Female Sex Toys: Kegel Exercise dildo like Betty Dodson's Barbell


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Energie: Kegel Exercise dildo like Betty Dodson's Barbell

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Sex toy review: four hearts.

Item Description

The Energie is a beautifully crafted kegel exerciser. "What's a kegel exerciser", you ask? Kegels are the pelvic muscles responsible for a "tight" vagina; indeed, women with strong kegel muscles are able to tightly squeeze their vagina at will. For women with strong kegels, there's nothing quite like the control of being able to literally clamp down on a man's penis, feeling every ridge and contour. The resulting orgasm is much better too, since you'll have more control over your orgasm contractions. Men who have experienced a woman doing this during sex are typically at a loss for words and usually manage to sputter out some delirious version of oh my god - what the hell did you just do?.

If you want to know more about your kegel muscles, try this simple experiment. Next time you're peeing, squeeze the muscles that control the flow of urine. Once the flow stops, try and hold those muscles for a few seconds. Those muscles are your kegels, and if you're like most people, you will not be able to hold them for very long. There's nothing wrong with you - you simply have weak kegels.

With five to ten minutes per day of kegel exercise with the Energie, your kegels will quickly become much stronger. The exercises are simple. Lay down, insert the bulb of the Energie inside your vagina, and simply squeeze the same muscles you would use to stop the flow of urine. After squeezing, relax those same muscles, and then repeat. Once you're comfortable, insert the Energie a bit further in. As you continue to squeeze and release, you'll see the Energie moving along with you. Little by little your kegels will become strong enough to perform this exercise while standing.

Most women have never exercised their kegels, so even a small amount of exercise can have a huge effect. While anyone can simply flex and release their kegel muscles without the aid of a device, having the Energie makes the process much easier and more effective.

Editorial Review

Once of my first sex toys was Betty Dodson's Barbell, a kegel exerciser that, quite frankly, didn't work well for me. I found it to be too heavy and uncomfortable and I never really ended up using it. The Energie is a new and improved version, with an ergonomic design that begs to be held.

I was impressed by the high quality of the Energie. It's deceptively heavy, weighing in at over a pound. This is characteristic of kegel exercisers in general, but if you've never seen one before, this will probably surprise you. The feel of the Energie is completely solid, and it comes in a hard plastic box molded to the shape of the toy. The box makes an excellent and discreet hideaway for your Energie when it's not in use.

So ... down to business! There are simple but detailed instructions included with the Energie, and after a quick read-through, I laid down on my bed and gave the Energie a shot. My kegels are already pretty strong since I exercise them regularly by manual squeezing. I was easily able to do the recommended exercises, but was surprised at how much easier and more enjoyable kegel exercise was with the Energie as opposed to the old fashioned manual way.

I've been using the Energie for just over a week now and have already noticed a big difference. My vagina is so strong now that I can literally push my husband's penis out of me. We even have little wars, where he'll try and keep it in and I try to push it out. I usually win! The effect of strong kegels on sex is nothing short of amazing. By clamping down, you can control much of the action, and it adds a whole new dimension to sex. Instead of just doing variations on "in and out", sex now involves a rhythmic squeezing that's highly intense.

Although the Energie is not designed to be a dildo, I gave it a go anyway. Right off, I can tell you that it's much too heavy to use like a traditional dildo. However, when my man inserted it into me and then played with my clit, the solid heaviness of the Energie on my G-Spot was one of the most pleasurable experiences I've ever had. There's something about the weight and shape that made my vagina completely contract around the Energie, and with the Energie being so solid, my contractions had nowhere to go but to radiate outward. This type of orgasm is incredibly intense and will take a lot out of you, but if you've never experienced it, you really should!

Additional Details

Size:  6.5" long
1.25" to 1.5" wide
Material:  This item is made of Metal, Phthalate Free material, and Plastic.
Manufacturer:  Natural Contours

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Sex toy review: four hearts. Badbadgirl
This is a really great high exerciser. Aside from the sexual benefits, the clinical benefits of kegel exercises can't be ignored. I've been lucky that so far I have not had to deal with incontinence, but many of my friends, who have had vaginal births have had this problem. For me, this use of this is exerciser has helped to increase vaginal strength and I think I can even hold my bladder a little longer (although that isn't always a good idea!)
Sex toy review: four hearts. Essin' Em
This is a really great toy for doing kegels. It's small, relatively inexpensive, easy to carry with you, and simple to clean. I love that it has two slightly different sized ends, so that you can start out a little smaller, and work up to the bigger end. Excellent vaginal barbell to work your PC muscles!
Sex toy review: four hearts. hotmoviesforher
The Energie is relatively inexpensive, easy to care for, and easy to use. If used consistently, it is very beneficial in helping to strengthen pelvic muscles, which can make a huge difference in women's health and sexual issues.
Sex toy review: four hearts. HollywoodActressHidden
This is really quite a lot of work but so is all exercise. I got this two weeks ago and have been using it on again off again, but there's definitely a difference. If there was some way to get stronger kegels without having to exercise, I would buy it immediately.
Sex toy review: five hearts. flyleaf: blank
I'll say right off that I am a perfectionist. I try to be the absolute best at everything I do, and sex is no exception. I really care and nothing gets me hotter than seeing a man completely under my spell. I've been told by many men that I give the best blowjob of anyone they've ever been with - some even going so far as to say they'd never felt anything like it before.

Well, once I heard about the Energie I knew I had to give it a try. I've been using this three times a week for almost a month, and now I have a serious power pussy. I've been dating one guy this whole time and I didn't tell him I was doing kegel exercises. Finally one day I clamped down hard just as he was trying to put his penis in and I was so tight that he couldn't even move. He just lay on top of me shuddering.
Afterwards, he said it was the best sex he's ever had.

Sex toy review: five hearts. Domina
This is an amazing product, as well as a 2-1 toy. It is excellent for doing kegels with and perfect for g-spot stimulation as well. Smooth, sleek shape is designed for comfort for a woman's body. Make for a challenging work-out and great G-spot orgasms!
Sex toy review: five hearts. Peyton
I got this for my wife and it's already made a huge difference. We have two kids together and the Energie makes her even tighter than she was before she got pregnant. Now I just gotta work on my gut!

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