Dildos: Curved G-Spot vibrators and textured dildo sex toys are among the best adult products for orgasms and climaxes.


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Freshman: Curved G-Spot vibrators and textured dildo sex toys are among the best adult products for orgasms and climaxes.
Sex toy review: four hearts.

Item Description

This semi-realistic vibrator is perfect for those who love the feeling of vaginal fullness, and think it's even better when it vibrates! The ridges on the shaft resemble veins, adding texture to increase sensation. Don't forget, the curved shaft does enhance G-Spot activity. The Freshman is an inexpensive vibrator that beginners should definitely consider.

Editorial Review

The Freshman is probably one of our better inexpensive vibrating dildos. If I only had a few dollars to spend on a toy, I'd most likely opt to purchase the Freshman. Its length and girth are the right size--not so large that it hurts, but not so small that stimulation is lost. I've played with better toys, but at the same time, I've experienced much worse.

Basically, this is a standard vibrator that many women will find satisfactory, especially beginners. The ridge-veins do contribute to a unique feeling, as each vein does create a sense of reality. As an added bonus, the shaft is curved for G-Spot stimulation. If you are unsure of what to buy and are on a limited budget, the Freshman is a great choice.

Additional Details

Size:  7" long
1.25" wide
Battery Info:  Uses two AA batteries.
Material:  This item is made of Jelly.

Customer Reviews Add a review

Sex toy review: five hearts. Mollytv
One of the best vibes i ever used. Could not believe how easily it slipped inside. I'm normally tight but this felt good. It opened me up for one of the best rides I had in a long time. Several orgasms later. Wonderful toy!
Sex toy review: four hearts. trisqa
Finally, a damn vibrator that feels like a real penis. This vibrator not only fits perfectly inside of me, but it also vibrates perfectly. Some vibrators either go too fast or too slow, but this one has moderate vibrations, too, which I want more than anything. The ridges (the veiny area of the base) feel like the real thing. The curvature of the shaft also resembles and feels like a real penis.
Sex toy review: five hearts. bluebird
Preaching to the choir, thrill. For the price, there is no better vibrator available. I dare someone to prove otherwise. After spending a ton of cash, the same results will apply. The Freshman has every angle of the perfect penis covered: size (length and width), curves and isolated characteristics (ridges, veins, etc). I haven't purchased another vibrator since the day I received the Freshman in the mail. FACT. That about says everything that needs to be known, I would think.
Sex toy review: five hearts. stop staring at me
The Freshman woke me up to a new reality: vibrators at a decent price with the extreme sexual capability do indeed exist. I've spent far too much money on vibrators that do what the Freshman does at a cheaper price. The size, shape, and vibration speeds are exactly what I had been looking for. If my current Freshman broke or fell apart, I'd buy another one - I like it that much. How anyone could complain about this outstanding vibe really boggles my mind.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Vivian
A good vibrator. I like the color, shape, and the vein effects. It could have more power. The curved shaft is great deeper stimulation. All in all, considering the price, a good buy for me.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
I have a couple other vibes that I do like better than the Freshman - the Impulse Jack Rabbit and the Vibe Rabbit, but for the price this one isn't too shabby. It has cool texturized fake penis veins. Not the most powerful toy and the twist controller is a bit outdated. I probably would have enjoyed this toy more if it were my first toy.
Sex toy review: four hearts. thrill_kill_cutie
This is quite a step up from the hard, old plastic vibes you used to get. Its soft, rubbery, semi-realistic appearance is much more pleasing to the eye (as well as other parts).

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