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Hardcore Harness

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Hardcore Harness: Strapon sex toys for lesbian sex
Sex toy review: four hearts.

Item Description

You've made the commitment to purchase a sexy, highly functional harness that will last a long time, but you are unsure which one to choose! Yes, there are many harnesses; however, there is only one Hardcore Harness - and its double-strap style is the exact one you've longed for. Keeping your sex stylishly fun and ensuring the highest performance possible are two obtainable goals when you wear the Hardcore Harness.

It is a corset-styled harness that emphasizes your body's natural curves - a true testament to your uniqueness and sexuality. The Hardcore Harness is versatile and durable; you look your sexiest while also performing at your best. The waist straps are fully adjustable (up to 54"), so if you decide to wear the harness loose or tight, you can adjust the straps according to your personal preferences.

This harness is made of genuine leather, embossed with amazing detail and artistry. The Hardcore Harness comes with an O-Ring (fits up to 2" wide dildos), but you can use different sized O-Rings with this harness. If you choose a smaller or larger O-Ring, simply unsnap the O-Ring's braces, remove the O-Ring, slide the new O-Ring into the harness, and snap the braces over the O-Ring.

Editorial Review

When I slip on my Hardcore Harness I feel hotter than a Texas sidewalk in August! I don't consider myself a narcissist, but I sure look amazing with this harness strapped on me. Allow me to brag about how I look with it on, please. Even my boyfriend who is a dunce for details payed special attention to me when I strutted across our living room.

Functionally, the Hardcore Harness can handle the pressure of extreme penetration. But it can also handle slow, controlled penetration. Some harnesses are better for specific sexual activities, but the Hardcore Harness seems suited for every type of sexual activity. So, yes: It is a quality harness that exhibits strength in all the right places.

The straps are comfortable, but the material can be a slightly itchy. Certainly nothing that wearing some sexy panties underneath couldn't fix! Though I am not a fan of leather products, I made an exception for this harness. Its artistic quality is off the charts - pure style and grace. I generally use my Charmer dildo with this harnesses. The Charmer is a perfect match for the Hardcore Harness.

Additional Details

Size:  Harness:
Up to 54"
O-Ring/Dildo Width:
2" diameter
Material:  This item is made of Leather.

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Sex toy review: four hearts. scarletlotus
Absolutely gorgeous and sexy harness, the leather back is perfect for showing off curves! I adore the flame detail on the leather as well. It is also extremely comfortable to wear and easy to adjust, honestly I didn't notice it at all while wearing it, which is a great feeling to have when wearing a harness.
Sex toy review: four hearts. queen bee
My dog tore apart my favorite harness. Wouldn't you know it they don't make that harness anymore. That's like my favorite songs on a CD being scratched, leaving all crappy songs unscathed. Ugh, so frustrating. I set out to find a replacement harness. I struck out on the first one I bought, because it totally fell apart (I bought it from a different sex toy store). I did eventually make my way to VibeReview where I purchased the Hardcore Harness. Though it is not as good as my old harness, it is better than anything else I could find. My dildo stays in place, which is always my main concern. There's not much slippage.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Leslie Newman
If you saw all the harnesses I own...I am spoiled. The Hardcore Harness is good, but there are better harnesses. The Flame Harness Kit is my personal favorite.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Sexy as hell. A little itchy around the waist, but I wouldn't trade it for a different one. Nice durability, I think.
Sex toy review: four hearts. J. Monet
My girlfriend and I are swingers. As such, my girlfriend likes to play with other ladies. I recently purchased the Hardcore Harness for her because I know how much she likes to show off. She sure did show off for one of our girlfriends. She not only paraded around the house with harness strapped on her tight body , but she also got it on with our friend ... and right in front of me. Pure joy. Life is good.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
The Hardcore Harness might as well be a map for success. Travel the high road to the top of the mountain. Performance and appearance ... both are positives.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Tabitha Dean
I have to agree with Katie. This particular harness is flattering -- it shows off all my best physical traits, hiding my worst. I have more confidence in this harness's ability to handle my sexy ways. The harness's snaps are strong. I can't remember a time when my dildo popped out by accident or went too far on one side or another.
Sex toy review: five hearts. katie m.
Smoking hot, deliciously naughty, and very comfortable. I wore Hardcore Harness on our anniversary night for one special lady that I love. We have different harnesses, but none are as sexy as the Hardcore Harness.

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