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Climax Bursts Cooling

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Climax Bursts Cooling: Lube with sex toys, adult toys, and for sex and masturbation
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

A cool breeze swirls around your flush face. Your body, hot. Your pulse, racing. And now you want a moment to collect your thoughts. But your lover has other ideas. Wanting to push you over the edge into sexual salvation, your partner gently rubs and massages Climax Bursts Cooling on your aroused erogenous zones. Like the breeze that blessed your face with rejuvenation, Climax Bursts Cooling - a stimulating water-based personal lubricant - brings your hot spots to attention as soft, gentle cool sensations kiss your pleasure zones.

Erogenous zones react favorably to stimulation because of extreme sensitivity. Climax Bursts Cooling increases this erogenous sensitivity with cool sensations, which increases pleasure in less time. Your erotic encounters - the time spent with your lover beneath the sheets - become more interesting with this personal lubricant enhancing all forms of stimulation. Each movement feels more electric, doubling the pleasure you both experience during foreplay and sex.

This arousing lubricant contains tiny bursting beads of Vitamin E, a known skin-replenishing nutrient. So you experience the slickest lubrication while breathing life into your skin with silky and smooth Vitamin E. As your sexy activities become hotter and hotter, each bead bursts, releasing a topical cooling agent. Stimulating and lubricating, these beads help lovers orgasm intensely, without interference from irritation and stickiness.

Climax Bursts Cooling is 100% latex compatible, glycerin-free, and compatible with all sex toy materials. Tickle, tease, and please your partner with cool sensations - or consider using Climax Bursts Cooling for playful restraint fun. Restrain your lover with Love Ties or the Under the Bed Restraints, surprising her or him with uncontrollable cooling pleasure. Once they're properly restrained, blow a kiss or two on the applied area and watch your lover wiggle and twist in an ocean of pleasure.

Editorial Review

As many of you might have realized, I am lovingly dedicated to warming personal lubricants. I could sing a lullaby to my favorite warming lubricants - which, truth be told, is merely returning the favor, as Climax Bursts Warming and Liquid Sex Warming make me sing sweet orgasmic tunes. However, I might be jumping on the "cooling sensations" bandwagon. Climax Bursts Cooling convinced me that I need to take a second look at the new cooling agents. I've already used one bottle of this stuff and plan on getting more.

Climax Bursts Cooling makes me giddy! Those small beads of Vitamin E are impressively effective, especially since most water-based lubricants are known to have short-lived slickness. However, Climax Bursts Cooling kept me wet for a long time and tingled my clit and vaginal opening into full-feeling orgasms while my boyfriend made love to me. At no point did I feel too wet or too dry - a nice balance of lubrication kept us going at it for hours. Thankfully, I bow in observance of Climax Bursts Cooling's greatness.

Some people might assume that the cooling sensations are immediately powerful, but that's not been my experience. The sensations erupt gradually as the beads burst over time. Once sexual activity speeds up the beads begin bursting collectively, and I can feel each new sensation even more. So, it is more a gradual buildup of cool sensations than some immediate, dramatic change in temperature - which, as I see it, wouldn't be a good thing. I like the gradual approach more than immediate sensations that might shock my sensitive petunia.

Men will also enjoy this stimulating personal lubricant. My boyfriend enjoys using this lubricant, and he's probably the reason why we ran out of it so quickly. Cool sensations covered his penis, but those sensations felt best on his glans and scrotum, where the sensations felt more electric. Since he's typically not the kind of guy to enjoy stimulating lubricants, it's quite a compliment to Climax Cooling Bursts that he wants to continuing use it. Couples should definitely consider this product as a foreplay and sex enhancement option.

Additional Details

Size:  4 oz.
Manufacturer:  Topco

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Sex toy review: two hearts. Natty
How's is this all that different then KY jelly?
Sex toy review: three hearts. Domina
This cooling lube is a fairly effective sensation product. It does cool you genitals gradually, and feels like a sucking in with a cough drop in your mouth, except that it is on your other lips. This is a good sensation play lube, but it dries up fairly quickly when using it just for a sexual lubricant and become sticky. Although I wouldn't use this lube all the time, it is fun to try, especially for those who are interested in playing with different kinds of sensations during sex.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Essin' Em
This was fun as a little addition to the bedroom, but not something that I would use everytime. It sucked as a lube, drying out extremely quickly, but the tingling feeling it provided was quite delightful. My big problem with it was that it made it so much harder to climax - it took for-freaking-ever!
Sex toy review: five hearts. Kylie
Yes, yes, yes! Overall, it’s the hot and cold balance that did it for me. The hot intense session of my boyfriend and I making love combined with the chill and ease of the slide down there was enough to drive us both to the edge–and then go at it again!

The packaging makes it right away aesthetically very appealing. So aesthetically appealing, it put my boyfriend in the mood as soon as it was by my night stand. Here's a tip: rub some on your erogenous zones and let your lover blow on you.

Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Evan
My wife and I enjoy Cooling and Warming Climax Bursts. Both intensify each stroke, insertion, and foreplay. Taken strictly as a sex lubricant it is average. The lube can be sticky.
Sex toy review: five hearts. deviousgrrl
Sprung from the depths of breezy lovedoings! My orgasms are intensified by Climax Bursts Cooling.
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. susanna
Climax Bursts Cooling in union with my clit vibrator is something I refuse to miss out on.
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. d. collins
I suggest everyone try it. My wife and I experimented with Climax Bursts Warming before buying Climax Bursts Cooling. Neither of us liked the warming kind, and now that we've experimented with the cooling kind, we are sure that cool sensations are better.

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