Sex Toy Accessories: Sprinkle some of this love dust on your partner's body and titillate her with sex toys, dual stimulation rabbit vibrators, and clit ticklers.

Honey Dust

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Honey Dust: Sprinkle some of this love dust on your partner's body and titillate her with sex toys, dual stimulation rabbit vibrators, and clit ticklers.
Sex toy review: four hearts.

Item Description

Kama Sutra products get everyone excited. From Kama Sutra Massage Oil to the Kama Sutra Bedside Box, people continue to rely on Kama Sutra for the most sensual and romantic products. Not surprisingly, Honey Dust is extremely popular with our readers and customers. Many of our customers and readers comment that Honey Dust is the best tasting love powder ever. We agree.

Honey Dust is an edible powder, made of pure honey. The end result, a prized Indian skin conditioner that leaves skin feeling silky smooth, and it tastes great! Powder up and let your lover one enjoy your irresistible sweet honey taste. This is a great gift idea for newlyweds, anniversaries, and birthdays. Surprise a friend or lover with Honey Dust!

Includes 8-ounce tin, satin bag, and soft feather duster.

Editorial Review

Honey Dust has been my favorite flavored powder for years. Since tasting its delicious flavor (and Kama Sutra's Raspberry Kiss), I haven't found other flavored products necessary. That's not to say I haven't tested other flavored products, I have. It's just that Honey Dust continues to be the best tasting flavored-powder on the market.

Yes, it tastes wonderful. There's more to this product than flavor, though. Its powder ingredients do support skin care objectives. After using this powder, my skin is always softer than it was before I played with the powder. So, basically, Honey Dust keeps my skin feeling soft and healthy; it keeps my taste buds electrically charged, drooling for more and more delicious powder. Foreplay gained new emphasis in my life when I found Honey Dust.

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Sex toy review: four hearts. Sexy Lexie
I adore Honey Dust. I've been buying it for over a year. Basically, I have a Pavlov's Dog theory going on: If I spread dust all over my body, my husband comes running. He even drools like a dog! We both enjoy the taste, as it is not too sugary or pasty.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Kara P
The dust particles made me sneeze a lot. Once I moved beyond the sneezing, I was able to enjoy the outstanding honey taste. This isn't a product I will use often, but it's nice to have as mood changer.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Taates great, but would be even better in a liquid form. I also wouldn't sneeze as much. Using the applicator feels good, so what do I know?
Sex toy review: five hearts. Emma
If you have allergies, do not use too much of this product. I do have allergies, so I had to be careful how much dust I used in one sitting or standing or humping or licking. hehe.

I love this stuff so much. My husband and I both use it on one another. I also use it on myself, when I get a little crazy alone. It tastes even sweeter than honey, if you ask me.

I've been buying this every two or three months, as I run out. I just can't get enough.

Sex toy review: four hearts. Rhonda Johnson
Honey or Horny dust? W00t! This stuff tastes great, and it lasts for a while. You don't run out after the second time you use it. Never done one of these reviews before. Anyways, I always keep a full container of the Honey Dust. I never want to be out of it.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Ok, the smell is pretty darned strong. It reminds both my husband and me (oldsters!) of the smell of shops of the '70's. Not flowery, but kind of aromatic, incense-y, definitely hits your nose when you open the can. I actually like it, it tastes very nice and the feather is something fun I would not usually even think of. My husband doesn't mind it, it's just that the residue ends up being pretty sticky, and it does seem to be dusty, so don't knock the can over.
Sex toy review: five hearts. jazz_baby
The smell alone left my lover and I grinning for hours, the taste was light and lingering, and the duster was just wonderful. I've bought three more as gifts for friends and family. Been hit for newlyweds. (I sometimes slip a sex toy or two in there, too.) Might as well hook up the bride and groom with stuff they'll actually use on their honeymoon. I also recommend trying Liquid Sex Light as a good lube. That is all ... for now!
Sex toy review: four hearts. voluptuous vixen
This stuff is fun - just don't go too crazy with it or you'll end up sneezing for the rest of the night! Tastes a little sweet - like honey I guess...

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