Bondage Sex Toys: Nipple sex toys, breast adult toys, and bondage sex toys make sex enjoyable.

Heated Vibrating Nipple Clamps

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Heated Vibrating Nipple Clamps: Nipple sex toys, breast adult toys, and bondage sex toys make sex enjoyable.
Sex toy review: three hearts.

Item Description

Traditional nipple clamps don't interest you. You desire technologically advanced nipple clamps that are capable of teasing and pleasing. The Heated Vibrating Nipple Clamps are exactly what you've longed for. These micro-sized nipple clamps vibrate and generate stimulating warmth. Lightweight and adjustable, the Heated Vibrating Nipple Clamps keep your nipples stimulated while you dive into other sexy activities.

Each clamp comes with a tiny knob-screw that adjusts clamp tightness, so you are able to change the amount of pressure to your desired level of personal comfort. The clamps are covered in soft textured jelly material that adds extra padding, which increases the amount of nipple stimulation experienced. You wanted the best ... and that's exactly what you are getting!

Best of all, both clamps create subtle warmth sensations that bring your soft, luscious nipples to attention, erect and ready for action! Sensual vibrations add the finishing touches to your cycle of nipple stimulation. The Heated Vibrating Nipple Clamps come with a nifty hand controller, which allows you to conveniently adjust vibration and warmth settings. Invite your partner to hold the hand controller and direct the action - or place these amazing clamps on your nipple while you masturbate with your favorite vibrator!

Editorial Review

Five years ago you wouldn't have caught me wearing nipple clamps. Things change, especially stimulation preferences. I am more willing to try new sex techniques and sex toys than I was in the past. I can't call myself a nipple clamp enthusiast. Truth be told, I am not that intrigued by the idea of focused nipple stimulation. The Heated Vibrating Nipple Clamps changed my mind about all of this, and I am now genuinely excited about the prospect of playing with nipple clamps.

I doubt I'll ever be interested in nipple clamps that aren't accompanied by vibrations and other stimulation effects, but when nipple clamps are capable of creating different types of sensations - warmth and vibrations - I will gladly play with them. That's why the Heated Vibrating Nipple Clamps are impressive: My nipples become very aroused when I experience the sensations these clamps offer.

I haven't played with these nipple clamps without another sex toy included. I adjust the hand controller settings, and then dedicate my free hand to vibrator-induced self-stimulation. My Decadent Indulgence and Vibe Rabbit are my favorite sex toys to play with while my Heated Vibrating Nipple Clamps gently stimulate my nipples. I get off on simultaneous stimulation of multiple erogenous zones, which is why I am fond of these nipple clamps.

Additional Details

Battery Info:  2 AA batteries required.
Material:  This item is made of Jelly, and Metal.

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Sex toy review: three hearts. naughty couple69
Erotic and sexy. The sensations are subtle, so don't expect out of control stimulation or something like that. These nipple clamps make the foreplay and messing around more playful.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. julez sez
I am an experimental person. I look for new experiences, welcoming positive and negative experiences. My experimental nature carries over into sex. I won't lie and say I've been intrigued by nipple clamps in the past, but something about these nipple clamps made my neck hair stand up and goose bumps pop up on my arms. I got excited about how the clamps were described. I ordered the clamps and learned that I enjoy the warmth and vibrations on my nipples. I probably wouldn't like other nipple clamps - that constricted feeling isn't what sets me off. It is that nice warm tingling and the vibrations.

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