Lubes & Lotions: Enjoy your oral sex and sex toy masturbation with the help of ID Juicy flavored lube.

ID Juicy

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ID Juicy: Enjoy your oral sex and sex toy masturbation with the help of ID Juicy flavored lube.
Sex toy review: four hearts.

Item Description

The world's top selling flavored lubricant is within your reach. ID Juicy - a water-based flavored lubricant, made in nine different flavors - helps you indulge in masturbation, foreplay, and intercourse.

Its long-lasting, flavorful lubricant formula hoists you into a world of pleasure. Created specifically for orally inclined lovers, ID Juicy dramatically improves oral sex. Pamper your taste buds with tasty ID Juicy flavors. Don't deprive yourself or your lover of a delicious oral adventure.

ID Juicy's non-staining, 100% latex safe, water-based, and clear formula appeals to women and men who enjoy silky smooth masturbation, foreplay, and sex. This outstanding personal lubricant offers you a new way to experience arousing couple play.

Editorial Review

ID Glide is one of the most popular personal lubricants on VibeReview. Our reviewers seem to love it - as I do, as well. For a water-based lubricant, ID Glide keeps my private parts slick and ready for whatever I want to do. ID Juicy is by the same folks who created ID Glide, by the way.

Not surprisingly, ID Juicy maintains ID Glide's high standards and is - in some ways - an improvement. A quick taste test proves that ID Juicy is for real. I received a sample bottle for each flavor, and after trying each flavor, I narrowed my favorite flavors down to cherry and peach. Both flavors are able to eliminate that nasty aftertaste some flavored lubes have.

If you want a flavored oral lubricant and don't have much need for intercourse lube, ID Juicy is easily the best flavored lube. If you plan on using ID Juicy mainly for sex, I suggest trying Eros Bodyglide, ID Glide, or O'My Original Lube. While ID Juicy will work for intercourse, there are better penetration-orientated personal lubricants.

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Size:  1.9 oz.
3.8 oz.

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Sex toy review: three hearts. Badbadgirl
This is a great lube. It works well with all of my toys and was great for giving oral sex. It does get kinda sticky, but most lubes do. It tastes great and the smell is nice too.
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
I've bought flavored lubes that are watery as hell. I hoped ID Juicy was on the gel side of things. Yep, it is - at least not watery in the sense that lube runs down my leg at the moment it is rubbed on. Peach. Get Peach.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. King for Your Queen
I knocked the rating down because ID Juicy sucks as a lubricant for sex. As a oral lubricant, I think is close to the best I've tasted. My girlfriend agrees with me.
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. naughty couple69
Buy Passion Fruit and Peach. Mix the two flavors. ID Juicy passes the taste test and is average for anything not foreplay-related. Foreplay, as you can imagine, is a whole lot more fun with ID Juicy.
Sex toy review: five hearts. shopmistress4ever
ID Juicy is an essential part of our foreplay. It's been that way for a while too. I see no reason for nasty-tasting sweaty oral sex when flavored lubes taste so good. ID Juicy and Naughty Secrets are the ones I recommend.
Sex toy review: five hearts. BlackHoleSunset
ID Juicy turns me into a sloppy person. I make a mess with it. I pour the liquid over anything that can be licked. Lots and lots of kissing and tongue action. Drunk with lust, ID Juicy slurs my speech! My husband isn't complaining anymore - well, I take that back. He'd rather jump right into the sack, ignoring foreplay completely. He can want whatever he wants, but that's not changing the agenda around this house. Hehe.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Until the End...

Oral sex meet my friend Willy. I used to hate giving blow jobs. I was repulsed by the act itself. My husband loves receiving one. See the problem here? Flavor inspiration, some kind of help was needed. Id Juicy? Yessum.

I am normally shy, even with my husband; but when my order of ID Juicy arrived, I jumped my husband's bones. I initiated the oral sex. He stared down at me, stunned. I do have the power -- as do all women -- to turn it on and off. That night the lovin' switch flipped and has ever since.

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