Lubes & Lotions: The slickest and wettest lube for enjoyable intercourse and naughty sex toy self-stimulation.


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i-Lube: The slickest and wettest lube for enjoyable intercourse and naughty sex toy self-stimulation.
Sex toy review: four hearts.

Item Description

Comfortable lubrication is an essential part of enjoyable masturbation, foreplay, and sex. Women and men routinely need the assistance of a quality personal lubricant to enhance his or her sexual activities. Due to the emergence of better formulas, personal lubricants are more popular than ever. i-Lube is heralded as the creator of unending slickness, much like Liquid Sex Forever Silicone and Eros Bodyglide.

One of VibeReview's longtime best selling lubricants, i-Lube's silky smooth, non-sticky, silicone formula creates lasting slickness for women and men. One or two drops of this ultra powerful lubricant are needed for total erogenous zone lubrication. Lasting longer than other lubricants, i-Lube brings satisfaction to your arousing bedroom fun, never letting you or your partner down, always fulfilling personal expectations.

i-Lube is a silicone-based lubricant. Rather than spend your intimate moments with short-lived water-based lubricants that dry up too quickly or become too sticky, you should give this silicone lubricant a chance to keep your hot zones healthily wet for longer periods of time. Additionally, it comes in a sleek and sexy bottle with a nifty dispenser that ensures your lubrication isn't wasted by unacceptable leakages, and this simple and effective dispenser prevents frustrating lubricant messes.

This silicone lubricant should not be used with silicone sex toys. If you are looking for an effective lubricant for silicone sex toy fun, Universal Lube is your best option - and it can be used for foreplay and sex, as well. For more information on lubricant-sex toy material compatibility, read VibeReview's helpful articles: About Toy Materials and Lube Interactions.

Editorial Review

"Gosh, how many different lubricants must I try before I find the right one?" I used to ask myself that question before I tested and reviewed new lubricants. Fortunately, since the arrival of better formulated lubricants, I haven't asked that question in a long time. I've learned that I prefer silicone-based lubricants to water-based lubricants, which is why I rarely felt the type of lasting slickness that I so desperately sought, as a result of water-based lubes previously being the dominant type of lubricant. That being said, even water-based lubes have improved over the years.

i-Lube was an instant hit with me. This is my second review of it and I am still satisfied with its slickness. It compares favorably to other impressive silicone lubes, but comes off as the sexier brand. Because the bottle and dispenser are sexier than other brands' bottles and dispensers, I leave my i-Lube bottle in my collection of perfumes and body lotions, sitting on top of my bedroom dresser. O'My Original Lube sits right next to it, in fact, for the same reason. (O'My Original Lube is my favorite water-based lubricant.) Presentation matters to me, so i-Lube passed the test!

But silky slickness matters most, wouldn't you agree? So, on this front, i-Lube passes the test, as well. I am continually impressed by how the smallest application can have such a profound impact on my sex life. This lube's slickness lasts, but just as important, I don't have to apply a lot of it to experience that slickness, which means I save money. Sure, some lubes might be slick ... after 5, 6, 7 applications, but by then a once-hefty supply has dwindled into half a bottle! No thanks, I'll stick with i-Lube. The only negative is that i-Lube cannot be used with silicone sex toys. That's where Universal Lube comes into the picture, as it the only silicone-based lubricant that can be used with silicone sex toys!

I struggled for years with comfortable vaginal wetness. Since I am on birth control pills, I have a hard time getting wet enough for sex. i-Lube is especially helpful with this issue. Everyone has her or his favorite personal lubricant, but I noticed a positive change in the sensations I felt during foreplay and sex when I switched from Astroglide to i-Lube, Liquid Sex Forever Silicone, and Eros Bodyglide. One can't go wrong with any of those lubricants, so don't be afraid to experiment with all three.

Additional Details

Size:  1.7 oz.
Material:  This item is made of Silicone.

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Sex toy review: four hearts. Goo Goo Girl
The smoothest feeling during sex. I refuse to use anything else. When I was a young woman, I was not very picky. Well, really, I used to get so wet that it really didn't matter what lubricant I used. The older I get, the more I appreciate good sex. i-Lube helps me achieve that standard.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Mature Man Model
I don't know the science behind what is a good or bad lubricant. All I know is, yes, i-Lube feels better than other lubricants. Since it does not take away from the feeling, I will continue to purchase it.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Sarah
Get more i-Lube as soon as possible - that's what I told my husband. When it comes to sex, he listens. Go figure. I get more with less, with this lubricant. Only a few drops are needed for a comfortable wet feeling.
Sex toy review: five hearts. rhee gentri
Fantastically smooth. Not sure what else I can say. Better than any lubrication I've used in the past. Certainly the best lubrication for my vibrator.
Sex toy review: three hearts. nihil
Surprise your lady with i-Lube. Mine was stoked that I tried a new lubrication. She complained all the time about stickiness. I-Lube doesn't have that side effect.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Muse Uplifts Me
My girlfriend introduced me to i-Lube. I've used it since. Astroglide is good, but i-Lube gives me a longer glide-n-slide. Is this lubrication good for sex? Absolutely. The best.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
i-Lube is the only lubricant that I can rely on. Due to my birth control pills, I just don't get as wet as I once did. I have to use lubrication most nights, either with my toy or my husband. i-Lube is smooth, soft, and non-abrasive. I found the right lube, finally.
Sex toy review: three hearts. LuckY LucY
I only use lube with my sex toys. I don't go through any lube size that quickly. But i-Lube is the only lubricant I use anymore. I get a better feeling from this lube. Only logical that I would prefer this lube: more convenient; I don't have to wash for twenty minutes just to remove that icky feeling. A more pleasurable penetration experience.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Big, big lift in pleasure. That's the gift placed in my lap each time I use i-Lube. If there is a silkier, smoother lube, I haven't seen it or felt it.
Sex toy review: five hearts. KJ
Spectacular. I finally found a lubricant worth my time. Screw all the other lubes. i-Lube is unbelievably silky, smooth, and longer lasting.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Jack M.
Expensive, but it works. My girlfriend prefers i-lube to any of that crap we've bought in the past. I'm just glad we don't have that sticky feeling after using it.

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