Bondage Sex Toys: Dildos as lesbian sex toys

Flame Harness Kit

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Flame Harness Kit: Dildos as lesbian sex toys
Sex toy review: four hearts.

Item Description

You wild women must quench your sexual thirst. Harnesses are a great way for lovers to experiment with role reversal or mutual sexual gratification. Whatever your reasons might be, the Flame Harness Kit is ready to heat things up in the bedroom.

It arrives ready for immediate action. A 100% silicone dildo is included with your harness. The dildo's shaft is curved for maximum G-Spot stimulation. Its smooth texture lessens unwanted friction that occurs during penetration activities. If you want to accelerate your thrusting pace, you will be able to without skin irritation or bruising.

The dildo slides into the harness for firm support. The dildo will have enough flexibility for different penetration angles; however, this flexibility will not be at the expense of harness stability. The harness comes with a bullet pouch, where your vibrating bullet (included in the kit) sits in the right position for clitoral stimulation.

The harness straps are easy to adjust and durable, and fit up to a 50" hip size. When you want to start your harness and dildo fun, the Flame Harness Kit is great introduction since it includes a high quality silicone dildo, a powerful bullet vibrator, and an adjustable harness. You will be ready for serious fun right after you open the packaging!

Editorial Review

There is not a better starter's harness kit available for purchase. I didn't read the product description before I received my Flame Harness Kit. I was surprised to find a bullet vibrator included in it. I love those kinds of surprises!

The harness material is extraordinarily comfortable. Adjusting the straps (a process that can be frustrating) was easy and quick. Oh, and the straps stay in place. You don't have to worry about individual or collective strap strength. When I adjusted the straps to my hip size, I experienced minimal strap movement.

The dildo is created with perfection in mind. The shaft curve is fantastic. I have no problems hitting my girlfriend's special place (her G-Spot) on the first thrust - or any thrusting action that follows. I tend to enjoy highly textured dildos more than smoothly textured dildos. This dildo, though, makes up for limited texture with its size and shape.

I consider this kit to be extremely effective, fun, and absolutely complete. It covers every type of vaginal stimulation possibility. The harness is made of durable velvet material, so I expect it to last. Beginners should consider the Flame Harness Kit before all others.

Additional Details

Size:  Dildo:
6.25" total length
4.75" circumference
1.5" diameter (dildo holder)
50" hip size
Battery Info:  3 Watch batteries included.
Material:  This item is made of Phthalate Free material, and Silicone.
Manufacturer:  Tantus

Customer Reviews Add a review

Sex toy review: four hearts. BarbieGirl
Has all the necessary ingredients for sexual success. I stand by it.
Sex toy review: five hearts. boogie woogie babe

My lady-friend came to my workplace, dropped off my birthday present, and called me later in the day to see my reaction. Thank the Lord, I did not open the present in front of anyone else. Had anyone been around they would've seen my new Flame Harness Kit. I could've strangled her (my lady-friend) and hugged her, both.

We commenced, later that night, to break the kit in. I was too excited to wait. My previous harness chaffed my waist and made me feel awkward. This harness has more style and is more comfortable. The dildo does its job proficiently, like a professional dildo should. There's no doubt that my lady-friend likes the harness (sort of a gift to herself indirectly, I think)!

Sex toy review: five hearts. unitarian souls
Unbelievably sexy. My boyfriend and I share a certain someone. In truth, I am the one who shares, and only a little. I put the Flame Harness Kit to proper use with my special friend. I forced my boyfriend to watch the event unfold. Had to be one of the wildest nights for me. I let my boyfriend join the festivities after I was worn out. After sitting there in his chair, watching most of it, it didn't take long for him to relieve himself. So easy to wear and use this harness.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Isidore Special
Hot, baby. Smoking, steamy hot. The Flame Harness Kit is fashionable and comfortable. I frequently notice how the dildo has these cool flame graphics on the shaft. I liked not having to purchase multiple products separately. Everything I needed was right there in the same box.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Kim H.
My sexy woman and I took turns wearing the harness. It fits both of us. The dildo keeps penetration intimate and close and deep. The bullet vibrator moves around a lot in its pocket, which is somewhat of a letdown. The harness and the dildo are definite pluses. Getting all dressed up in our gear and playing with that sexy flame dildo is hot as well. Love it!

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