Bondage Sex Toys: Put this blindfold over your sweetheart's eyes as you pleasure them with the latest dual stimulation rabbit vibrator and powerful vibrating sex toys.


Blindfold with Fur Lining

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Blindfold with Fur Lining: Put this blindfold over your sweetheart's eyes as you pleasure them with the latest dual stimulation rabbit vibrator and powerful vibrating sex toys.
Sex toy review: four hearts.

Item Description

This black faux fur lined blindfold with a satin front and elastic head strap adds a naughty dimension to your sex routine. Sex in the dark, eyes covered--a rush of adrenaline that men and women enjoy. Introduce fantasy and mystery to your lovemaking.

Editorial Review

A stylish blindfold that I use for sleep and sexual deviancy. I've had my blindfold for a year. I've never had any problems with it. The material is durable, comfortable and soothing. I've bought too many blindfolds of lesser quality. They always seem to fall apart. This one has lasted me for a while.

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Sex toy review: five hearts. Lady Sascha
I like the Blindfold with Fur Lining for a couple of reasons... for one thing the fur feels good against my skin. I am very much into sensual textures. Also it does the job it's supposed to, that is, to keep me from peeking and seeing what my partner is doing to me.
Finally it fits comfortably on my face - is so comfortable, in fact, that I have been sleeping with it on.
For these reasons I give this blindfold 5 hearts.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Ms. Kitten
No sight, but in style...I find pleasure in that. Not much to say about a blindfold, so I'll keep it short, but maybe not sweet! The one thing that I did notice about this blindfold, in comparison to the other blindfold I previously owned until my dog chewed it up, is that the strap is more comfortable.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
The blindfold works. It looks good. The strap is comfortable. It's not too expensive. What else can I say? Um, I'm happy with my purchase and the delivery of it.
Sex toy review: four hearts. scarlet
My husband felt my wrath. Yes, I tied him up, put the blindfold on him and teased him for around an hour. He couldn't remove the blindfold. He kept begging me to finish the job. Eventually, I did...but not for a while. As you can tell, I like the blindfold. It serves its purpose.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Rabbit Ears
I love the fur lining. This blinfold is the most comfortable one I've ever worn. My face doesn't get all irritated when I wear the blindfold. It looks cool too.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Nothing major about a blindfold, that's for sure. I feel sorta strange rating one, but I do like the blindfold. It has that in-style unique feeling. Plus, quality stitching makes it a product that should last.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Angelika
Everyone needs a blindfold - it's just THAT simple. I've spent many a night blindfolded, waiting for my lover to pounce on me (sometimes in my head, other times for real).

This blindfold will do. It's nothing fancy or expensive, but it gets the job done. The material doesn't make me itch, so that's good.

Sex toy review: three hearts. jamie
There's not much to say about a blindfold. I mean, either it's comfortable and quality-made or it's not.

I've been ordering various toys from Vibereview for a while now, and like my blindfold purchase, I've never had any problems or issues with delivery or product quality.

The blindfold works, is made of quality material, and I use it often - from everyhing to that wild erotic night, when I have no control over what happens. A good, inexpensive purchase that anyone can use.

Sex toy review: four hearts. Sweet Cheeks
It's hard to go wrong with a blindfold, but many blindfold products suck: either the material itches or the material is made poorly, with it finally falling apart.

I was hesitant to purchase another blindfold, but the black faux fur was appealing. I went ahead and purchased it. I must say, this blindfold isn't like most other crap ones. It actually feels good on my face, and it hasn't fallen apart yet! I use it in bed with my boyfriend, and I also use it to sleep at night.

Sex toy review: three hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Mine ripped rather quickly. I had to sew it together. I've had it for 4 or 5 months. Didn't cost me that much money and it does keep the mystery in my lovemaking.

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