Anal Sex Toys: Use this anal sex toy and textured dildo for intense prostate stimulation and butt titillation.


Booty Balls

10 Customer Reviews
Booty Balls: Use this anal sex toy and textured dildo for intense prostate stimulation and butt titillation.
Sex toy review: three hearts.

Item Description

Ergonomically perfect in shape and texture, the Booty Balls anal toy is designed perfectly for anal penetration. Made of SensaFirm material, Booty Balls provide ultimate anal stimulation. Due to its soft, flexible texture, this butt toy adjusts to each individual's unique anal characteristics. Enjoy the balled-shaft, as it plunges deep into your anus, stimulating your anal nerves to the point of climax.

Some anal adventurers are anxious about the possibility of a toy slipping too deeply inside of the anus, to the point that removal is difficult. Let me put you at ease: Booty Balls comes with a wrist cord that prevents loss of control. You can now safely explore your anus, and in comfort.

Lubrication should be used with this anal toy. VibeReview recommends water-based lubricants be used with this toy: i-lube, Astroglide, or Wet Original.

Editorial Review

Yes, yes, yes! Should I declare it, again? Yes. Booty Balls is my favorite anal toy. Women and men have fallen in love with this anal toy. My husband loves the flexibility, which allows him to stimulate his prostate in comfort, keeping him relaxed enough to enjoy anal masturbation. I simply love the balled-shaft. As one ball slides inside of me, the next ball is already adjusting itself to deeper penetration. The wrist cord makes anal play safe and convenient. With the cord, I can assert my own will on the toy, deciding how much length to insert.

I highly recommend women and men experiment with Booty Balls. I have found no other anal toy to be so simple and comfortable. Cleaning it, not an issue. The SensaFirm material is smooth, so cleaning requires little effort on my part. Really, if you enjoy the anal stimulation produced from two or more fingers, there's no doubt that you will enjoy playing with Booty Balls.

Additional Details

Size:  9" total length
1.5" width (at widest point)
Material:  This item is made of Phthalate Free material, and Silicone.

Customer Reviews Add a review

Sex toy review: three hearts. Leanna
I like Booty Balls. No need to waste money on batteries. Using it as an anal dildo or probe works best for me. I keep mine in the shower. Sometimes I use my Bunny Teaser for clitoral teasing and my Booty Balls at the same time. Using Booty Balls and another toy...that's the way to go.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Erin Hawthorne
Booty Balls' flexibility is good. I like how the balls feel going inside of me. I decided that, from now on, I am going to buy anal toys with vibrations. Booty Balls is good, but far too simple of a toy for my personal needs.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Spank my Booty
I was introduced to anal stimulation around five months ago. When I first started experimenting, I used Anal Beads. I couldn't handle much more than a thin string of beads. Since then, I've graduated to larger size anal toys. I had my eyes on the Booty Balls for a while, until I finally took the plunge. I bought them, and this anal toy has not let me down. Amazing flexibility, great contours, easy as hell to clean.
Sex toy review: three hearts. elle's broken leg
Yumster. Booty Balls is the best anal shaft-balls combination that I've played with in years.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
No other anal toy has been so comfortable. While I do enjoy occasional anal play, I have not found an anal toy that knocks me off my feet. Booty Balls comes the closest, however, to keeping me relax and pleasured during my anal exploration. I'm a tough critic, so I couldn't rate this toy higher than average.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Man of the Hour

No boyfriend at the moment automatically means that I need a new toy. So I bought Booty Balls. The wrist cord makes insertion painless and easy to handle. Prostate stimulation, anyone? I get a ton of that when this anal tool is fully inserted.

Since the prostate can only be reached, in comfort, at an angle, toys with a built-in angle or toys that are flexible are a must for me. This one has enough flexibility to furiously rub and bump against my prostate gland. This is a wonderful anal toy that brings me nothing but comfort, and intensifies my orgasms.

Sex toy review: three hearts. pOe
Isaac Hayes "Shaft" might as well be dedicated to Booty Balls. Why, you ask? Dur! The balled shaft of this anal probe has a profound influence on the anal pleasure I experience. In comparison to the old anal toy I had, Booty Balls are the Holy Grail of anal probes.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Reliable anal toys are hide to find. Luckily, Booty Balls are reliable. PLEASE add vibrations inside of the shaft. I always find vibrations intensely pleasurable, especially when delivered to my sensitive bum-bum.
Sex toy review: four hearts. naughty hillary
Finally an anal toy with a wrist cord. Now I can push and pull at a slower pace that is more favorable for anal masturbation. Not only that, but the spaced spheres aren't too thin or wide, which is important with anal toys. It's been my experience that wide toys hurt; thinner one don't have the sexual impact that I desire, like the toy can't be felt. Anyways Booty Balls is the happy medium, moderate length and width.
Sex toy review: three hearts. ben cook
I am amateur when it comes to prostate stimulation. But I have experimented with Anal Beads and a few other anal toys. Booty Balls looked more comfortable than most anal toys that I looked at. In this particular case, appearance foretold how awesome this anal tool is. The individual spheres actually bend a little, which makes insertion more pleasurable. My approval of this product comes packaged with a huge smile.

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