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Blow Job Stroker

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Blow Job Stroker: Masturbation adult toys cause orgasms
Sex toy review: three hearts.

Item Description

Men go nuts for oral sex. Finding a battery operated sleeve that replicates oral sex motion and feeling is tough. Fortunately for guys, the Blow Job Stroker was created to imitate the motion and feeling of an actual blow job. A ring of pearl beads travel up and down the device, in a rhythmic motion, stimulating your penis with unbelievable suction power.

Its two textured luscious lips are ready for insertion. These flexible lips part like the Red Sea, accepting what you have to offer. The plastic material is ultra soft, skin-like, and durable. Allow the Blow Job Stroker's pearl beads to work magic on your most prized possession. The Blow Job Stroker is designed to handle your best shot.

Editorial Review

The Blow Job Stroker promises a lot more than it can deliver. Realistic expectations are central to any sex toy review or discussion; the Blow Job Stroker is no exception to this guiding principle. The question is, then, did the Blow Job Stroker meet any of my expectations?

Judging it by appearance alone is not enough. Visually, the Blow Job Stroker looks like a superior penis sleeve. The lips are inviting, rounded and tight. The entire toy's construction looks solid, like its ready for one serious battle. Basically, the Blow Job Stroker's appearance supports high functionality expectations.

Insertion feels fantastic. The moving pearl beads bring it to life, squeezing my shaft, creating a lot of pleasure; however, I found that the motor struggled to provide consistent stimulation. Well-endowed men might dislike the Blow Job Stroker, because it has a difficult time accepting an entire penis - or at least without slowing down to a crawling pace that isn't desirable.

I had no problems blowing my top. I would've liked the same amount of stimulation for the entire time spent with it; thus, reducing the amount of time it took to orgasm. My high expectations, honestly, were not achieved. Then again, I've tested many sex toys for men. Men who are new to sex toys and penis sleeves and strokers will find it enjoyable, I suspect.

Additional Details

Battery Info:  4 AA batteries required.
Material:  This item is made of Plastic.

Customer Reviews Add a review

Sex toy review: four hearts. James D
I am oblivious to my surroundings, especially anything innovative or high-tech. I would never have found the Blow Job Stroker if it hadn't been for my wife. She gave the Blow Job Stroker to me for my birthday, and, wow, these high-tech gadgets do work very well. No more hand pumping or stroking for me. Had I seen the price of this toy before I used it, I would have wondered what drugs the manufacturer was taking. Having played with it a lot, I understand why the toy is so expensive. Masturbation is much more enjoyable now than it was.
Sex toy review: two hearts. PeterB
The pleasure bead things are awesome. The sides of the toy (the casing and interior texture) are way too tight. At times penetration feels uncomfortable. I quit using it recently and purchased the Power Stroker 100X to replace it. Great results with it.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Seth Harden
Blow Job Stroker is better than most sleeves. I've bought a few. This one hasn't broken on me, like others have.
Sex toy review: three hearts. shulman
I previously owned the Fleshlight. It broke. I wasn't pleased. The Blow Job Stroker is better, anyway. Feels good. No offense, but it doesn't feel as good as a blow job.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
No one has mentioned it, so I guess I will. Blow Job Stroker grabs my penis with authority. The internal make-up of the toy creates a tight space, and that tightness translates into awesome sensations. The vibrations are dope, too. I have no problems or complaints about this powerful stroker.
Sex toy review: three hearts. the gatekeeper
I like it better than the last stroker I bought. This one hasn't busted. I would rather have the real thing, but I wouldn't rather use my hand or some crappy stroker. I agree that it could be wider.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Jim H.
I didn't even know that male toys were made. When I saw the picture for Blow Job Stroker, I decided that I must have it. Being married often means not getting any for a while. It's part of the territory. Luckily for me, my wife is cool about masturbation. Blow Job Stroker swallows my penis whole, and I get rowdy with it. Nothing but positive remarks from me. It's so damn soft. Call me a supporter or whatever.
Sex toy review: three hearts. I need it!
Virtual Touch Vagina is better. The texture (the material) feels better. While Blow Job Stroker has the skill to pay the bills, Virtual Touch Vagina exceeds the limitations set by this stroker. Just my opinion. Thought I'd give all you dudes a heads up.
Sex toy review: three hearts. tristan
I do enjoy it. I do pull it out of the closet often enough. It doesn't even come close to a real blow job. I didn't expect that it would. I am content with it as my lone sex toy.
Sex toy review: two hearts. seth
It's too slim. I had a hard time inserting my penis. If they made it wider, it would be a great sex toy.
Sex toy review: four hearts. pussy liquor
Since I paid almost 70 bones for Blow Job Stroker, it better be good. Yes, it's good all right. The inside material is strong as hell. I bang this toy and it hasn't ripped. The last stoker type toy that I bought ripped. This one is going the distance.

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