Lubes & Lotions: Warming lubricants enhance clitoral stimulation with vibrators and dildos or sex toys.

ID Sensation Warming Liquid

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ID Sensation Warming Liquid: Warming lubricants enhance clitoral stimulation with vibrators and dildos or sex toys.
Sex toy review: four hearts.

Item Description

Arouse your senses with ID Sensation Warming Liquid, the newest product from the makers of ID Lubricants. Water soluble and latex compatible, ID Sensation Warming Liquid warms on contact, providing increased excitement for enhanced intimacy. The perfect product to heat up your love life, ID Sensation Warming Liquid also serves as a great companion to ID Glide or ID Millennium when added sensation is desired.

Editorial Review

ID Lubricants are generally among the top lubricants in the world. VibeReview patiently awaited their release of ID Sensation Warming Liquid. When we finally did receive it, several ladies from the office took samples home with them. We didn't ask for intimate details, but we wanted to know what each lady thought about lubricant enhancement.

Without hesitation, they all claimed that ID Sensation Warming Liquid works quickly, feels great, and intensifies orgasms. Not one of our fine ladies disliked this warming liquid. More importantly, no negative side effects occurred. We waited patiently, as I know many of you did. We are happy to announce that one of the top lubricant companies has officially released a successful warming liquid.

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Sex toy review: five hearts. miss respect
I've had my bottle for a month now. I've used it often during that month. I still have plenty left. That eight dollars has gone a long way. Besides that, yes, it feels good. I wouldn't pin my hopes on it making me orgasm, but it does make my orgasms better.
Sex toy review: four hearts. My Man's Delight
I was scared this stuff would burn. I don't want a burnin' puss. It didn't burn at all. Slightly warm, with a tingling sensation -- that's how it felt, and it felt good. It didn't move mountains or anything, but I didn't expect it to. I will buy it again.
Sex toy review: four hearts. james bon-bon
I bought this stuff for my lady. She rejected my gift, but then, later, changed her mind. That was fine by me. Now she keeps asking for more. Apparently, she liked it.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Kim H.
It enhanced sex with my boyfriend. I haven't tried it with any of my vibrators, but I will. I liked it enough that I plan on purchasing more.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
I'm on fire, BABY! This stuff works. Wow, I never thought my vagina could get that hot. It felt so good. Enhancement? Something like that. All I know is, yeah, the stuff made my vagina heat up like a summer fire.
Sex toy review: four hearts. rubbermaid
ID Sensation provided that little extra boost of stimulation. Like the last reviewer suggested, don't expect the world to stop spinning when you use these warming solutions. In the end, ID Sensation is worth the seven or eight bucks. VibeReview makes it possible for me to avoid any contact with nosey people. I have no desire for anyone to know my sex life. Their services keep my sexual habits and preferences quiet and personal.
Sex toy review: five hearts. scarlet
Don't expect too much with any warming liquids. They are for enhancement. Don't expect your vagina to jump all over the place, totally out of control. My experiences with warming liquids have been positive and negative. Some will irritate your vulva, while others really do warm you up, making sex or masturbation more interesting. I've been buying ID Sensation for a while, and I trust this brand. I've never had any side effects from its use.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Most warming liquids bite the dust before take off. ID's brand lasts a while longer. Since my introduction to this warming liquid, I haven't tried any other brands. This one worked for me, so I'm sticking with it.
Sex toy review: four hearts. cinnamonstixx
I like this particular warming liquid a lot. It's comparable to Astroglide Warming Liquid, which is the product I've purchased the most. Like Astroglide Warming Liquid, ID Sensation Warming Liquid did warm me up, enhancing my pleasure. The increased sensation obviously made my orgasm that much better. I'll purchase this brand again. Appreciate it, and I will be buying more, more from my beloved Vibe Review.

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