Silicone Sex Toys: Premium adult toys, vibrators, and dildos are good romantic gifts


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Gigi: Premium adult toys, vibrators, and dildos are good romantic gifts

Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

Classy as it is functional, the Gigi blesses you with exciting style and extreme G-Spot pleasure! Powerful vibrations, complementary shaft curves, and multi-functional operations guide you into a world of sexual satisfaction. The Gigi's beautiful, seductive appearance couples with its perfectly tuned vibes to become one of the hottest sex toys.

Effective G-Spot vibrators come with salacious curves that make deeper penetration more comfortable and convenient. The Gigi G-Spot sex toy exhibits the shaft curve required for exceptional, intense internal stimulation. Why waste time trying to find your hidden love zone? The Gigi puts an end to these types of frustrating G-Spot search parties! Because of its precise shaft curve, you can locate your special spot quicker than ever.

Curves aren't enough, are they? You need a little something extra. Well, the Gigi's soft, flattened shaft head tops off that fabulous shaft curve, aiding in gentle G-Spot massage. Vibrations travel through the flattened shaft head to your aroused G-Spot, eliminating unwanted internal friction and wasted, purposeless vibrations. The toy is covered in soft, supple, nonporous silicone-plastic material that increases vibration resonance.

The Gigi is a multi-speed sex toy. You can choose from five different pulsation programs and seven different speeds. Additionally, this highly functional G-Spot vibrator is rechargeable, so you don't need batteries in the future - which saves you money, time, and effort! It comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty, a stylish box, and a handy storage bag.

Editorial Review

Wow! That's the only response I can muster at the present moment, after playing with my new Gigi sex toy - and this after a period of complete speechlessness, in which I was totally shocked by the unbelievable pleasure I experienced. I will do my best to describe how effective the Gigi is, but I'm not sure that my words can give this G-Spot vibrator the credit it clearly deserves. It is definitely my new favorite sex toy, and has quickly leaped over my old favorites - the Japanese G-Spot Squirmy, G-Rock, and others. I am so excited about my Gigi that I don't have much use for anything else.

First, I'd like to start with some comments about the packaging. Absolutely beautiful. Stunningly appealing, I'd say. The Gigi comes in a sexy black box, and the toy itself has plastic safeguard that covers it, molded perfectly to ensure the toy's integrity and safety are maintained. It also helps that the toy is easily accessible, as no scissors were needed and no fumbling with overly secure packaging happened. I simply removed the toy from the box and pulled out the charger, black satin bag, and instructional manual, which were all hidden beneath the toy and plastic covering. I must admit, I had to read the instructional manual before I played with the Gigi, and I found the directions helpful and uncomplicated.

So I finished reading the instruction manual at the right time - my seductive Gigi G-Spot vibrator was fully charged and ready for action! And I was ready, as well, to play with this gorgeous sex toy. I made sure that I was familiar with all the buttons and operations before getting down to business. I didn't want any trial and error process slowing me down once I got started, so I was prepared before the real fun began, and I didn't want to damage such a beautiful work of art by randomly pressing buttons. Within no time I mastered the controls, so it wasn't like I had to spend hours and hours messing with the Gigi before I could play with it.

Besides being pleased by the toy's angelic appearance, I was astounded by the Gigi's splendid texture, which is made of velvety silicone material. I don't know if any of you have struggled to clean a jelly or rubber or plastic sex toy, but I can't stand long, drawn out clean ups, and since silicone material is amongst the easiest materials to effectively clean (totally hygienic), the Gigi is a breeze to clean and store away in its satin bag. It's phthalate-free, too, which is always a positive feature in my book. The only real negative about silicone material is that silicone-based lubes are incompatible with silicone sex toys. But I can work around such a minor limitation, especially for a toy like this one!

I am in awe by the amount of power this medium-sized vibrator generates. It easily exceeds the power produced by the Japanese G-Spot Squirmy, G-Rock, and other popular mainstream G-Spot vibrators, so I was immediately impressed with this aspect. It has multi-speed options and several different functions. I would have counted all the many different speeds and functions, but such counting can be difficult when I am in a state of orgasmic ecstasy. I know that you understand what I am talking about. I could barely control myself, so a play-by-play review proved impossible. The Gigi's vibrations and functions are so intense that I could feel other parts of my body vibrate. I couldn't handle the highest intensity setting, but I love the mid-range vibration functions.

I played with the Gigi alone and while having fun with my partner. Though I had a good time on my solo mission, I had a better time with my partner controlling the Gigi, guiding it, holding it, and pleasing me. All I had to do was lie back, enjoy the ride, and orgasm multiple times. I want to warn all the women who are considering buying this fantastic sex toy: Because the Gigi is so powerful, so effective, you might want to throw away all your older vibrators. Why? You'll have no reason to use those outdated sex toys - not with the Gigi working its magic. It is worth every penny, and I consider it a justifiable investment. Just thinking about the Gigi gets me wet, so imagine how excited I feel when I play with it! Yes, the Gigi is here to stay and positive feedback its received in undeniable.

