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ID Cream
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts.

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Fellas, VibeReview knows you are frustrated with the limited availability of quality masturbation personal lubricants. The ones that are available...well, they are either not slick enough or don't last long enough. You want a personal lubricant that is thick and creamy - a lubricant that enhances masturbation!

Boy Butter changed everything for the better. Its creamy masturbation formula made a lot of sense to you, but you sometimes found it to be too thick. Is there a pleasurable balance that can be met?

But then you tried ID Cream, a healthy compromise between two lubricant worlds: Though thick and creamy, ID Cream is also slick enough to keep your fast-paced masturbation going strong! Yes, you realize: This is the balance you were looking for.

ID Cream is an oil-based lubricant, so you can expect zero stickiness! Fresh and clean and slick, ID Cream turns your stroking into an exotic adventure. This oil-based lubricant is not compatible with latex condoms. If you need a latex friendly lubricant, check out ID Glide and O'My Original Lube - or any other water-based lubricant of your choice.

Editorial Review

ID Lubricants created the perfect masturbation lubricant for men. ID Cream never dries up, does not make me feel sticky, and is always slick as can be. Since I have no interest in slow, sensual masturbation, I want a lubricant that helps me orgasm rather quickly. When it's time to choke the chicken, I want to masturbate fast and hard. ID Cream lets me get down to business without having to re-apply lube five minutes after starting.

If you are a simple guy - one who doesn't masturbate with strokers and sleeves - ID Cream is fantastic for hand masturbation. If by chance you stroke with sleeves, like the Maven, Power Stroker 100X or Jesse Jane's Intimate Passages, you should use a water-based lubricant - ID Glide or O'My Original Lube. I suggest using ID Cream for only hand masturbation. For sex toys or condom use, use water-based lubes such as the ones suggested above.

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Size:  3.4 oz.
6.3 oz.

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Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
strange how i have to use different lubes for masturbation and sex. i don't quite understand the science behind it, but using different lubes has worked for me. id cream and slippery stuff are the two i buy regularly.
Sex toy review: four hearts. The.Best.Ever.
Good luck catching me with a different personal lube. I didn't buy my first tube of ID Cream at VibeReview; I've been stroking with this lube for a while. I wasted time, effort, and money on other personal lubes that ran out far too often, mainly as a result of having to use more and more and more lube. I am set, have no need for a different personal lube. ID Cream's smooth, thin-to-thick feeling is what I want for jacking off.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Milan Living
Great lube, but it sucks that I can't use it with my sleeve toy.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Alden Corry
Gosh, guy. Your long-winded review, I actually read it. Made a lot of sense to me. You convinced me to buy ID Cream. Glad that I did. Put aside all other lubes, guys. Trust me, you'll understand why ID Cream is top dawg.
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. Anonymous Reviewer

Catch up with the times. My friend said that to me. How rude, huh? He was right. He came over to my apartment, saw a bottle of KY sitting on the bathroom sink, and started laughing at me. I asked him what his problem was. He told me that KY sucked, was on its last leg. Then he explained why. I found the lube discussion pretty interesting. I always thought all lubes were exactly the same, or if they were different, they differed in ways that don't matter.

I learned about each different type of lube. Like how each interacts with water, condoms, etc. I was surprised he knew about any of this. I considered myself the "expert." But, no, he had this deal nailed down, and perfectly. So I visited VibeReview, and this time decided to read up on everything my friend told me. He was right about most everything he told me.

I finally understood why my KY dries up. I hated how it did that. I'd get so pissed off when I had apply more and more KY -- just so I could masturbate for...what, 10 minutes. Bah, Humbug. I read an advertisement for ID Cream which convinced me that it was better. Screw it, I bought ID Cream. ID Cream feels silky and lasts a long while. Better stroking, no duh. Much better.

Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Backseat Air Guitarist
Way better than the lubes I used in the past. Two to four moderately sized drops needed for total lubrication. I've been masturbating with ID Cream for months now. I doubt I'll try a different lubricant because I like its slick feeling.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Constantine
I struck gold on this one. Excuse my unhinged dorkiness. I'm excited that ID Cream is better than Astroglide, which was my jack-off lube for a long time. I hated how Astroglide felt sticky so quickly. ID Cream, wow. Smooth, consistent stroking action for as long as I need.

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