Prostate Massage : Prostate massage is possible with these adult sex toys


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Flex-A-Wonder: Prostate massage is possible with these adult sex toys
Sex toy review: three hearts.

Item Description

Prostate massage and prostate milking are important forms of erogenous zone stimulation for many men. Male masturbation with sex toys makes prostate stimulation enjoyable because the prostate gland is more accessible with specifically designed adult toys for penetration. Here's the good news: The Flex-A-Wonder prostate sex toy is specifically designed to reach and stimulate your hard-to-locate pleasure zone.

Angling your sex toy for precise and comfortable prostate massage can be a difficult task with fixed shaft heads. The Flex-A-Wonder comes with a flexible, bendable shaft that makes direct prostate milking possible. Bend this male sex toy's shaft for a variety of penetration angles that complement internal stimulation, and then add orgasmic intensity to your male masturbation. As the shaft bends during insertion, the nubby-textured head massages the prostate gland.

You turn on the power switch, wanting to feel the sensational nature of powerful pulsations. Its shaft head vibrates inside of you, on your prostate gland, giving you all the orgasmic relief you could ever want or need - and you cannot believe how much sexual energy is thrust through your body. Wild vibrations. Direct stimulation. The whole pleasurable package is there for you to experience for yourself.

Slowly twisting the shaft forces the vibrator's head to stimulate the different areas of your sensitive prostate gland. Keeping the stimulation consistent, you move the shaft faster and faster and faster: You can no longer contain the arousing excitement that overcomes your body! Improve the intensity of your orgasms with the Flex-A-Wonder prostate sex toy.

Editorial Review

The Flex-A-Wonder is one of the most affordable prostate stimulators that can still claim to be effective. Interestingly enough, I've found it to be more than acceptably functional: The Flex-A-Wonder is a smaller, inexpensive "wonder" that handles all the push and pull expected of quality prostate stimulators. The vibrating head should be softer and rounder, but as it is currently constructed and textured, I still experience quality vibrations and sensations.

Are there superior prostate sex toys? Yes, there are. The Clover and Pandora are two of the best prostate stimulators I've tested. But for many men, these two prostate toys are seen as too expensive, especially for beginners who aren't quite sure what to do with the toys when they get them! I am interested in spending my money on prostate sex toys that have a long lifespan. I don't believe the Flex-A-Wonder is manufactured for longterm success, but it is an ideal vibrating sex toy for short-term success - meaning, of course, that it is a quality starter P-Spot adult toy.

All this being said, the Flex-A-Wonder and Pleasure Prostate Wand are two highly functional prostate stimulators reasonably priced. While they may not work as well as, say, the Clover and Pandora, both the Flex-A-Wonder and Pleasure Prostate Wand deliver great vibrations with their pro-prostate stimulation shaft shapes and functions. If you are new to prostate stimulation, the Flex-A-Wonder can ease you into unfamiliar territory.

Additional Details

Size:  10" total length
3.5" insertable length
3" circumference
Battery Info:  2 AA batteries required.
Material:  This item is made of Phthalate Free material, and Plastic.

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Sex toy review: three hearts. alan d.
Enthusiastic vibrations - bing bong, bouncing around, buzzing. Feels quite a bit better than anal toys that don't vibrate. The flexible shaft is truly helpful. I wish the part that is inserted was rounder and smoother. I still like this prostate anal toy.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Incredibly nervous but willing to try something new, I got the Flex-A-Wonder. I played with it a bunch of times before I experienced what many guys describe about prostate stimulation. It took practice, strangely enough. Limited in my experience, I don't have any comparisons to other toys; but I am familiar with this one, and I enjoy the benefits of it.
Sex toy review: two-and-a-half hearts. JasperforWhisper
I am fairly new to prostate stimulation. My doctor told me about it. I began reading literature on the prostate gland. I educated myself, which convinced me to try it. I purchased two prostate stimulators, hoping that one of them would be successful. I chose the Glide and Flex A Wonder. Both are pleasurable, but the Glide is significantly better than the Flex A Wonder. The Glide's shape seems better suited for prostate stimulation. I have to work with the Flex A Wonder to feel my best, but the Glide's shape automatically makes prostate stimulation easier and enjoyable. I suggest getting the Glide instead of the Flex A Wonder.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
I found gold buried deep beneath pages and pages of sex toys; I found the Flex A Wonder. I am not unfamiliar with prostate stimulation. That being said, this is the first prostate toy that can fully stimulate me. Its flexibility makes all the difference in the world. It also helps that the shaft tip and head are relatively small.
Sex toy review: three hearts. henry g.
Throw this prostate toy into the mix with sex. You will not believe how much better sex feels. I let my lady control it. We've learned more about one another experimenting with the Flex-A-Wonder than we ever have with any other sex toy.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Porno Fan
pretty good

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