Additional Details

Size:  6.5" total length
4.5" insertable length
3.5" circumference
Battery Info:  Charger included.
Material:  This item is made of Phthalate Free material, Plastic, and Silicone.
Manufacturer:  Lelo

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Sex toy review: five hearts. Tessinaz
I love this vibe! It's turned me into a g-spot believer for sure. The vibrations are deep and full and lovely and adjustable - not only for intensity, but for type, too. It has slow pulses, fast pulses, and low-to-high intensity pulses. It's not quite powerful enough to use on my clit, but I'm so happy with it as an insertable I don't really care.

I also have a male friend who is in love with this vibe. The size/shape made me think it might work as a prostate massager too. Since I don't have one (a prostate), I can't be sure, but seeing this guy nearly levitate off the bed made me believe it's a good possibility.

The battery lasts a loooong time. I've only charged it once and it's lasted hours with no change in intensity.

The only thing I'd change about my lovely Gigi is the location of the controls. It's too easy to hit the button that changes the pulse pattern. Even that adds a bit to its allure - I do like surprises.

Sex toy review: three hearts. Anonymous
this is small,handy and comfortable but the controls are not easy to use and when you are ready and find yourself concentrating on the on/off/fast/etc choices it becomes a real distraction - It is fun to use while your man is in you and gives both of us a good sensation - I am going back to my old stand by Miracle Massager !!!!
Sex toy review: five hearts. Anonymous
I was skeptical as i always am with new toys. I don't have easy orgasms so hoped this would do the trick. I wasn't disappointed, though i have not figured out this g-spot business yet it does make a great clitoral vibrator as well. The different speeds and vibrations are fun to try out. I had a bit of trouble trying o figuring them out at first but i think all in all its a great toy.
Sex toy review: five hearts. thursdayschild
The Lelo Gigi is perfect for any woman who wants to achieve a g-spot orgasm. The flat angled head is great at transmitting the vibrations down the shaft to the g-spot, and the multiple speeds and settings are numerous enough to satisfy just about anyone's tastes!
I especially love the Gigi because it gave me my first female ejaculation while masturbating with an insertable toy. It felt amazing and then feeling of the gushing liquid against my hot thighs sent me over the edge - this will definitely be a toy that I keep in my nightstand, close at hand!
And best of all, like all Lelo toys, it's rechargable! I love a toy that's both body and environmentally friendly. You certainly can't go wrong with a Lelo!
Sex toy review: five hearts. carnivalesq
Others have said that this toy works for both g-spot and clitoral stimulation, and this is very true, but this thing is a g-spot seeking missile. That's what it's made for, and that's where it shines. Using Gigi to find your g-spot really takes all the guess work away, and you know for sure that you've found it - there's no mistaking it!
Sex toy review: five hearts. Catalina Loves
You cannot go wrong with Gigi. It is a fantastic g-spot vibe and it also makes for a really nice clitoral vibrator, as well. Lelo makes quality vibrators that are really classy and upscale - if you like the Gigi, you should try the Iris - I think it's also amazing!! Rechargeable, sleek, sexy, and really top quality - you will be happy with the Gigi.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Domina
Gigi's vibrations are a sensual massage which feels so lush and organic against the G-spot. That is not to say that the vibrations are not strong however, for they resonate well through the pleasure nodule sending exquisite sensations through the entire region. Gigi is slight for easy insertion into even the tightest vaginas. Once inserted, it didn't take long for Gigi to rock my world. Gigi felt amazing thrusting vigorously against my G-spot and quickly brought me to an impressive orgasm.
Sex toy review: four hearts. DangerousLilly
On my blog I compared this to the Elise, to show the differences. I haven't tried Liv but I don't think I need to - I think the Elise and Gigi are the bomb. They're different, and both equally necessary! Gigi is not only a good g-spot vibe but because of the flat end it also makes a nice clit-vibe-with-a-handle. I think the vibration levels are great, 95% of women will be happy with the intensity of it. Smaller than you'd think, or at least it was smaller than I thought, but I don't think this is a "thrusting" vibe, its really meant for G-spot.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Ellie Lumpesse
The Gigi is an impeccably designed creation that I am thrilled to have in my toybox. It is one of the ones that I grab without hesitation when packing a weekend bag. I delight in seeing the eyes of a new partner light up when I show them this lovely and functional toy.
Sex toy review: five hearts. mina

The first time I used Gigi was when I went on a weekend trip that Sylvanus could not join me on. I decided I might as well give her a try while I was away. Since I’m not very “into” g spot stimulation when I masturbate, I used Gigi as a clitoral stimulator.

