Anal Sex Toys: Anal beads are sex toys for female pleasure and prostate massage



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Bendybeads: Anal beads are sex toys for female pleasure and prostate massage

Sex toy review: four hearts.

Item Description

Anal stimulation complements other sexual activities, and it's always nice to have quality anal beads available to use while you masturbate, dive into foreplay, or have sex. This type of secondary stimulation can improve orgasms for both women and men, so the challenge is finding the perfect anal beads that can be used for in-and-out action or hands-free stimulation. The Flexi Felix introduced women and men to the best anal bead design on the planet; however, Bendybeads, the newcomer, is planning on usurping the current favorite.

Bendybeads perform much better than the plastic and jelly anal beads that many people have tried. Made of the highest quality silicone material that is hypoallergenic and phthalate-free, these anal beads are flexible and durable, while still being firm in the right places. Segmented with a wave-like texture that covers each bead, the Bendybeads gradually increase in width to allow for comfortable insertion and a tight fit. The tip is the narrowest portion of the shaft, followed by medium-sized beads, and finally even larger beads.

A fancy grip handle extends from the largest bead in the segment, and this handle is designed for ultimate control and greater comfort - a significant improvement to the ringed cords that slip off one's finger. Use the handle to determine insertable depth for each bead and segment. With this new innovative anal bead design you will experience quality penetration, controlled movement, and an array of internal sensations - comfortably and safely!

Consider using Climax Bursts Anal Lube with your Bendybeads sex toy, to enhance each sensation with unbelievable slickness that lasts longer than average anal lubricants. Astroglide Anal Lubrication is another lube that aids in quality anal stimulation.

Editorial Review

It's about time that manufacturers started paying attention to anal beads. Sheesh, I've been opining about the need for quality anal beads for what seems like years, and when the Flexi Felix arrived on the scene, I was forced to keep my upper lip tightly fastened to my puckering lower lip. (Talk about a strange image!) I ended up being the one who reviewed the Flexi Felix, and I was impressed by its overall design and performance. The same manufacturer that created the Flexi Felix recently released another modern interpretation of anal beads, Bendybeads. No one had to convince me to review it, as I was all over this assignment from the get-go.

The first thing I did was to get plenty of lubrication. I've been using Universal Lube recently with my sex toys - it's the only silicone-based lube compatible with silicone sex toys (that I know of, at least), so I've been using it a lot with my favorite G-Spot vibrators and butt toys. I applied a generous amount of lube to the strand/ribbon of beads. I grabbed my Laya Spot vibrator and used it to get me really wet, and it's a clitoral vibrator that I can straddle or lay on, which doesn't restrict me from playing with anal sex toys at the same time. I experienced two clitoral orgasms with the Laya Spot pleasing me, and by that time I was ready to feel the presence of anal beads.

I slid my hand and the toy beneath my legs, slowly pushed the tip inside of my butt, and waited a few seconds before going any deeper. Using the handle for stability, I began twisting the beads in a circle, which helped the next segment ease into my sensitive bum. Once I got to the mid-shaft area I had a hard time sliding the remaining beads inside of me. At first I assumed that the beads were too large, so I let go of the handle and grabbed the part of the remaining segment to gently push the beads deeper. And this worked! That means that the size of the beads was never the issue, rather the extreme flexibility between the links and beads was difficult to control.

After the entire strand is inserted, Bendybeads functions similarly to a well-designed butt plug. The width of the largest beads enables the toy to remain in place without falling out and prevents contracting anal muscles from pushing the beads out. This factor is is its best feature, because I enjoy experiencing hands-free anal stimulation while using my Laya Spot or another vibrating sex toy (sometimes my Decadent Indulgence or Sweet Magic). But when I want to gradually pull the beads out, Bendybeads responds perfectly. The only real problem is fast in-and-out action, as the strand is not firm enough and it will bend, preventing re-entry. I really get off by twisting Bendybeads when fully inserted - that seems to make me feel the most highly aroused. If you are looking for a long strand of anal beads with a gradual width increase, I suggest you try Bendybeads.

Additional Details

Size:  10.25" total length
7.5" insertable length
.75" to 2" bead width
Material:  This item is made of Phthalate Free material, and Silicone.
Manufacturer:  Fun Factory

Customer Reviews Add a review

Sex toy review: four hearts. Essin' Em
Great toy for those who love playing with the butt, but definitely not for complete beginners (for that, I'd use the Flexi Felix!). However, it's a great material, a fun design, and just as great as all Fun Factory toys. Super fun for solo players as well as couples, and is great when used with a vibrator. Make sure you use it with water based lube!
Sex toy review: five hearts. The Beautiful Kind
These were great! I tried what others suggested, masturbated with Hitachi Wand with them in my bum, then my partner pulled them slowly out by the "Royal Curl" handle as I climaxed. It was a great sensation. Better yet, it warmed me up for anal sex; I'm one of those gals that needs a lot of time and prep when it comes to anal, and this gave me ample foreplay and made anal sex manageable.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Little Minx
Yes please. I'm a big fan of anal toys and I've used other beads. But these are pretty fantastic. They really are bendy so it can be a little tricky to insert them at first, particularly if they're well lubed. (That's the only reason I rated them as a 4 and not a 5.) But once in they are wonderful. Because they are bendy you can't use them the same way you would something that is stiffer (like a dildo) but the handle is super comfortable and makes it very easy to twist them around. They're also great just for that full feeling that enhances sex. If you're into anal play (or just thinking about it) I would highly recommend these.
Sex toy review: four hearts. love my libido
Love 'em like no other. Absolutely recommend this sex toy. I like to put mine in while I have sex, then pull them out while I am climaxing. Oh boy, you have no idea how good it feels.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. JesusComplex
So far, the Bendybeads is a good version of regular anal beads. It is a modern version that feels more comfortable when inserted. Only one drawback, however. The strand might be too lengthy, with too much flexibility toward the strand's end. But I don't let that stop me from playing with it, and I doubt many people will even care.
Sex toy review: four hearts. roland
If it hadn't been for Bendybeads, I would have given up on anal beads. I got so sick and tired of messing with the stringed ones, because they are so difficult to clean and don't feel as great as someone might think. These Bendybeads are entirely different than any anal sex toy I've played with. From quality to pleasure, this is a much better product than inexpensive, cheaply made anal beads.

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