Lubes & Lotions: Doc's Anal Lube works wonderfully with prostate stimulation sex toys and large anal dildos.

Doc's Anal Lube

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Doc's Anal Lube: Doc's Anal Lube works wonderfully with prostate stimulation sex toys and large anal dildos.
Sex toy review: two-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

Forget everything you've read and heard about short-lived anal lubricants. Doc's Anal Lube has come to your rescue. Instead of forcing your way through backdoor fun, now you have the pleasurable opportunity to glide your way into supreme wetness.

Doc's Anal Lube is water-based, non-staining, water soluble, and 100% latex safe. This outstanding personal lubricant had stood the test of time, proving that it is a reliable lubricant for anal adventures and explorations. Pleasing yourself and your lover - once a difficult task - is easier than ever, and Doc's Anal Lube is the reason why.

Don't advance into backdoor territory without reinforcement from a helpful personal lubricant. There's no need for you to over exert yourself. Let Doc's Anal Lube do most of the work for you. Slip and slide, all from behind, and shake what your momma gave ya'.

Editorial Review

One could assume that personal lubricants are all the same. It is an assumption made frequently, but people find out quickly that certain personal lubricants are better than others - or are better for different sexual activities. Most lubes are manufactured with these different sexual activities in mind.

Doc's Anal Lube - as its name suggests - is geared toward helping individuals and couples enhance butt fun. Enjoyable anal sex always includes a personal lubricant, and to enjoy the event even more, a specific type of anal lube should be used. Doc's Anal Lube has all the lubricant properties necessary for a long-lasting wetness that intensifies the pleasure experienced.

Having relied on Doc's Anal Lube for my butt sex needs, I am convinced that it is one of the best erogenous zone-specific lubricants on the market. It rarely dries up on me, and even if it happens to dry up, only a small amount of water is needed to re-activate its super wet feeling. If you enjoy backdoor fun like me and desire longer-lasting slickness, Doc's Anal Lube is right up your alley.

Additional Details

Size:  5.1 oz.
Manufacturer:  Doc Johnson

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Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. vincent
Prostate stimulation is important to me. I don't naturally get wet, so I need some kind of lube that helps me play with my Glide. Doc's Anal Lube slicks up my prostate sex toy real nice.
Sex toy review: two-and-a-half hearts. feather girl
had to keep using more and more for the similar lubrication feeling.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Lucky Linda
I put up with Doc's Anal Lube, but I am looking for a replacement personal lubricant. I may buy that Climax Bursts stuff that Snuggles wrote about.
Sex toy review: two-and-a-half hearts. Hot Snuggles
All the stopping-starting arrested whatever pleasure I was feeling. Right when I approached insane pleasure, when my insides could take no more, I had to apply more of Doc's Anal Lube. Ugh, it had...dried up. This went on for longer than I care to discuss. My frustration increased, I got mad, and I got even: I purchased a different anal lube, made by a new company -- Climax Bursts Anal Lube. Lucky, lucky! I got it right this time.
Sex toy review: two-and-a-half hearts. keith sweitzer
Bunk lube. Sure, technically it is lube. The problem is, I had to re-apply so much of it that I used almost a fourth of the bottle in one sitting.
Sex toy review: three hearts. yousexyyou
I don't think Doc's Anal Lube is that bad. It's not extraordinary, but to say I am disappointed would be an exaggeration. My search for the best anal lube continues...and I am open to suggestions.
Sex toy review: three hearts. elle's broken leg
It is not the slickest anal lube, but it doesn't prevent me from having good anal sex. It is passable.

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