Prostate Massage : Prostate massage and prostate milking are possible with anal sex toys


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Glide: Prostate massage and prostate milking are possible with anal sex toys
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

Once a taboo sexual practice, prostate stimulation is unlocking unbelievable sexual powers for many men. Effective prostate stimulators help men stimulate their prostate gland (AKA P-Spot) without hassle, allowing them to focus on unforgettable orgasms that last longer and are more intense. The Glide, like the Titus and Pandora, doubles men's pleasure - while they masturbate or have sex.

The Glide is shaped with elegant contours that complement anal contours, which makes insertion comfortable and pleasurable. In the past, prostate stimulators weren't designed with realistic contours, and were often too wide or thick for comfortable insertion. Prostate stimulation should be pain-free and enjoyable, and the Glide's smooth, well-defined shaft keeps prostate stimulation safe and fun.

The shaft starts off with a wide tip that is curved for direct prostate massage. The shaft's contours change dramatically - widening, then narrowing, to widening again, and finally, near the base, the toy narrows again. Ribbed texture surrounds the lowest part of the shaft, adding another element of anal stimulation when the toy is fully inserted (focuses on the anal opening).

A rolling metal ball - located on the handle - is positioned for perineum stimulation. This metal ball massages the perineum as the shaft moves back and forth. The Glide creates three different forms of stimulation for men: prostate, perineum, and the anal opening. This trio of stimulation sends men into orgasmic fits that no other sex toy can create.

It can be used as a hands-free prostate stimulator, so feel free to experience during-sex prostate stimulation without using your hands! Nothing beats prostate stimulation while making love. Your erections will be harder, your orgasms will be stronger, and your pleasure will doubled! VibeReview recommends that you use quality lubrication with this toy. Climax Bursts Anal Lube and i-Lube work well with the Titus.

Choose from two different sizes: medium and large. The large Glide has a wider shaft with dramatic curves, designed mainly for men experienced with prostate stimulation. The medium Glide is designed for beginners and moderately experienced men.

Editorial Review

Men often send us emails, explaining and asking, "I am confused! I am interested in prostate stimulation, but I am concerned about purchasing the wrong sex toy. Do you recommend one prostate sex toy over all others?" I generally recommend that beginners start with three prostate stimulators: the Pandora, Titus, and Aneros. All three of these prostate stimulators are designed for beginners.

But for more experienced men, I recommend the large Glide, Aneros Progasm, and P-Spot Perfection. The Glide is my favorite of these three prostate stimulators. Few prostate stimulators offer me three forms of stimulation, but the Glide allows me to experience prostate stimulation, perineum massage, and stimulation of my anal opening. These muscles are extremely sensitive and respond well to the ribbed texture.

After playing with my Titus and Glide for months now, I rarely use another other sex toy. There are so many different prostate stimulation sex toys that choosing the right one can be difficult. Not everyone will like the same toys. My suggestion is for men to start with prostate stimulators that are less aggressive in size and shape. Once experienced with smaller prostate stimulators, men can always upgrade to larger prostate stimulators.

Additional Details

Size:  Medium Glide:
4.25" total length
4" insertable length
3.25" circumference
.75" neck diameter

Large Glide:
4" total length
3.5" insertable length
4.5" circumference
1" neck diameter

Material:  This item is made of Phthalate Free material, and Plastic.
Manufacturer:  Nexus

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Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
I'm not a prostate stimulation neophyte. I own five different prostate stimulators. All of them do something slightly different. Of those five the Glide is probably the best one for hands free stimulation, and that means I can leave it inserted during sex, which is an intense feeling.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. G. F. Wilkerson
Some prostate toys are charlatans. In my opinion the Glide is a satisfactory prostate sex toy. I like the material it's made out of. The shaft is super-duper strong and never feels too rough or wide.
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. DeeBo Hicks
The Glide surprised me. I am no spring chicken when it comes to P-Spot stimulation. A friend of mine gave the Glide to me as a birthday present. He swore up and down that it was the best P-Spot sex toy ever made. I didn't believe him at the time. The important thing is, I believe him now! It is an aggressive sex toy -- in the sense that the toy's shaft is wider than most.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Good, but a vibrating shaft or vibrating tip would make it better. My Waterproof Prostate Pro is better. If only someone would make a Glide with vibrations, then it would be perfect!
Sex toy review: five hearts. Higgy

I judiciously chose the Glide as my next prostate sex toy upgrade. Years of playing with prostate stimulators has taught me that I need a variety of styles and designs. I researched the Glide for about a month before purchasing it. As you can imagine, I wanted to get my money's worth. I felt that the Glide was the right buy, and I still feel that way. I've got only praises for the toy and this site. The metal rolling ball is a cool extra effect. I doubt I could have started prostate stimulation with the Glide, but as an experienced man I know that it works extremely well for comfortable prostate stimulation.

Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Devin Gentry
snug fit and makes me orgasm pretty hard. i don't get much use out of it as a solo sex toy though, because i need to stroke or have sex with it inside. when i do either with the toy, it feels the best.
Sex toy review: four hearts. dan the man
Fascinating sex toy for guys. I didn't expect the rolling ball to do anything, but it actually made prostate stimulation more enjoyable. The ball rolls with the slightest of pressure on the perineum, and it feels great. My p-spot sure got all the stimulation it could handle. I am happy with toy and my entire VibeReview experience. I appreciate all the reviews and articles. Keep up the good work!

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