Anal Sex Toys: This contoured butt plug is one of the best anal sex toys for men and women.

Big Flirt

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Big Flirt: This contoured butt plug is one of the best anal sex toys for men and women.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

Anal stimulation should be comfortable, fun, and accessible. Some anal sex toys are designed with aggressive curves and contours that are difficult to insert and pull out, leading to frustrating sex toy anal masturbation. There's no justification for struggling during one of your favorite sexual activities. The Ace, Ripple, and Petite Plug are effective butt plugs that emphasize simplicity. The Big Flirt, now, is joining the ranks of pleasurable butt plug sex toys.

Perfect for down and dirty, frisky adult toy fun, the Big Flirt is changing the way people view anal masturbation. The tip is narrow and the curves are smooth - both exterior features make in and out action pleasurable, comfortable, and convenient. Made of high quality, non-porous silicone material, this butt plug warms to your body's temperature. Plus, it is hypoallergenic and flexible. The Big Flirt "stays put" as a result of its unique shape and size, so you can expect ongoing stimulation.

The Big Flirt is more enjoyable with a quality personal lubricant providing long-lasting slickness. Universal Lube and Astroglide Anal Lubrication create lasting slickness that makes insertion and penetrative movement enjoyable. Both lubricants are compatible with this silicone sex toy. And if anal sex toys are your forte, be sure to check out the Nexus Vibro (specifically for men), Flexi Felix, and Bendybeads.

Editorial Review

Hear ye, hear ye: I have the immense pleasure of introducing the Big Flirt to anyone who enjoys advanced anal stimulation. Few butt plugs can compete with its arousal-inducing shape and texture. At first intimidated by its size, I was hesitant to insert the Big Flirt into my soft tush, but I soon realized that the tapered tip and widening shaft allow for gradual anal adjustments - for both full insertion and slight penetrative movement.

The lower-shaft area is widely rounded, and you can bet that a tight, tight fit follows. Using a personal lubricant with the Big Flirt is a must. I've found that Universal Lube works the best with this large butt plug sex toy, so do consider it as an essential part of playing with the Big Flirt. Also, the flared base is sturdy and wide, so you'll never have to worry about this adult toy slipping too far inside of your bum.

I tested the flexibility, as well. When my anus had fully accepted the plug, I moved back and forth slowly - which is the type of movement I recommend you try with this anal sex toy. This pro-movement butt plug is made of silicone material that adapts to angled stimulation. I had my Big Flirt inserted while I made love to my boyfriend, and it didn't pop out or move too often. Less effective butt plugs and anal sex toys cannot replicate the feeling created by the Big Flirt, because they are either too flexible (won't stay put) or too small (not enough surface area for quality stimulation).

Additional Details

Size:  5.25" total length
1.5" width
Material:  This item is made of Phthalate Free material, and Silicone.
Manufacturer:  Tantus

Customer Reviews Add a review

Sex toy review: three hearts. Reggie P.
a blast of bigger anal fun not as flexible as i thought it might be its smooth texture is a winning combo
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Seth Harden
This butt plug is meant for men or women who enjoy stretching sensations. This is no sex toy for people who periodically play with butt plugs. I play with my Big Flirt several times a week, and it took me weeks for the Big Flirt to feel completely comfortable. If it took me (an experienced man) that long to adjust, I imagine it would take beginners alot longer.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
It's so easy to insert. Some butt plug toys can literally be a "pain in the ass." The Big Flirt doesn't hurt one bit. Now, I've been playing with butt toys for a little while, so I am used to penetration. That's part of it, but the design is perfect for even intermediate users. My only complaint is that no ripples can be found on this design. As far as butt plugs go, the Big Flirt makes most others look and feel crappy.
Sex toy review: two-and-a-half hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
I am no beginner, but this butt plug made me feel like one. It is too large for even me, so I suggest butt plug lovers try a different one.
Sex toy review: three hearts. sativa
Eh, oh, and then eh. I think the smooth and rounded texture feels wonderful. The overall size and shape are hefty. Large is right. I have to be out of mind aroused before I even attempt to stick this baby inside of me.
Sex toy review: two-and-a-half hearts. Jackie B.
It took me forever to adjust to the Big Flirt. It seems too large for me. The shaft swells made it impossible for my butt to accept total penetration. After a while of using it, my nunu-hole finally embraced the ultimate penetration. I really like this toy, but I probably should have started with the Red Stallion, which I have now. I wouldn't recommend the Big Flirt to even moderately experienced people.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Ms. Kitten
This plug does the trick. A tighter fit, the Big Flirt will send your anal nerves into a frenzy. I love playing with my Big Flirt during oral sex. I also use it in my harness, thrusting deep into my girlfriend. She likes the way the shaft is made specifically for anal adjustment. Intense, intense pleasure describes the benefits of owning the Big Flirt. DO NOT USE SILICONE LUBE with this toy. I made that mistake one time.
Sex toy review: four hearts. coconut
My experience with butt plugs has been good and bad. Some butt plugs wouldn't satisfy even the tiniest of butts. Too often the design can fall on the small side. In fact, the Big Flirt is the first butt plug I've found that fits me perfectly. Now, maybe, I might have a larger butt than most girls, but for me, I want a very tight fit. I enjoy double-entry, with my husband penetrating my vagina, while the butt plug is in my butt. It intensifies my orgasm.

