Male Sex Toys: Adult toys and cock rings with vibrators enrich orgasms

Impulse Micro Arouser

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Impulse Micro Arouser: Adult toys and cock rings with vibrators enrich orgasms
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

Striving for a spicy sex life never ends! There are always improvements that can be made. The Impulse Micro Arouser answers the challenge by helping you become a better lover. In the past, you focused on pleasing your lover with wonderful foreplay and erotic sex; however, the opportunity to simultaneously tackle both tasks is there for the taking, and the Impulse Micro Arouser is your guiding force.

This powerful vibrating cock ring packs a serious stimulation punch. Due to the love ring's nubby texture and vibration power, your lady's clitoris experiences direct stimulation as you make love to one another. Once you slide the flexible ring over your penis, you'll notice how hard your erections become. So, not only does your lover experience the sensual effect of vibrations and titillating texture, but she also feels your best erection - hard, firm, and thick.

The Impulse Micro Arouser's multi-speed and multi-functional vibrator keeps the stimulation consistent, always arousing, never letting you or your partner down. There are six different functions to choose from: escalation, surging, pulsation, low speed, medium speed, and high speed - or cycle through all the different functions! Watch your sex life heat up with the Impulse Micro Arouser buzzing and stimulating its way into your lover's heart.

Editorial Review

Versatile sex toys are the way of the future. I love how I can use the same sex toy in a variety of sexual situations, and the Impulse Micro Arouser is one such toy that can be used for partner-to-partner stimulation or for solo female masturbation. Although the Impulse Micro Arouser is advertised as vibrating cock ring, I often use its vibrating bullet without the cock ring sheath, placing the powerful vibrator on my clitoris, during intercourse or when I am alone. I experience greater stimulation by excluding the silicone cock ring, which dampens the intensity of the vibrations. Instead of fooling with the cock ring, I place the vibe on my clitoris during sex. Not really how it was designed, I know, but that's how I use it for the best results.

I cannot complain about the bullet vibrator's strength ... except when it resides in the cock ring, because it loses a lot of power when contained in the silicone material. If the bullet vibrator were larger, this probably wouldn't be an issue at all, but that's not the case: the Impulse Micro Arouser's vibrator is tiny in comparison to the Berry Delight or Silver Bullet. However, neither of those sex toys could slide into a cock ring - they are too large! So, this means that the Diving Dolphin, Little Digger, or Orbit Ring Vibe might be the ideal vibrating cock ring - each relies on a larger vibrating bullet for powerful pulsations.

My boyfriend said the cock ring is all right, yet nothing special. Since the silicone material is thick and the bullet is small, plenty of vibrations are dampened out of the picture. Its nubby texture is designed to enhance clitoral stimulation, but it didn't do much for me. I know women who love nubby textures, so if you enjoy textured stimulation, you'll probably love this vibrating cock ring. As far as tightness is concerned, my partner thinks the Impulse Micro Arouser is entirely too tight and constricting. This is a matter of personal preference and penis size, obviously, so men who enjoy a tighter fit should like this sex toy.

When viewed as a complete sex toy, I believe the Impulse Micro Arouser is a quality vibrating cock ring that comes packaged with six different functions and programs, unlike many of the standard models that lack intensity options. Mixing up sensations and intensities is a plus for me, even though I am more inclined to rely on its highest vibration setting. Its lowest speed setting still packs a powerful stimulating punch that other women and men will enjoy, especially those who are sensitive to vibrations. It would be great if the manufacturer increased the size of the bullet vibrator, perhaps also making a thinner cock ring. Other than that, the Impulse Micro Arouser earns a favorable rating from me.

Additional Details

Battery Info:  3 AA batteries required.
Material:  This item is made of Phthalate Free material, and Silicone.

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Sex toy review: three hearts. Little Minx
OK so let's begin with full disclosure. I'm not a big believer in cock rings and little tiny bullets generally don't do much for me. So I didn't have high hopes for this to begin with.

However. I was very pleasantly surprised. That little bullet packs a nice punch. There are three different speeds for a constant buzz and there are two different variations of pulsing.

The tricky thing is aim, making sure everything aligns properly while you're thrusting away. But once you figure out your rhythm, it can be quite nice. And it works equally well with a dildo as it does with a flesh and blood partner.

As far as cock rings go, it's definitely the best I've ever used.

Sex toy review: four hearts. J.V.T.

The Impulse Micro Arouser is destined for greatness. Few vibrating cock rings are designed with this type of programming sophistication. The cock ring itself is a little flimsy, so don't expect too tight of a fit. Regardless, my erections are superman strong and sustainable as a result of wearing this comfortable love ring. Though the vibrations are primarily meant for a female partner, men also get a lot out of the vibrations. Since the vibrator rests close to the penis, every pulsation is felt.

My girlfriend claims the Impulse Micro Arouser as her favorite vibrating cock ring. The different multi-speed options are fun to tease her with. If I have the controller (and I like to be the one in control), I get to switch up the stimulation, or the vibration programs, when I see fit. I drive my girlfriend bonkers with the ongoing adjustment of the vibrations. The crazier she gets in bed, the hornier I feel.

All functions considered, it is a valuable toy for men to have in their sex toy collection. Basically, this vibrating cock ring offers significant dual stimulation without the hassles of multiple toys. Slide the ring on, have the controller ready for action, and go for the gold. I've put aside my Orbit Ring Vibe and now we use this sex toy whenever the opportunity arises.

Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. RosesforMary
I cannot understate the Impulse Micro Arouser's impressive performance. It would impossible for me to praise it enough. My wife hasn't responded with this much excitement since we were in college. I chuckle to myself, because it's hard to understand how such a simple sex toy can have such a significant impact on our sex life. I quit thinking I knew what was best, tried to do something a little different, and it's worked out.
Sex toy review: four hearts. lil' tree
The impulse micro arouser is more powerful than my dual action vibrator! I would never have guessed that to be the case, but it's true. All the three flaps of nubs do more of a toothbrush massage -- only the round tips are soft, not like an actual toothbrush. Bad comparison, though it's the only one I can think of. Regardless...this vibrating love ring is always being played with. i sometimes slide the ring over my dildo or it gets worn during sex.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. RiverToOcean
I got this cock ring for my husband. I bought a few items for myself too. Of all the toys we bought...this Impulse cock ring is my favorite. Funny though, because I bought the Impulse for him more than for me. I get more pleasure from it than he does.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Melinda V.
A bunch of different ways to play with, which is why I am glad we bought the Impulse Micro Arouser. I masturbate with it and my husband wears it while we have sex. It's hard to remember what sex was like before owning this cool toy. I know I didn't orgasm as frequently as I do now. We are 100% happy.
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. sinisterBaD
killer cock ring ... a treat for my girlfriend ... my penis gets good and hard ... makes me better in bed ...
Sex toy review: four hearts. delirium tremens
The Impulse Micro Arouser never gets a rest in my house. Either my husband wears it while we have fun under the sheets or I use the vibrator on myself when he's not around. In either situation, my clit o's are near record levels. Only takes a couple of minutes to climax.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. cindy carnes
first time reviewer and first sex toy ever! my boyfriend suggested we try a vibrating cock ring. that's what we did. we got the impulse micro arouser. i like the round stubbies and the good vibrations on the cock ring. i noticed that the vibrations feel intenser when there's not alot of in and out, like just minor movement or more grinding.

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