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Bullet Wand

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Bullet Wand: Masturbate with G-spot sex toys and adult toy vibrators
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

G-Spot sex toys are designed in a variety of shapes and textures, and sometimes with vibration capabilities. For example, the Beyond 2000 G-Spot Dolphin, Gigi, and Pixie focus on direct G-Spot arousal by making the most of shaft curves, titillating textures, and sensual vibrations. All three factors work together to create a pleasurable sex toys experience.

The Bullet Wand - one of the latest G-Spot specific vibrating sex toys - aims to send delightful pulsations to sensitive G-Spot tissue. This sex toy has five independent vibration modes, ten different functions, and countless combinations between the two. Perfect for women who enjoy a wide range of sensations, the Bullet Wand's multi-speed and multi-functional vibrations make it a versatile toy that can accomplish various stimulation objectives.

A medium-size bullet vibrator is attached to a flexible, bendable shaft - a specialized shaft that allows women to experiment with deeper, angled G-Spot arousal than is normally possible with form-fixed vibrator shafts. This flexible shaft is lengthy, soft, and durable. Combining powerful vibrations with an extraordinarily lengthy, flexible shaft offers women dual action at its finest. Stimulating your G-Spot with the Bullet Wand sex toy is possible from multiple angles and vibration levels.

Use the vibrator's padded controls to change speeds and functions. The padded controls are easy to use: An owner's manual will not be needed! The handle offers reliable gripping power; it will not slip out of your hand when the intensity increases, or as you lose yourself in the moment.

Editorial Review

True love comes in different shapes, sizes, and power. Currently, my new love - the Bullet Wand vibrator - is satisfying me sexually in ways I never imagined possible. It's a totally different type of stimulation with G-Spot wand, and I revel in the energy-driven orgasms that come from this sex toy's vibrations.

Once I experimented with it, I knew I had found a real winner. Due to the flexible shaft head, I am able to successfully stimulate my G-Spot in a variety of positions - standing up, sitting down, legs crossed, arching my back, bending over, laying down...plenty of positions. The shaft's length ensures that my G-Spot experiences direct stimulation. Plus, I have the freedom to move around without the head shifting away from my hidden pleasure zone.

How about all the different speeds and modes! Hooray! for viable stimulation options. I like my vibrations slow and fast - all within a few seconds. Changing the amount of stimulation experienced increases my arousal, and I enjoy pace changes frequently. The control pad is easy enough to operate. The Bullet Wand vibrator has been unexpectedly fun and effective - to the point of orgasmic exhaustion.

Beware, beginners: This vibrator will turn you into a professional rather quickly. If it is powerful enough to stimulate a skeptic like me, its powerful vibrations will turn your world upside down. Complete arousal, the entire time, for as long as you can take it - these are the direct benefits of masturbating with the Bullet Wand.

Additional Details

Size:  7" shaft length
Battery Info:  4 AA batteries required.
Material:  This item is made of Plastic.
Manufacturer:  Doc Johnson

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Sex toy review: five hearts. Jena G

The multifariousness of sex toys is a bit annoying. There are so many different kinds, types, colors...UGH! I accidentally found the Bullet Wand bookmarked on a friend's computer. Fate. Anyway, I knew what a bullet vibrator is, so I checked it out. I knew immediately that I had to get this G-Spot toy. I am not much a clit-orientated woman. G-Spot all the way, if you know what I mean.

It was 'out of stock' when I tried to purchase it. I emailed VibeReview, asking, "Hey, I want this toy so bad. When will you get more?" They responded within a few minutes. I waited a week to get it, but it was totally worth the wait--power, smoothness, flexibility, and length.

Sex toy review: four hearts. Blue Serenity Captures Me
I've had my Bullet Wand for one month. I have played with it most days during that one month period. I cannot get enough. When I started playing with sex toys, I first purchased the Silver Bullet. Once I learned about my G-Spot, I moved on to rotating toys. But it has come full circle. I now prefer bullet size G-Spot toys. The Bullet Wand is nothing more than a powerful bullet vibrator with a thin extension. I refuse to play with a different G-Spot toy, and if I ever want clit stimulation, I can use it for that too. So, yes, it is versatile as well.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Judy G.
Phenomenal vibrations. Great flexibility. I am very excited about owning the Bullet Wand. No other sex toy - of any kind - has made me climax so quickly or with as much intensity.

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