Anal Sex Toys: Adult toy vibrators and anal sex toys invite self pleasure


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Hummingbird: Adult toy vibrators and anal sex toys invite self pleasure
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

Double your fun with dual erogenous zone stimulation. The Hummingbird sings an unusual tune that is sure to please you. Simultaneous anal and clitoral stimulation will set your sexual urges free, which promises to be orgasmically explosive. The Hummingbird offers you anal and clitoral stimulation in the greatest comfort imaginable.

A long beaded shaft (anal beads) extends from the beautiful hummingbird design of this toy. Not only is the shaft covered in stimulating beads, but the shaft also vibrates. Vibrating anal beads always hit the spot. A finely designed hummingbird clitoral vibrator is found at the opposite end of this fantastic toy, delivering powerful pulsations to your clitoris.

Using this dual stimulation toy is simple: gently insert the anal beads into your rear, then pull the remaining slack between your legs, holding the hummingbird vibrator in your hand. Place the hummingbird on your clitoris. Press the silver start button, and then use the dial for speed control. The anal beads will vibrate inside of your rear, and the hummingbird toy will stimulate your clitoris.

There are not many toys like this one. So, get ready for rear and frontal stimulation. This toy is made of high quality flexible jelly material that is easy to clean and maintain. Harness straps are included with this toy; hands-free activity is possible!

Editorial Review

The Hummingbird screams, "Play with me!" It is a gorgeous toy. The purple jelly coating shines. The meticulously crafted hummingbird clitoral vibrator is designed for visual and clitoral pleasure. Each textual detail and indentation on the hummingbird aids in the dispersal of sensual vibrations. Learning how to use this dual stimulation toy, when I first looked the toy, before I used it, seemed like it would be challenge. It is not difficult, not in the least.

The anal beads are not very wide or thick, so sliding the shaft of beads inside of my rear is all about pleasure. Once inside, I pull the hummingbird clitoral vibrator to my clitoris, where it barely touches. I turn it on, lay back, and accept all the credit for having a body-shaking orgasm, one after another.

I generally do not use the harness straps. I like to control my toys. I am a hands-on person, so the harness straps are not used very often. But many of our customers and readers explain that they love the straps, that the hands-free technology makes the Hummingbird an ideal dual stimulation toy to own. I agree, women should take a chance on this toy, but my recommendation has more to do with the Hummingbird's power, flexibility, and dual stimulation capability.

Additional Details

Size:  13" total length
Battery Info:  3 AAA batteries required.
Material:  This item is made of Jelly.

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Sex toy review: four hearts. Lacy Ann
Puhleese...give me more! Great anal and clit toy. Fantastic vibrations and awesome beaded texture, and it didn't cost me much money at all.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer

Quick! Someone get me an ice blanket. The heat is rising, and I just don't know how much more I can take.

My fascination with anal exploration never went beyond fingers and tongue licking; however, I decided to test out one of these anal bead toys, and in all my good luck, I found the Hummingbird, which pays homage to my clit as well.

I am very satisfied with this toy and the VibeReview's customer service. And I look forward to your new articles. Keep up the good work!

Sex toy review: three hearts. goober
Gave the Hummingbird to my wife for Christmas. It arrived on time, unlike so many other gifts I ordered from other companies. She played with it, likes it, and wants more toys. I may started a fire I cannot put up, but surely I can add to the flames!!!
Sex toy review: five hearts. kinky kelly
There's not much to say: The Hummingbird is my favorite toy - I realized that in my first five intimate minutes with it. Hardcore anal activity is not an interest of mine, but I do like slow anal penetration. The Hummingbird doesn't vibrate out of control or anything like it, it just keeps me aroused for the main course: clitoral orgasms, and this vibrating anal-clitoris toy brings about strong orgasmic reactions.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
It's kind of hard to keep the anal beads inside of me. I tried using the harness, but it wasn't very good; it didn't help much at all. While the anal beads frustrate me, the hummingbird clitoral vibrator is my new favorite toy to use on my clitoris. I've also found that using it during sex really gets my juices flowing.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer

Police me when I have my grip on this toy. Please?!! I get quite kinky and wild when I start playing with this toy. I am not interested in big butt plugs or any of those "stretch-me" toys. Pain is not pleasant. The Hummingbird, though, slides so easily into my bum that I am comfortable with it. The vibrations are...well, strong in the clitoral vibrator, only average in the anal beads.

Basically, this is a toy worth paying for (and as we all know, there are some crap toys - though I have never purchased a bad toy from VibeReview, probably due to the customer reviews!). Spend 30 dollars to get unlimited anal and clitoral pleasure...yes, that's why I bought this toy, and why I keep playing with it.

Sex toy review: four hearts. Sabrina

I couldn't agree more, Vicky. We always seem to agree, don't we? We have the same taste in toys, I guess.

To the Hummingbird, now...Being able to use one toy for clitoral and anal play is a gift. Both forms of stimulation work with this cool toy. I have not used it vaginally, but I might try that...after a heavy-duty cleaning, of course!!!

Sex toy review: four hearts. Vicky D.

Wow! I assumed the Hummingbird would feel good, but in no way did I know it would send shockwaves through my body. Like a tidal wave ripped through my pelvis, with its after-effects traveling to my brain. Perfection.

The product description and editorial review do not mention that the anal beads can also be used vaginally. A different sensation, obviously, but it does feel mighty good. Because the beaded shaft is flexible, the shaft can be moved around to find my G-Spot. Further proof of why the Hummingbird is such a good toy.

Sex toy review: three hearts. Erin Hawthorne
The Hummingbird toy keeps me engaged. I am not new to anal stimulation, so I wasn't too surprised about the vibrating anal beads. Supremely surprised, yes, by the hummingbird texture deal. It vibrates with a lot of power. Also, I'd like to mention, the dial controller makes changing vibration speeds easy.

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