Dildos: Sex toys and glass dildos are textured for women's orgasms

Cyberglass Felicity

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Cyberglass Felicity: Sex toys and glass dildos are textured for women's orgasms
Sex toy review: four hearts.

Item Description

The Cyberglass Felicity is a multipurpose glass dildo. Artistically crafted with exquisite nubby, smooth, and swirled texture, women can use the Cyberglass Felicity for delightful erogenous zone stimulation - internal G-Spot stimulation or external clitoral stimulation! A sensual symphony of pleasure originates from this glass dildo's perfect balance of different textures.

The shaft's tip is curved specifically for gentle G-Spot massage. Locating your shy, hidden G-Spot is possible due to the shaft's curves and contours - creating a sexual elation that consumes your every thought, pushing you toward a building climax. Slowly twisting the shaft in a rocking motion puts the nubby textures to use, also allowing you to use the shaft's tip for G-Spot stroking.

Use the shaft's arousing tip, textures, and curves for clitoral stimulation. The smoothly rounded tip is perfect for clitoral massage, as is the nubby texture on the mid-shaft area. You are a shaman of sexual pleasure, calling for orgasmic raindrops to fall from heart-shaped clouds in the sky. Orgasm comes naturally - both G-Spot and clitoral - when the Cyberglass Felicity, your talisman, enters your sex life.

The Cyberglass Felicity is made of hygienic, easy-to-clean glass that is both durable and stylish. You can warm up or cool off your glass dildo for a variety of erotic sensations, by running warm or cool water over the Cyberglass Felicity. Each Cyberglass Felicity comes with a sexy storage bag.

Editorial Review

The Cyberglass Felicity is textured for orgasmic success. When it comes to glass dildos, texture and contours are extremely important. I generally prefer smooth-to-nubby texture changes on the shaft; I am greedy with my textured stimulation. The Cyberglass Felicity's shaft is covered in three textures - nubs, swirls, and smooth surfaces - that feel wonderful.

The shaft widens and thins as contours change, which makes deeper penetration more enjoyable. Once fully inserted, the shaft's tip and curves make G-Spot stimulation easier. Minor twisting and turning movements are all I need for complete arousal, which usually results in a slower moving G-Spot orgasm. But I am more impressed with the sensations experienced before climax. As with other quality glass dildos, the Cyberglass Felicity is a fantastic foreplay sex toy.

Sure, the Cyberglass Felicity can be used for clit massage and teasing, but it is primarily a G-Spot glass dildo. I enjoy switching from penetration to clit massaging, and then after a minute or two of clit massage, I gently slide the dildo back inside of me, though I spend more time with the dildo inside of me than anything else - that's the dildo's strength. Before buying the Cyberglass Felicity, I suggest women check out the Pleasure Bump, one of my favorite glass dildos.

Additional Details

Size:  7.75" total length
1.15" at widest point
Material:  This item is made of Glass, and Phthalate Free material.

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Sex toy review: three hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
I can't say it's much more than an ordinary glass sex toy. I'd rather have the Cyberglass Felicity than a jelly dildo that stinks and falls apart. All in all, I do recommend the Cyberglass Felicity. First time glass users will probably like it even more than I do.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Ellie Lumpesse
I'm obsessed with glass toys after experiencing the Felicity. Cool, unyielding, and so smooth. I love this dildo and love sharing it with new partners.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. lovemedo
My girlfriend presented me with the Cyberglass Felicity as a peace exchange. We had been fighting for more than a week. See, there are benefits to spats. We've both played with the glass toy our fair share of times. My girlfriend likes it more than I do, which is alot, becuase I do rather enjoy it myself.
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. DeVina Mystique
Glass dildos are the better type of dildos. They can be more expensive, I realize, but do they rip or tear? Nope. One has to literally throw a glass dildo down before it will crack, chip, or break. The Cyberglass Felicity warms up faster than my previous glass dildos, and its never ending texture tickles me pink.
Sex toy review: three hearts. wonderfully exotic
If vibrations aren't a part of the toy, I also struggle to climax. I think it is cause I am more clit orientated. Crawlingly slow penetration makes me feel the best and the Cyberglass Felicity is pretty good with the texture and what not....
Sex toy review: four hearts. emily of the night
Never had a glass dildo until now. Love it and wish I had tried glass dildos sooner than I did. I am hooked!

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