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Dolphin Ring

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Dolphin Ring: Vibrators, adult toys, and cock rings for female orgasms and male orgasm
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

This super-stretchy Dolphin Ring fits easily over a finger for those private moments by yourself, or slide it on your partners penis to pleasure you both. When the ring is over the penis, just point the dolphin up to stimulate your clitoris, or down to stimulate his testicles. The strong vibrations will be enjoyed by both partners. It is a variable speed toy.

Editorial Review

The Dolphin Ring captures innovation at its best. A clitoral and testicle stimulator, the Dolphin Ring can be used for solo or partner activities. I experimented with both scenarios. The results, positive, even surprised me.

I started off with clitoral masturbation. I placed the comfortable ring over my index finger. I chose a slower vibration pace to get me into the mood. I gently massaged my clitoris, feeling each vibration to its fullest. I could feel my love bubble swelling. I increased the vibration speed. A sudden orgasm ripped through my body. For clitoral stimulation alone, the Dolphin Ring satisfied me beyond my expectations.

Later that night I invited my boyfriend to play with the toy. I placed the vibrating ring on his penis, pointing it downwards to see if he liked the sensation on his testicles. As a matter of fact, he enjoyed them...a lot. He said, and I could see, that his erection was firmer. We turned the ring around, so I could feel the vibrations during sex. We made love for thirty-minutes and in that time, I had a G-Spot and clitoral orgasm. Zero discomfort resulted from the Dolphin Ring. With such designs, there's always the possibility of an irritating friction created. I did not experience anything negative while using the Dolphin Ring.

This is a great toy for both partners to explore one another. Both my boyfriend and myself recommend this toy for couples willing to take their time in bed. For solo masturbation, I recommend this toy to any woman who prefers clitoral orgasms.

Additional Details

Battery Info:  2 AA batteries required.
Material:  This item is made of Jelly.

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Sex toy review: four hearts. Amy H.
I am quite pleased with this toy. I had to convince my husband to wear it, and finally he did. I also slide the cock ring on my Jelly Dildo with Suction Cup. In doing so, I get the best stimulation I could ever want. It took some adjusting to the ring being part of my husband's penis; I'm just now getting used to its presence, but the comfort and pleasure were worth the wait.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
I get all the pleasure I wanted with Dolphin Ring. Floating on a tidal wave of vibrations and hard erections, Dolphin Ring delivers the goods in stylish fashion. My boyfriend thinks he's so cool wearing it, too. It's quite humorous. Anyway, I am completely satisfied with its performance.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Goo Goo Girl
I like how the dolphin doesn't intrude my penetration space. It's not too large. The ring stays all the way back on my husband's penis. Also of importance is the fact that this ring does not slip. It stays tight the entire time we have sex. Major, major plus. The vibrations could be a bit stronger, but I get the stimulation I need to orgasm.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
I own both the Dolphin Ring and the Diving Dolphin. Both feel good, but the Dolphin Ring is nothing compared to Diving Dolphin. If you want some serious action and stimulation, check out Diving Dolphin. If you are more laid back, not necessarily interested in more intensified stimulation, the Dolphin Ring works fine. I own both, so obviously both are good.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Bridget Oremon
Innovative!!! I really enjoyed using the Dolphin Ring. I didn't expect much from the experience. I am still shocked at how good it felt. Not much hassle, either. My husband and I played with it the first night we had it. While we made love, my husband pointed the dolphin toward my clit. The subtle vibrations intensified my orgasm. I even had two orgasms before my husband finished. A "thank you, lord" is necessary - or should I thank the dolphin or Vibe Review. You get the picture: I'm silly as can be...and giddy to go along with it.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
The Dolphin Ring is limited in what it can do, but what it does do, it does well. Clitoral stimulation is a necessary element of any positive sexual experience - I've learned that through the years. My boyfriend didn't appreciate the vibrations on his testicles. He said, "It's no biggie, nothing spectacular." I couldn't disagree more, from my side of things. It did make me jiggle-n-wiggle, as I softly cried. Yes, I had an orgasm. That's the objective, so I gave it solid four.
Sex toy review: four hearts. jamie
The Dolphin Vibe is an awesome idea. It's about time someone created a toy to use during sex that pleasures both partners. It fits perfectly around my boy's penis and stays put during sex. He can even feel the vibration too!
Sex toy review: four hearts. helloKitty
A really cool idea! It's made of jelly rubber so it's soft and feels good against the skin when you're bumping and grinding. You can control the speed of the vibrations if you want, but I like to keep it on high so I can use my hands for other things (not fumbling around for the hand control).
Sex toy review: three hearts. blue
I purchased this for my boyfriend and me. It has earned it's keep in our bedroom. We still play with this sex toy from time to time, but we moved on to the Neo Love Ring a couple of months ago. It is so incredible that I can only rate this vibrating cock ring, the Dolphin Ring, a 3.0. Because, honestly, in comparison to the Neo Love Ring the Dolphin Ring is merely average. Good vibrations, interesting shape, but not thick enough and angled for constant and direct clit stimulation.

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