Dildos: The clit vibrations and G-Spot shaft work together to create multiple orgasms and dual erogenous zone climax.


G-Spot Shockwave

13 Customer Reviews
G-Spot Shockwave: The clit vibrations and G-Spot shaft work together to create multiple orgasms and dual erogenous zone climax.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

Technologically advanced in every way and creatively designed for success, the G-Spot Shockwave is a highly effective G-Spot vibrating dildo. But G-Spot arousal alone doesn't get the job done, does it? No way! You need dual stimulation to experience intense orgasms, and the G-Spot Shockwave adds clitoral arousal to your G-Spot fun.

Unique feminine anatomical characteristics took amazing precedence over all other dildo design and vibrator design considerations. The shaft is shaped for comfortable insertion and quality penetration, and it works especially well because the shaft is molded to fit vaginal curves.

The shaft's spectacular flexibility aids women in experiencing arousing angled-penetration, making it easier for women to locate and stimulate their hard-to-find and G-Spot. The balled, curved shaft head helps women self-stimulate comfortably, which enhances each moment spent with the G-Spot Shockwave.

A powerful egg vibrator is located inside of the base, directly beneath the clitoral platform covered in titillating tiny ticklers. This egg vibrator is the toy's center of power, where vibrations are directed to the clitoris and G-Spot. And thankfully, the vibration output is strong enough that neither erogenous zone feels neglected, not even for a second.

Once the toy's shaft is fully inserted and vibrations are activated, women begin to experience the delightful nature of simultaneous G-Spot and clitoral stimulation. The vibrations travel from the base to the clitoral ticklers, and then up the shaft to your G-Spot - completing a cycle of dual stimulation.

All vibrating dildo operations are controlled by an easy-to-use hand controller. Multiple vibrating functions make this toy a much sought after tool of eroticism and ecstasy, so don't miss your opportunity to improve your orgasms ... or the opportunity to experience dual orgasms for the first time!

Editorial Review

I was not enthusiastic about reviewing the G-Spot Shockwave. The toy's design seemed awkward, contrary to the manufacturer's promotional slogans. At first glance the G-Spot Shockwave looked like an uncomfortable sex toy - and there's nothing worse than buying a toy that doesn't "fit"! But I knew from experience that looks can be deceiving, so I dove right into reviewing the G-Spot Shockwave.

I used plenty of Eros Bodyglide for shaft slickness. There was no way I could slide this sex toy's shaft inside of me without a lot of lube. I found out instantly that the shaft, despite what I initially believed, does complement the internal structure of my vagina. I felt no discomfort when I inserted it inside of me or while I masturbated. Everything felt perfect!

My clit rested comfortably on the soft jelly nubby ticklers, and, even before I turned the vibrations on, my clit began to get excited. Just imagine the sexy sparks that came from turning on this baby's vibrations! Talk about complete stimulation of both my sensitive spots, and at the same time! There wasn't a part of me that didn't feel wonderful.

My entire vagina felt like a pampered princess, getting all the attention she deserves. I have G-Spot and clitoral orgasms every time I play with the G-Spot Shockwave, which is a rare occurrence for me. Trying to find a better dual stimulation vibrator for a better price seems impossible. I haven’t found one yet.

Additional Details

Size:  5.5" total length
2.75" insertable length 3.0" circumference
Battery Info:  2 AA batteries required.
Material:  This item is made of Jelly.
Manufacturer:  Doc Johnson

Customer Reviews Add a review

Sex toy review: four hearts. Kybo

This looks like a thumb to me. Therefore, thumbs up! The G-Spot Shockwave was great fun. It only took me a few minutes to figure out how to make it fit properly for the ultimate fun. I really had to stretch the sex toy to make it work for me, but fortunately the material is great for a little tugging snugness. I liked that the tip had a nice shape and was a bit firmer for use.

I don't like the cord, but I always have a problem with anything that will tangle me up. I get confused, then tangled, and suddenly I have lost the moment because I am stuck.

