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Auto Vibe

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Auto Vibe: Masturbate with sex toys, vibrators, and dildos
Sex toy review: three hearts.

Item Description

Vrrrrrm. Vrrrrrm. Start your engines. Get ready for autoeroticism. The Auto Vibe is a multi-speed vibrator that plugs into any cigarette lighter. That's right, people: if you enjoy clitoral stimulation during those long road trips, the Auto Vibe is designed to service you. As you pass that next truck driver on the road, give him or her something to really smile about! You might be able to avoid that next speeding ticket, too!

In case car masturbation isn't a hobby of yours, the Auto Vibe has a battery pack. So it can be used at home, in the house, wherever you want. The Auto Vibe's head is covered with multiple nubs that aid in vibration delivery and clitoral orgasm. Let your wild side take control.

Editorial Review

Should I be ashamed that I tested this toy out in my car? "Should," perhaps, but I'm not. I had a great time with myself. I'm all about trying something new, having a good time and communicating those experiences to you, our loyal customers.

The vibrations are strong for its size and utility. It's not the strongest vibrator I've ever played with, but it certainly makes my clitoris feel like a princess. The nubs are perfect for clitoral rubbing. I've also used the toy at home, but I have more powerful toys for at-home playtime. I will be using this toy on my next road trip. Now if we could get a similar car toy for my boyfriend...

Additional Details

Battery Info:  Battery pack included.
Material:  This item is made of Plastic.
Manufacturer:  Doc Johnson

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Sex toy review: three hearts. swoosie f.
Yeah, it's not the best toy for household sex activities, but it is fun to use in the car. I've played with it while in traffic jams. I just position it right, then sit on the vibrator. I vibrate away on the freeway. Lmfao. I do, and I am glad that I have something to keep my mind off of lame freeway traffic jams.
Sex toy review: two hearts. lady of night
Very creative, indeed. Vibrations...mediocre. Fun for a car trip. But I don't take those often.
Sex toy review: four hearts. shoots and scores
I bought Auto Vibe for my wife. We both like it. Road trips are a part of our life. We travel on business all the time. She rarely uses it when we aren't in the car, but she uses it a ton when we are in the car. I find it sexually as hell.
Sex toy review: three hearts. night games
fun idea, but auto vibe doesn't do much for me outside of my car. the vibrations are strong, but the head of the toy needs work.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Radiohead Resonance
Pretty chill toy, I think. My girl uses it often enough, I think. I don't regret buying it for her.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Auto Vibe is only truly useful in a car. In any other setting, there are hundreds and hundreds of better vibrators. Big Indian is the vibe I use at home. Auto Vibe does get some use in my car, but it's not like I masturbate in the car every day.
Sex toy review: four hearts. mermaid
What a fantastic vibrator. It will never be known for sophistication, but it does allow me sexual freedom that other vibrators don't. It's small enough for me to use in any tight space. It also helps that I can use it home.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Cool concept and all, but I rarely get into mood that justifies masturbation in the car. So, in my eyes, the toy needs to stand the test outside of the car, as well. When not used in a car, auto vibe produces average vibrations. Since it's an inexpensive toy, I really don't have any complaints. When I have used it in the car, I've had fun.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Marine_4_U
I got this for my wife. When she comes to visit me, I have her play with it before we do the dirty deed. Just waiting for her, knowing that she's playing with her clit, gets me hard as hell. She let me watch her masturbate last time she made the trip. I have an awesome wife. Thanks for all the tips on vibrators.
Sex toy review: three hearts. lady of night
Auto Vibe is good for emergency and spontaneous situations. I have more powerful vibrators to use at home. I am glad I purchased it. My husband liked seeing me get off in the car.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Circe

If my mother knew that I bought this vibrator and actually used it in my car, she'd crap her pants. I am 29 years old, but she'd still flip out. Even worse would be my father's reaction.

I love this toy. Everything about it works for me. I've only used it my boyfriend's car once, but I plan on using it a lot more, especially on our camping trips.

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