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Fetish Mask and Duster

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Fetish Mask and Duster: Spice up your lovelife with sexy games, adult sex toys, classy vibrators, and foreplay massagers.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

It doesn't take much to turn your average sexual encounter into an erotic affair of extreme delight. The Cat Woman Kit and Bound to Please: Chastity Set help women and men - singles and couples - add sexual feistiness to their bedroom activities, especially when used in conjunction with the Sweet Celebration Box or Lovers Paintbox. But you might be interested in some serious role-play fun, so you should include the Fetish Mask and Duster in your celebration of love.

This padded satin blindfold has a sexy feather trim that slides and rests comfortably on you or your lover's face, keeping curious eyes hidden under a veil of anticipation. It comes with a sexy feather duster, used for tickling, teasing, and erogenous zone titillation - or as a sexy addition to your intense role-playing fantasies: the ideal portrayal of the hottest French Maid hard at work, who is ready for a sensual break from "all work and no play."

Editorial Review

There's nothing especially impressive about the Fetish Mask and Duster, but both sex toys sure work to stimulate one's curiosity and creativity. Buying a sexy accessory requires a certain amount of willingness to occasionally step outside of one's normal range of emotional comfort, which is great ... that's how couples keep sensual fires and romance blazing as they learn how to create their own fantasies and positive sexual situations. I used to think this type of sex toy was goofy and totally unnecessary, but that's only because I hadn't been a long-term relationship. All couples, in my experience, benefit from a sexual boost, which is possible with sex toys for couples and romantic adult toy gift sets.

As for my boyfriend and me, we try to include a sexy accessory, like the Fetish Mask and Duster, each time we explore one another's body. In the past, I've used the Fetish Mask and Duster in my sexy Halloween costumes and fun-filled nights on the town, when I am feeling especially frisky and naughty, somewhat mischievous. Because I am human, naturally bored with the same old routines, I am able to overcome any sexual hurdles placed in my path by holding onto my experimental nature. The Fetish Mask and Duster, believe me, can stir one's imagination and lead to the naughtiest nights.

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Sex toy review: four hearts. flyleaf: blank
Gotta keep my man happy and satisfied. Imagine the surprised look on his face when I trotted out of the bathroom with duster in hand, and then proceeded to put the blindfold over his face. I had a skimpy G-string on and that's it. I'll spare you the rest of the details, but it was one naughty night that I will never forget.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Cece SeeMee
Hot attire for the sexiest of nights. I can be frustratingly lazy when it comes to romantic preparations and the such, but this little sex toy package is easy to slip on (the mask) and use (the duster). I mix and match some of my revealing clothing with both, and when I feel really brave, I go totally naked with the duster.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Woman for Pillow Talk
Hey, why not? I get off on dressing up for my guy. He gets off on me dressing sexy. I have a multitude of clothing combinations for sexy nights, and the Fetish Mask and Duster is just one of many.

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