Gigi’s flat surface does allow for perfect stimulation. The flat surface itself, is sort of oval shaped. This allows for trying out certain positions to see how Gigi can best stimulate your clitoris. You can use the entire flat surface. You can use the more narrow part of the oval shape. Or, you can use the more rounded part. You have many options with her.

I used her whole surface. She also gave my labial lips a very erotic massage. I enjoyed rubbing her along my labia. I would then dip her slightly into my pussy, only to pull her out again and run her up along my labia, and finally press against my clit. She gave me a wonderful orgasm and I instantly went for seconds.

I enjoyed Gigi so much that I had to play with her again during my weekend away. I was hooked. (I had brought other toy options). Would I recommend you to get the Gigi? YES! In fact I really do feel that she may be the perfect “first” for your Lelo sex toys experience.

Sex toy review: five hearts. Anonymous
What fun! My first vibrator and I'm such a fan. As is the husband, we both are really enjoying it. Also, I should mention that I had an issue with the battery not holding it's charge properly, called up VibeReview, and no questions asked they are sending a replacement. Customer service goes a long way in my book, so now I not only recommend this product, but I highly recommend this company to make your purchase! p.s. They said it's highly unusual to have an issue like I did, and are confident it was a one off situation.
Sex toy review: four hearts. michelle h.

This has been one stimulating month for me! I've reviewed the Iris, Lily, and Gigi. All three sex toys have been a real pleasure to review. Of those three soon-to-be-classic sex toys, the Gigi is my favorite. For me, G-Spot stimulation is more important and enjoyable than clitoral stimulation, so I am constantly looking for that "next" impressive G-Spot sex toy. Since receiving it several months ago, the Gigi has been my latest choice.

The vibrations are strong, consistent, reliable, and resonate well through the silicone-plastic exterior. But its best feature is the flattened shaft head. This shaft head (reminds me of the Japanese G-Spot Squirmy) is different than other G-Spot sex toy designs. I experience deep, controlled stimulation that comes from perfect toy-to-G-Spot contact, and this is mainly due to the shaft head's unique shape. I prefer G-Spot massage to vibrations that simply bounce around inside of me, and the Gigi offers me a truly sensual internal massage.

This sex toy's vibrations can be adjusted to different pulsation programs and speeds. I enjoy mixing together a variety of sensations, which are possible because of the programs and variable speeds. Switching up the speeds and programs allows me to experience many different types of vibrations in a relatively short period of time, and I benefit sexually by having longer, deeper orgasms that spread throughout my body.

The one year warranty is another appealing factor. I am always leery about spending money on high dollar sex toys that could break. Sex toys are no different from other products: They can break or malfunction. Naturally, a one year warranty makes a lot of sense for expensive G-Spot vibrators. I feel more comfortable knowing that my new sex toy is protected for an entire year! Who wouldn't feel better about extended protection? That being said, I've had my Gigi for three months and it seems as solid and reliable as ever.

Sex toy review: four hearts. Joy Rider
I had an idea of what the Gigi might be capable of. I was wrong. I was selling it way short of what it can do. It is designed with cool vibration settings and exterior features. The top part (the head) is difficult to insert at first, but once inside of me, I am stimulated beyond any toy like it. Warranty and rechargeability! Pleased as I am, I keep wondering if this blissful honeymoon will last. It keeps going and going. I highly recommend it.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Trina A.
I own this vibe and the Iris. I don't know which I prefer, but I can tell you that either is a good choice. Both beat those traditional vibrators that are slim-wide shaped. Very good vibrations come from these two toys.
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. Genteel Woman
I am infatuated with this vibrator. I am surprised that good rechargeable vibrators exist. I wondered if it was all a ploy. I can't speak of other rechargeable vibrators, but the Gigi is one for the ages. I don't recall the last time I played with the rest of my sex toys, I am too busy with my Gigi. The toy's soft and wide head is the main reason why this g-spot vibrator feels wonderful.
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. jovial romantic
Join the club. The Gigi Club. You won't miss a moment of fun. Masturbation has never felt this good. I have the Gigi vibrator to thank for my recent sexual blooming. In a way, playing with the Gigi has taught me how to have better sex. I understand why the head's shape works, so I try to find ways for my boyfriend to penetrate me at angles that can reach my G-spot. It doesn't work all the time, but I have emotional G-spot orgasms when it does. The Gigi makes me orgasm all the time. Still, there's nothing quite like the feeling of my boyfriend's large penis. The Gigi won't replace my boyfriend or his perfect penis, but it sure keeps me busy when he's not available!

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