Lubes & Lotions: Warming lubes can enhance clitoral and vaginal stimulation that occurs with dual stimulation sex toys, vibrators, dildos, and clit massagers.

Astroglide Warming Liquid

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Astroglide Warming Liquid: Warming lubes can enhance clitoral and vaginal stimulation that occurs with dual stimulation sex toys, vibrators, dildos, and clit massagers.
Sex toy review: four hearts.

Item Description

Turn up the "heat" with Astroglide Warming Liquid, a personal lubricant with a twist. The same smooth feeling as original Astroglide but with a soft, warming sensation. Long-lasting, light, water-based, and latex safe.

Editorial Review

It seems like every lubricant company has their own version of "warming liquids." Personally, I prefer Astroglide's and ID Sensation Warming Liquid. Those two brands have never caused me any skin or vaginal complications, nor do they "warm" me up too much, like some other brands may have a tendency of doing. Safe, fun, and affordable - both brands can enhance foreplay and sex. I enjoy that "extra" sensation created by warming liquids. If you've never experienced this enhancement, you are missing out.

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Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
My girlfriend wasn't hyperbolic in her description of Astroglide Warming Liquid. I truly believed she was trying to see if I'd buy it. Well, I did buy it. But she was telling the truth. This neat-o liquid does get me in the mood for sex. I enjoy using a few drops during foreplay, which gets me nice and wet and tingling. Since my first purchase, I have emptied two bottles in three months! Yes, I apparently like it...a whole lot.
Sex toy review: five hearts. coconut
Warm me the hell up! It works. My boyfriend even commented on how different the sensation felt. He, like me, enjoyed the extra stimulation. My worst fear is a burning vagina, but Astroglide's Warming Liquid doesn't feel anything like "burning." I am 100% satisfied with my purchase. Thanks for all the reviews. I probably would have passed on the purchase if all these reviews hadn't been positive.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Charlotte S
What else is there to say....the warming liquid has a positive effect on the excitement in my sex life. I like it very much, and will continue to purchase it.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
I also felt a tingling sensation overcome my vagina, especially around and on my clit. The sensations were much stronger than I thought they would be. I will buy it again.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
I'm impressed with Astroglide's version of warming liquids. I tried two other brands, and I felt little or no effect. With Astroglide's Warming Liquid, my vagina had a tingly, buzzy type feel to it. It enhanced my orgasm. I've been using it for masturbation and foreplay. Most often, yes, it carries over into sex. I am a faithful follower. Thanks for the tip, VibeReview.
Sex toy review: four hearts. sexyoldlady
I like Astroglide's Warming Liquid. I didn't expect too much, so i was able to enjoy what it adds to a sexual experience. Any additional help in the pleasure process is wanted, so I had no problem buying it. I will buy it again, so, I guess, it did work for me.

Warning!!!!!!!!! Do not use too much of the liquid at once. You only need a little bit. Basically, a drop should warm anyone up nicely. It's a wonderful sensation, so get ready.

Sex toy review: three hearts. Angelika
I expected more from the "warming" part. It felt good, but not as much as I thought it would. I've used the liquid twice now, and I have yet to see what all the girls are going crazy about.

I mean, it did feel good - just not great, as I expected. I don't regret buying it or anything, I just wanted a little more warming power, I guess. It was worth the money. Maybe I'll try a different brand, because most women I know love this stuff.

Sex toy review: four hearts. tracy
I really enjoy all of the warming liquids. Astroglide has always been my favorite, most dependable lubricant. So, you can't imagine how excited I was when Astroglide came out with their own line of warming liquids. While I have tried other warming liquids, Astroglides is my favorite. There's this misconception that warming liquids create these crazy, earth-shattering orgasms. Wrong. That hasn't been my experience. They simply make the orgasm a little better. Regardless, any help is welcomed. A little drop here and to the races, ladies.
Sex toy review: five hearts. sweet surrender
I'm always hesitant to try any type of "warming" liquid on my vagina. I've had some bad experiences with "warming" turning into burning, which is not a good thing, obviously.

I rely on regular astroglide a lot, so I trusted the original product enough to try this one. I liked it: The overall feeling did make sex feel a little better - a little tingly, really. It was worth the price; I'd buy it again. No burning...YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
I've also had bad experiences with sexual warming liquids/lubricants. I can't remember which exact product it was, but I remember that burning feeling. How could I forget? It led to one of the worst sexual experiences I've ever had, no joke.

A couple of my girlfriends swear by Astroglide Warming Liquid, so I decided to at least try it. To be honest, I was so scared that I would get that burning feeling again. I didn't, not at all. It felt good, but it wasn't overpowering like some of my girlfriends said. I guess everyone is affected differently. Still, I will buy more when this bottle runs out.

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