The clit nubbies weren't that great for me, which is unusual. Usually, I focus all my attention on my clit, but the ticklers were hard for me to get right where I wanted them and still have the g-spot attention where I wanted it. Once I get rolling with this toy, though, I can really make a splash. The final orgasm is much stronger than I usually experience.

It packs a great punch and the soft angular design really hooks and reaches corners and soft places that I have a hard time finding on my own. I like this toy. When I first tried it I was dubious, but I was a pleasantly surprised to find that with a little practice it can be a real clincher!

Sex toy review: four hearts. Carin

My friend came back from Japan with a toy that looked like this about three years ago, but I dreamed about a toy shaped like this one, and now I got to try it! About time! So picture this, a big red thumbs up! A big red thumbs up with nubbies that are supposed to press against your clit and the thumb is supposed to press against your g-spot! I was so excited I couldn't wait to take it for a ride.

I tried it while watching porn at my desk in my office chair (I work at home, you pervs!). My normal position for office masturbation is with my legs spread and my feet pressed against the edge of the desk. Fingers, toys, doesn't matter. So this is the position that I started off in and the g-spot stimulation and the clit stimulation didn't hit at the same time. I enjoyed rocking it back and forth and trying other movements.

I found the G-Spot Shockwave to be very comfortable. A full feeling, though not too full and because it's soft, there are no distracting hard edges. I also liked that the vibrator had different speeds. Still the two parts didn't hit the good parts at the same time, not until I leaned forward to jump through my porn clip, at which point the toy's bottom edge all of a sudden came more fully into contact with the rest of my pussy. Wow! So I put my feet on the floor and and closed my legs. Full Contact all around! I turned up the heat on the vibe, and ... whammo!

The only negative thing is that it has a strong plastic odor that doesn't seem to go away. Also, I'm not sure if I imagined this or not, but the material stung my more sensitive skin.

I really enjoy the G-Spot Shockwave and plan to devote some time to fully experiment with the different ways it can get me off.

Sex toy review: four hearts. MS LOVIN

I'm hooked on this sex toy. I like the shape and feel of it. It slides in easily and conforms perfectly to my anatomical features. No anxiety about entry or exit, not like I felt with the Lucid Dreams vibrator. I like the fire-red color. It fits my body well, and I like being able to adjust the power to my heart's content, with a turn of the dial.

It hugged my body well, as if suctioned inside of me, and I could even move around with it snugly in place, which sent waves of pleasure in all the right places inside and outside. The vibrations were perfect, neither too weak nor too strong, and spread out nicely. Easy for self-pleasure and equally fun for partnered play.

It's a shame, however, that it has a chemical smell. I addressed this smell with essential oils, which diffused the odor in the room and cleansed my bedroom temple after each use, and also by taking a nice bath with my bath salts. Try a silicone sex toy if smells bother me. Other than the chemical smell ... this is a great sex toy to have.

Sex toy review: four hearts. Anais

This toy is my new favorite!

I love everything about it: its bright red color, the smooth material, the weird (but effective!) form.

Whoever thought of this should win some prize!

Sex toy review: four hearts. Amber

Again, here is another toy trying to do two things at once: stimulate the g-spot and the clit at the same time. Granted, dual stimulation is a challenge for a anyone, never mind a sex toy!

This light rubbery toy is pleasant to touch, soft and supple. It has a strongly vibrating part for the clit that I really enjoyed -- this was my favorite part. It was quiet but very effective.

The g-spot part didn't excite me much. The internal part wasn't big enough for my liking. I ended up using it as a warm up to partner sex and then stimulating my clit with the vibrating part during intercourse, which worked really well.

My summary is that the dream of one toy accomplishing both clit and g-spot stimulation at once is a hard one to do well, but at least this toy gives it a try and indicates to the user that g-spot stimulation is important and highly pleasurable in sex.

Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Miss Molly

The G-Spot Shockwave is a keeper, but not appropriately named. The small jelly dildo portion didn't do too much to stimulate my G-Spot, but I enjoy the sensation of having something inside me as my clit is kept busy. It was comfortable to insert and the shape was comfortable, as well, once it was inside. The textured base area for the clit is what kept my attention. The nubby ticklers stimulate a larger area than just the clit, so it gave me satisfying orgasms.

The sound is pretty quiet. It’s a solid clitoral vibrator, but it's not as strong as a G-Spot one.

Sex toy review: four hearts. LC

I really liked this vibrator. It got me off easily, which deserves three hearts alone. The color and shape of the vibrator are really cool. My favorite part was the clitoral pad. It was big enough to leave no guess work in finding the perfect spot and not only rubbed against it, it rubbed against the surrounding areas for an even better orgasm.

The g-spot part of the vibrator was also nice because it wasn't very big (I have trouble with thickness/girth) and not very long. Longer vibrators make it more difficult to find and stimulate my g-spot. I also liked that the controls were not directly attached to the vibrator, so I could control it with one hand hand while playing around. More importantly, the strength of each vibration was good.

Sex toy review: three hearts. Polly A. Moorus

The G-Spot Shockwave isn't the type of sex toy that I would normally purchase or play with. It's not the Golden Brick Road of Orgasm Pleasure, but it is a reliable G-spot toy for short lengths of time. The dildo is plenty long enough to reach my entire G-spot/G-spot area and the vibrations seem moderately strong, which is acceptable.

The vibrations might be stronger if the vibrating bullet was closer to the dildo, rather than residing in the circular base. That is a ways to travel - from the base to the dildo shaft - especially for already moderately powerful vibrations.

The nubby clitoral ticklers were less effective than I thought they’d be. Judging by appearances alone, one would think these tiny ticklers would be one of this sex toy's best features. But as it stands, and as I felt throughout reviewing the G-spot Shockwave, these ticklers are more of a gimmick than anything else.

I could, sure, feel clitoral vibrations that were good, but the ticklers had less to do with that than the location of the vibrator (right near where clitoris rests when the toy is inserted). My G-spot is extremely sensitive and highly reactive to any form of stimulation so, for me, this sex toy was pretty good. I'm not sure that women who struggle to have G-spot orgasms will like it, though.

I plan on using the G-spot Shockwave as primarily a warm-up foreplay-type of sex toy as a toy, you know, for relaxing and getting into the mood. For straight masturbation when I want to orgasm ASAP, I can use my Mary Mermaid or Miracle Massager. So what I am saying is that there are better vibrators and sex toys for masturbation, albeit more expensive.

Sex toy review: three hearts. Sexy Lexie
Awkward fit for me. Sliding it inside of me does not feel good or bad. Only awkward and strange. I have to work really hard to get "that" aroused state of mind before I can play with this g-spot vibe. This is a better toy after complete arousal. Starting off with this toy did not do much for me. There's some value in that, even if it is limited.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
My goodnes, my goodness. Total G Spot attention. The ridged texture is my favorite part. It rubs me exactly the right way, and at the right moments. I am happy that I bought this toy and not another one.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
The saddle horn shaft makes my G-Spot feel better than rotating shafts on vibrators. I wish it had more power, though. The shaft is flexible. Moving around with it inside of me is fun, and it feels really good. More power, that is the only area where it falls short.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Princess Coldheart
G-Spot orgasms exhaust me. I get a deeper emotional response from them than clit orgasms. It only made sense that a specific G-Spot vibrator would be my best bet. So I purchased the G-Spot Shockwave. Wow, tremendous massaging stimulation. Playing with this toy made a masturbation more enjoyable for me.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Purity-wins
This sounds strange, I know, but I had to practice different angles for penetration. Simple inserting this toy was not comfortable at all. When the toy is completely inserted, I get intense G-Spot rubbing. It's the pre-masturbation part that bugged me. Now that I have played with it a bunch, I know what works and what doesn't. I think most women will like it, but be prepared to figure out what works best with it.

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