Male Sex Toys: Cock rings with vibrators are adult toys for men and women


Genial Love Ring

7 Customer Reviews
Genial Love Ring: Cock rings with vibrators are adult toys for men and women
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

Have you achieved your best erection - one that blows your lover away with heavenly hardness? Every man could use the assistance of high quality love rings (AKA cock rings). Your girlfriend or wife has probably mentioned the arousing benefits of vibrating love rings. If not, here's your chance to take initiative - to show your lady that you want her to feel good.

The Genial Love Ring provides two distinct forms of stimulation. First, the stretchy, skin-like Cyberskin material slips around your penis, trapping blood flow, which creates a desirably firmer erection. There are two Cyberskin loops - one slides over the penis, the other slides over the scrotum. A pleasurable tightness is created by the dual loop design. Your lover will notice an difference in your penis's performance while you wear the Genial Love Ring.

Second, a powerful bullet vibrator is included with your Cyberskin love ring. This multi-speed bullet vibrator slides easily into the Cyberskin love ring, located in the upper portion of the love ring. The bullet vibrator sends arousing pulsations to your lover's clitoris while you make love. In this way, she is certainly getting the best of two worlds: Your firmer erections improve internal stimulation and the love ring's vibrations provide her with secondary, external clitoral stimulation!

As an added bonus, nubby ticklers cover the bullet vibrator's surrounding texture. As you and your lover bump and grind, the nubby ticklers gently massage her clitoris with each new eruption of stimulating vibrations. The Genial Love Ring is phthalate-free and extremely flexible. Improving sexual performance is easy to do with the Genial Love Ring doing most of the work!

Editorial Review

I've grown accustomed to using a variety of vibrating cock rings in my sex life. I began using them frequently about a year ago. Since that time, I've found some really effective vibrating love rings that do not interfere with deep penetration and make my girlfriend climax. The Impulse Micro Arouser and Neo Love Ring are two of my personal favorites, but now I am using the Genial Love Ring a lot.

Cyberskin material makes sex toys much more life-like and comfortable. I prefer Cyberskin for my cock rings over jelly material that rips and tears far too frequently for my liking. Since this material stretches without losing shape and tightness, Cyberskin is an ideal material for effective love rings. The Genial Love Ring - made of Cyberskin material - enhances even my hardest erection. I've never experienced difficulties getting it up, but I still use cock rings. And if a cock rings vibrates I will definitely use it.

So my erections are harder with the Genial Love Ring and my girlfriend gets to feel the awesome impact of multi-speed vibrations. My penis - harder and firmer than normal - hits her G-Spot, driving her nuts while the Genial Love Ring's bullet vibrator pleases her clitoris. Believe me, she enjoys the unique sensations created by both effects. When she's more excited I get more excited; it's a mutually beneficial situation - all made possible by the Genial Love Ring's ability to improve sex.

Additional Details

Size:  4" total length
2.5" width
Battery Info:  6 Watch batteries included.
Material:  This item is made of Cyberskin, and Phthalate Free material.

Customer Reviews Add a review

Sex toy review: three hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
I don't think I like it as much as some of the previous reviewers, but I do like to use it as a change up. My erections are harder and my girlfriend does get off on it. Maybe I am old fashioned, because I still like sex without sex toys. For foreplay, I like having toys. The Genial Love Ring is fun to use occasionally.
Sex toy review: five hearts. sean the snake
It looked husky in the image, but my girl raved about the bumpy texture. Yes, she wanted it and I didn't. Who won that disagreement? Not me. When we played with it for the first time, I was surprised. It's not as bulky and husky as the picture portrays it. I'd say it is a fabulous sex toy.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Psalm 69.5
Had to have it, you know. And this time having it paid off. Thankfully, it didn't cost that much. I keep buying these damn sex toys, but that's because I guess they work.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Alert!560
Glenda, thanks for the tip. I hadn't thought about using my Genial Love Ring with my dildo. My guy wears it during sex, but I imagine it works for masturbation too. Anyway, the Genial Love Ring helps me have dual orgasms. I can have G-Spot orgasms quicker than clit orgasms, but now that I have the Genial Love Ring I have both orgasms.
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. Miranda LaBelle
I continually read about vibrating cock rings being primarily for boys. No, no, no. I have a girlfriend and we use vibrating cock rings on our dildos. Slide the ring onto a dildo...waaaaaalaaa! The Genial Love Ring feels better than all others. It's a fact. The nubs and soft texture massage my clit exactly how I like it.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Gne.
I tripped my lady out with the Genial Love Ring. I slipped it on without her knowing about it. She heard a bzzzzzz but didn't know where it was coming from. When we started having sex she felt the vibrations on her swollen clit. She finally figured it out! It was hilarious and hot, all at the same time. I don't recall the last time we did it without the Genial Love Ring. I suggest other guys buy it.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Fred T.
essential purchase. you won't regret buying it.

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