The big flirt is also made of comfortable material. Really, who wants inflexible material in their butt. No one does - not that I know of, so the Big Flirt gets points there.

I've also found the Big Flirt requires little lube, due to the fact that the silicone material already makes it easy to move in and out.

This is the best butt plug I've found, and I've tried many different ones. My recommendation is this: buy the Big Flirt before you waste any money on other less expensive, but not as satisfying butt plugs.

Sex toy review: four hearts. Vivian
The Big Flirt should win an award for its design. I have never played with a more intelligently designed toy in my life. It looks like the manufacturer actually considered what a butt plug should feel like. Sometimes, I question if they question the practical application of some toys. I play with the Big Flirt more when I masturbate than anything. I pull my Pocket Rocket Booster or Starburst out of my nightstand, get myself wet and ready to go, then I add a little lubrication. I carefully sit on the Big Flirt, moving down so slowly. Once the plug is all the way inside of me, I squeeze my ass muscles. I increase the vibrations of the Silver Bullet. I'm on my way to heaven. I do this same routine often enough that it's become natural.
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. tracy

I used to reject the notion that butt plugs are a source of extreme pleasure. The entire debate over butt plugs was boring. I had no real idea what butt plugs were about, but I knew they sucked. Preconceived ideas kept me away from experiencing some of my best orgasms.

I started with the Little Flirt. The Little Flirt served as my introduction to butt plugs. If you are just starting to use butt plugs, I recommend checking the Little Flirt out. A novice can handle the size of the Little Flirt.

For all those ladies bored with their current butt plug toys, give the Big Flirt a shot. The cone design slips easily into the anus, with no pain. At first, it seems a bit intimidating, but after playing with it for a few minutes, it will slip right in. Also, in contrast to some other butt plugs of lesser quality, you can balance yourself on the Big Flirt. Since it's made of silicone, I haven't had any problems with skin irritation. Add this toy to the collection - it will immediately become a cherished possession.

Sex toy review: four hearts. JUJU
I love foreplay with my butt plug inserted. Foreplay feels incomplete without a good butt plug, and good butt plugs are actually difficult to find. I care HOW a butt plug looks, but not nearly as much as I care HOW it feels, how it works. In today's products, too much emphasis has been made on how something looks, with too little emphasis placed on how it works. The same applies to butt plugs - some are too flashy and don't work well, while some are decent looking, but work great.

The Big Flirt doesn't stand out with crazy colors and wild shapes. It does look a little intimidating, but overall it looks plain, like nothing special. People would be wrong to judge it by how it looks. I bought the Big Flirt two weeks ago, and I've been playing with it since then. It's too large for my girlfriend, but fits me just right. The contours of the toy are perfect for insertion and removal. My orgasms are better with the Big Flirt in my arse than not.

This butt plug isn't for first time experimentation, but I would recommend to any woman or man who is experienced in the art of anal pleasure. Thanks for all the reviews.

Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
I started with the Little Flirt, which was wonderful. However, I graduated to the Big Flirt, which is even better. I love anal penetration, and the Big Flirt certainly penetrates. I enjoy the flexibility of the silicone material, as I love to move around a lot when I am playing with myself. For anyone looking for anal pleasure, I'd recommend both the Little and Big Flirt.

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