Anal Sex Toys: Some anal sex toys can be used as butt plugs and strapons in an adult toy butt harness that makes sure dildos stay in place.

Butt Plug Harness

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Butt Plug Harness: Some anal sex toys can be used as butt plugs and strapons in an adult toy butt harness that makes sure dildos stay in place.
Sex toy review: four hearts.

Item Description

The genuine leather Butt Plug Harness is a dream come true! Now you can enjoy hands-free fun while having sex or cleaning the house. This harness is a true favorite among men, giving pleasurable prostate stimulation while enjoying sex. Of course, many women also enjoy the fulfilling stimulation that a butt plug can provide. Comes with butt plug and a 2" nickel O-ring in front to fit your favorite dildo or dick.

Editorial Review

This is one of the least expensive butt plug harnesses found on the Internet. Harness quality can be counted on, too. This harness will keep the butt plug inside for as long as you desire. The straps can be a bit frustrating to adjust, but once a specific size has been identified as comfortable, the rest of the process is easy, fun, and erotic. This is a quality product for an affordable price.

Additional Details

Size:  Fits up to 44" hips.
Material:  This item is made of Leather.

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Sex toy review: five hearts. Superbabe
Excellent in every way. The comfortable fitting, stylish look, and the tight hold on my dildo convinced me that this harness is one of the better harnesses available for a good price. Harnesses can be very, very expensive. This one isn't too expensive, and the quality impressed me. It's also easy to use. I wish I had this harness, when I started playing around with them.
Sex toy review: five hearts. elle's broken leg
As far as harnesses go, this is the best one. Style, product quality, and a comfortable, tight fit make this harness necessary equipment. It handles rough play quite well. With some harnesses, skin irritations occur. Extreme rubbing and chaffing can be an issue with many harnesses, but I haven't experienced any of that with this harness.
Sex toy review: four hearts. alex_cassius
I bought my Butt Plug Harness three weeks ago. I knew it would make a difference in my anal explorations, but I had no idea that it would make my butt plugs feel this good. My girlfriend still laughs when she watches me put the harness on. I do look goofy, but it feels so good. I just go with it. I was self-conscious at first, not knowing what it would really feel like -- or if it would even make a difference. It did make a difference, a huge difference.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
I love this harness. It keeps my butt plug in place. I like to have intercourse with the harness and plug involved. Being that the harness does make sure the plug stays put, I can focus on my vagina. The straps don't itch or cause skin irritation. I got exactly what I wanted, and did so at a great price.
Sex toy review: three hearts. vincent
I've only been playing with butt plugs for a short while. This butt plug harness is the only one I own. I like it. However, I don't use it very much. It takes some preparation to get the plug and harness ready for action. I don't want to confuse the issue: the harness works fine; I'm just lazy. I'd rather hold the butt plug myself, forcing the action on my own. Overall, it's a good toy accessory. I don't regret the purchase.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
I collect different harnesses. When considering a new addition to my collection, I focus of durability and style. Both requirements must be met before I will purchase the product. I do plenty of research first, as I don't want to waste my money on crap. I did my research on this particular Butt Plug Harness. I read nothing but positive reviews, so I ordered it from VibeReview. This harness doesn't have a lot of glitter and gold, but it fits so well, and do so in comfort, that I wear it more than all others I own. It's a great harness for men and women. My friend Jake also owns one. He's just as pleased as I am with the harness.
Sex toy review: four hearts. coconut
If you prefer a tight fit, with less hassle - this butt plug harness works great. It's frustrating when you work toward a killer orgasm, only for the butt plug to push out a second too soon. This harness will ensure that such a waste doesn't happen.
Sex toy review: five hearts. jamie
I am more verbose than simple Camille, so please be patient with me! I'm just kidding, girl. You know I love you.

Like Camille said, this harness really completes the butt plug experience. Wear the harness for a while, then try your sexual activities without it. You will immediately notice the difference the harness makes. Since getting one, I use it when I get home from work and during sex. I got tired of my butt plug toys either being too big or too small, falling out all the time. This harness enabled me to carry on with my daily routine AND feel good in the process. Whoever invented the damn thing is a saint.

Sex toy review: five hearts. AndreiB
If you like having a butt plug in during sex, then this harness is a must-have. It's comfortable, made of soft leather, and works like a charm to ensure the plug will stay put. I love it!

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