Anal Sex Toys: Anal sex toys must have a dildo flared base to be effective and safe.

Fire Engine Plug

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Fire Engine Plug: Anal sex toys must have a dildo flared base to be effective and safe.
Sex toy review: three hearts.

Item Description

Introducing a beginner's butt plug full of delightful arousing potential! All those aspiring anal adventurers should take advantage of the Fire Engine Plug's exceptional design. Since it is narrower than most butt plugs, men and women who express an interest in anal stimulation can do so without all the hassles, and in a pain free manner.

Fire Engine Plug is made of a special rubber that helps maintain a lubricated surface and keeps the toy at body temperature. Its smooth shaft affords each user one of the most comfortable and pleasurable insertions available for first-timers and the less experienced. Get your anal kicks with the Fire Engine Plug. Men need not be apprehensive. If you crave prostate stimulation, the Fire Engine Plug will do the trick. Choose from small, medium, and large sizes. We recommend small and medium for beginners.

Editorial Review

We have two sets of reviews for our customers. The first one is by Julie, and the second, by Heath. We wanted to make sure that men and women have a realistic ideas about the Fire Engine Plug's functionality. Since its smaller design works for beginners--male and female--VibeReview decided to offer both perspectives.

Hello, everyone! This is Julie. I volunteered to test the Fire Engine Plug. Most of VibeReview's female reviewers enjoy more filling butt plugs. I do not; I'd rather feel a slimmer shaft, with moderate length. In a way, I never moved beyond beginner-like stimulation.

The Fire Engine Plug, as advertised, saved me the hassle of applying gobs of lubrication. The rubber material helps keep the slickness for a period time that lasts through out an anal masturbation session. That's certainly a positive. The narrow shaft feels really good. And the best part, saved for last, is the Fire Engine Plug stays put! Yes, despite its narrow shaft, the plug stays in my anus. Now, you have to remember: I insert butt plugs while having sex. The plug needs to remain inside of me. If it doesn't the experience loses degress of stimulation, which is not what I want at all. But it stayed in my anus as desired. This is a great starter butt plug, and for those women who prefer less intrusive butt plugs, it works just as well.

Word. This is Heath, the one and only. Ok, I also tested the Fire Engine Plug. Most guys are afraid to experiment with butt plugs. I used to frown upon the idea. Never did I dream that I would review one! How things change so quickly. As a heterosexual man, I wasn't sure if prostate stimulation was normal. It is. A great sexual satisfaction is achieved through use of anal toys, and especially butt plugs. The Fire Engine Plug fits nicely in my anus. I refuse to insert some wide piece of junk into my arse. You can be sure that this butt plug is not wide, and it only brings forth the greatest anal pleasure. I'm not big on the insertion part, but once inserted fully, I reap the reward. Orgasm is enhanced by its presence. Yes, I approve of this butt plug.

Additional Details

Size:  5" length
.75" width
Material:  This item is made of Rubber.
Manufacturer:  Doc Johnson

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Sex toy review: one heart. sexplorer
Pros : I love the size and the color.

Cons : The material this plug is made of has a horrible plastic smell even after washing it. When I bought this one I also bought a smaller Tantus plug made of silicon. The Tantus plug doesn't smell and feels warmer to the touch.

Because of the material, I only use this plug with a condom over it while the Tantus plus go in with nothing more than some good water based lube.

Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer

What's cool about this website is all the different opinions. The last reviewer disliked the Fire Engine Plug, but I adore it. People's likes and dislikes. What can you say?

I like a thinner plug, and this one gives me all the stimulation I want. Nothing too tight, but certainly not too loose. Perfect. This one is easier to clean, which makes a significant difference. I don't want to clean for twenty minutes, all for fifteen minutes of pleasure. The Fire Engine Plug can be cleaned in five minutes.

Sex toy review: two hearts. Heather
Count me out as liking this plug. It just didn't have enough stimulation for me. Better luck next time.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
I purchased the smaller plug of the three. I like anal penetration, but I am not big on anal fullness. In the past I bought anal probes -- not plugs. I took a chance with the Fire Engine Plug. Risk/Reward: I love the slimmer plug size. I don't play with it all the time, but do play with it enough to justify the purchase. Starters/beginners should stick with the small size -- that's been my experience.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous
I love this butt plug I just got it and wished I knew sooner how good they feel. My wife wanted to try it on me and I'm glad she did now I want to wear it everywhere.
Sex toy review: two hearts. Diamond Lil
This butt plug is missing real curves. For penetration, it works great. As a butt plug, not so much.
Sex toy review: three hearts. second best
Eh, Fire Engine Plug is only average for me. The fit is a little looser than I' like. Everyone is different, I know. Pleasure comes with this toy, but using it a lot can be hassle since it doesn't give me a snug fit.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Look in my eyes
Very smooth, ideal length, but needs a tad more width. Lubrications lasts when you use this fella. Overall I get a nice fit out of this plug.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Provides me a snug fit. My lube like absorbs into the toy or somethin', because the slickness lasts longer when I use this butt plug. Extraordinary sensations come from this little butt plug.

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