item Description

Women enjoy the discreetness afforded by many smaller clitoral vibrators. Keeping your arousal private is important, so effective discreet sex toys are important. Less intimidating, cute, and playful, beginners flock to these types of clitoral vibrators. The Animal Buddy vibrating sex toy promises women all the discreetness that they seek. Easy to hide, with the softest and quietest vibrations, the Animal Buddy accomplishes a lot for such a small toy.

No one can deny its adorable appearance. Have you ever seen a cuter vibrator? However, it's never a good idea to make a decision based on appearance alone! This compact vibrator is a high performance waterproof sex toy, covered in tantalizing textured indentations that represent the toy's animal shape. Detailed for aesthetic pleasure and sexual satisfaction, its subtle curves and indentations complete this sex toy.

Each Animal Buddy is divided into two essential parts: a silicone sleeve (the animal's body and shape) and a micro vibrator, which slides inside of the sleeve. Women may choose to self-stimulate with or without the sleeve. For stronger, direct vibrations, try using only the micro vibrator. But if you desire subtler vibrations and textured stimulation, slide the sleeve over the micro vibrator. In either case you experience quality stimulation!

Editorial Review

The Animal Buddy has to be the cutest tiny vibrator that I've had the pleasure of encountering. And, true, it has been a pleasure. Quality vibrations can come in smaller packages, despite what you might have read or heard. Does that mean the Animal Buddy is geared more toward stimulation than appearance? This vibrating sex toy easily claims both effectiveness and a homely, cuddly appearance - without sacrificing one for the other. I'm not going to get carried away and say that it is a top choice, but beginners and experienced women benefit from having a discreet toy like this one. It is a good complementary vibrator to one's existing collection of sex toys.

One plus is that it fits snuggly in the palm of my hand, which makes clit massage more enjoyable and convenient. I've reviewed each Animal Buddy, and I am happy to report that the Teddy Bear is my personal favorite. I know a lot of women who prefer the Bunny for its ears (can help with clit stimulation), but the Teddy Bear seems to roll better over my clit. I want the strongest vibrations - which is really a matter of direct vibration delivery - and the Teddy Bear's shape is better suited for that type of stimulation.

I often masturbate in the shower early in the morning. My boyfriend will get up, walk into the bathroom, grumpily say 'hello', get dressed, and eventually move on to the kitchen for breakfast. The coolest part is that I frequently have my Teddy Bear in my hand. He doesn't have a clue, so it's naughty secret game that I play with myself without him ever knowing (unless he reads this review). It's nice to have a reliable shower companion, and the Animal Buddy helps me start my day with a pleasant smile and happy disposition.

The Animal Buddy is good for traveling, too. I spend time on the road - too much time, honestly - traveling to trade shows and conventions. I'm not always interested in packing my Sweet Magic or Vibe Rabbit, so the Animal Buddy usually makes those trips with me. It is small enough to fit in my luggage without requiring too much space. There's no way I could travel without some kind of sex toy - I am spoiled! The Animal Buddy, as I see it, is the ideal travel companion.

Additional Details

Size:  Bunny:
4" total length
2.5" circumference

Teddy Bear:
2.5" total length
5" circumference

Battery Info:  4 watch batteries included.
Material:  This item is made of Phthalate Free material, and Silicone.

Customer Reviews Add a review

Sex toy review: one heart. housewife
Great for the first few min., then the batteries died..just got it a day ago, hubby and i used it for 30 min, and BOTH sets of batteries were dead...very disappointed.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Always Right
I gave an Animal Buddy to one of my friends. She loves teddy bears and sex toys, so when I found this one I knew it would brighten her day. She likes how it looks and said it is an acceptable vibrator, but that she couldn't live with it as her only sex toy.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Leanna
I fell into the trap! Ugh, oh I am a sucker for cute stuff. At least this cute vibrator works pretty good. It doesn't come close to being as good as my Silver Bullet, but since the Animal Buddy is waterproof, it can do some stuff that the Silver Bullet can't. The sleeve that covers the vibrator has a nice texture to it.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
The Animal Buddy (Bunny) lets me masturbate in comfort. I do not get into the wilder side of self-stimulation. The Animal Buddy allows me to experience quality vibrations without feeling too weird about masturbation. Mine fits comfortably in the palm of my hand. I suggest that women place the animal buddy in the palm of their hand and cup their clitoris. Move your palm in a circular motion with the bunny ears laying gently on both sides of the clitoris. My clitoral orgasms are stronger when I stick to the routine.
Sex toy review: three hearts. marilyn_monroe
Cute toy, limited power and vibrations, fairly quiet vibrations. Easy toy to use during sex, if you like your clitoris teased.
Sex toy review: four hearts. massive sack
All you guys should pay attention: I gave the teddy bear animal buddy to my wife for our anniversary. She's not into hardcore sex toys, but this one was just right for her. She didn't feel intimidated by it, because it has such a playful appearance and theme. She also enjoys the toy itself.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Glimmer
i chose the bunny. the teddy bear looked like an old school pencil eraser, no thanks. the bunny isn't as powerful as i thought it might be.

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