Male Sex Toys: Sex toy strokers and adult toys improve male masturbation techniques

Buck Shot

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Buck Shot: Sex toy strokers and adult toys improve male masturbation techniques
Sex toy review: three hearts.

Item Description

Masturbation sleeves come in a variety of styles and functionality. The Power Stroker 100X and Solo Slider incorporate vibration technology as an effective stimulation strategy. The Grip Stroker and Colt Power do not utilize vibration technology, but have proven to be successful at pleasing men around the world.

The Buck Shot - a new California Exotic Novelties masturbation sleeve - falls into the latter category. Some men do not enjoy the sensations produced by vibrations; so for them the Buck Shot would be a great choice. Its exclamation point shape is conducive for high-energy masturbation. The presence of a closed top makes penetration and thrusting more enjoyable than open tops, where sensations are lost as the penis exits the sleeve.

Internally, this sleeve is well developed: Tiny stimulating ticklers are located inside of the sleeve, adding another source for increased pleasure. It is an extremely flexible masturbation sleeve. Your penis will appreciate the intense suction created by this sex toy's design.

Rips, tears, or loss of shape are not an issue with this bulbous paradise sleeve. Put the exclamation point into your masturbation agenda. Leaving behind coarse hands isn't difficult to do, especially when the Buck Shot is eagerly awaiting your best thrust!

If you're looking for a good lube to use with the Buck Shot, try ID Glide or Astroglide, and Penthouse Toy Cleaner will make your cleaning duties safer and more convenient.

Editorial Review

The Buck Shot is a standard - a very basic - masturbation sleeve. There are no gimmicks. In comparison to other sleeves, it differs in shape and sex toy material. But, shape and material often define the success or failure of sex toys. The Buck Shot is cost-friendly option in an expensive sex toy industry. The more expensive masturbation sleeves do work better, but some men prefer basic sex toys.

I am easy to please...on most days. I do like the closed top of this toy. Open tops frustrate me. Is a vagina "open"? No. I like the feeling created by a closed environment, where my penis head can freely bounce off of actual texture. The Buck Shot excels in this area. The internal ticklers are also quite effective. Some ticklers literally "tickle" my penis - and I do not like that. The Buck Shot's ticklers are long enough to significantly increase the pressurized stimulation my penis experiences.

If money is an issue, the Buck Shot should be considered as your first option. I do prefer the Power Stroker 100X and Blow Job Stroker, but I wouldn't hesitate purchasing the Buck Shot if money was tight. Upgrading to more advanced masturbation sleeves is always a viable option; so don't be afraid to experiment with less expensive sex toys. That's how I started my journey!

Additional Details

Size:  4.5" length
1.5" width
Material:  This item is made of Silicone.

Customer Reviews Add a review

Sex toy review: three hearts. Ziggy Stardust
easy on the wrist, comfortable soft material, could use more depth
Sex toy review: three hearts. Ethan Newberry
Hard to describe the unique way it makes my penis feel good. I just know it feels better than my hand and the first sleeve I purchased. Its shape (like a light bulb) is easier to grab. The material is thin so squeezing it as I jack off feels good. My jealous wife likes watching me play with it, similar to how I enjoy the heck out of watching her play with the Liv.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Drooling Walter
Suction force galore. When I slide my penis head inside of it, I can feel this unique suction sensation. I masturbated several times before I started liking how it made my dick feel. Now I am hooked on it. Didn't even dent my checkbook.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. The.Best.Ever.
The.Best.Ever rates the Buck Shot as edging the 3.0 mark, barely. Not a bad masturbation sleeve or pocket pussy, definitely not my favorite or the best.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Longfellow, yes
Didn't expect much from the Buck Shot. I purchased it for all my traveling. I've ended up playing with it at home. I suggest using lots of lube with it. I wouldn't ever dare to compare it with a muff, but it is better than the alternative. I would buy it again if mine ripped or something. A worthy purchase, IMHO.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Alicia G.
I bought the Impulse Jack Rabbit for myself. While I was at it, I bought my husband the Buck Shot. He said it is pretty good. I've stroked him off with it, during foreplay. I find it sexy, very appealing, and sort of dirty. I got the more expensive toy. Then again, I am the princess. He's easy to please anyway.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Easy enough to jack off with. I'd rather use it than my bare hands. I refuse to pay a lot for sex toys, so the Buck Shot was a smart purchase for me. Plenty of flexibility and never loses shape (or not yet, it hasn't).
Sex toy review: two hearts. all work no play
I bought the clear Buck Shot two months ago. Since then I've purchased a different sleeve, the Blossom Sleeve. Maybe for some guys they will like the Buck Shot. I didn't care much for it. I found it to be entirely too tight on my yin-yang. The blossom sleeve is damn good. I would recommend it.

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