Silicone Sex Toys: Premium vibrators and vibrating dildos are quality female sex toys


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Iris: Premium vibrators and vibrating dildos are quality female sex toys

Sex toy review: four hearts.

Item Description

The Iris is ushering G-Spot stimulation sex toys into a classier, more sophisticated arena of pleasure and grace. This G-Spot vibrator is sleek, powerful, quiet, and rechargeable. And, most importantly, the Iris creates and sends arousing vibrations to highly reactive G-Spot tissue. Deep, angled penetration and multi-speed vibrations unite in a common goal - to increase the intensity and frequency of G-Spot orgasms.

The Iris is made out of soft, smooth, textured silicone and plastic that accept and deliver quality vibrations to your hottest erogenous zone. Because the vibrations are so powerful, this sex toy can be easily used for internal or external stimulation. The shaft is curved and textured for intense G-Spot massage, but these same features also work for clitoral massage. In this way, the Iris is viewed as a multi-erogenous zone sex toy.

Two vibration motors are located inside of the Iris: One motor resides in the vibrator's tip, and the other motor is located in the mid-shaft area. The location of these motors is strategic - that is, each motor is located in an area of the toy where strong vibrations can easily travel to your hot spots, offering consistent and reliable stimulation every time you play with the Iris vibrator.

This vibrating dildo is multi-speed. Press the right or left side of the dial controller to increase or decrease vibration intensity. Push up or down on the dial controller to choose different functions: rapid crown vibrations, rapid mid-base vibrations, base and crown pulsations, extended base and crown pulsations, and non-stop shaft vibrations. With one button controlling everything, this is an extremely simple vibrator to use.

Say goodbye to expensive batteries that quickly run out of power. The Iris is rechargeable, so you save money on all those batteries you used to buy. Each session of battery charging provides seven hours of operation. Plus, the Iris comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty. Truly, this is a toy that can be considered a wise investment! Each Iris comes with a satin bag, stylish container, manual, and charger.

Editorial Review

The manufacturer spared no expense when they created the Iris. And how many sex toys come with a one-year manufacturer warranty? I am aware of only a few. It's even better that such a quality sex toy comes with a warranty. Why spend a lot of money on a vibrator if you are concerned that it might break? Well, the warranty says two things: First, it is a quality product for the simple reason that manufacturers won't offer warranties for cheaply made products that they are inclined to believe might break! Second, if by chance one does malfunction, the manufacturer is prepared to stand by the customer.

The warranty is an cozy, cuddly benefit that is reassuring. But how does the vibrator compare to other quality G-Spot sex toys? It's one of the best out there. It has everything that a gal could ever want or need in a G-Spot vibrator. The shaft is covered in stimulating texture (one of my favorite features) and the dual motors are powerful and multi-functional. I experience a variety of internal and external sensations, depending on which functions I choose.

I suggest playing with the control buttons before diving into self-stimulation. True, the one-button design makes things simple, but for me it was almost too simple. Maybe I'm just too used to the more "complicated" sex toys. It took me a few minutes to figure out how to operate this vibrator, so if you familiarize yourself with the controls before you get started, you won't get frustrated. Once you have a good idea how the toy works, you will be set, ready for intense quiet vibrations and fantastic shaft texture. I like this toy so much that I am giving quite a few to friends and business associates. I've done that a couple of times with different toys, but I bet the Iris is the biggest hit of them all!

Additional Details

Size:  9" total length
5.5" insertable length
4.5" circumference
Battery Info:  Charger included.
Material:  This item is made of Phthalate Free material, Plastic, and Silicone.
Manufacturer:  Lelo

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Sex toy review: five hearts. Domina
I really didn’t see how they could improve Gigi's simple, yet elegant and functional design. However, with the Iris, they have.
For one thing, the Iris is much larger than the Gigi, both in length and girth. So if you want to be filled up more, this would be the toy for you.
Second, the Iris features a fairly large, rounded head that feels amazing against the G-spot. The head is coated with soft silicone, yet is firm which the G-spot adores. You only need to move the Iris’ head in and out of the vagina opening subtly to feel that amazing "I'm going to orgasm pleasure." Just pumping the dildo vibe up and down will accomplish this and the handle is perfectly formed to fit comfortably in your hand. But, the most amazing thing about the Iris is that it has dual vibrating action.

The dual-action vibrations work in tandem to shoot vibrations up and down the shaft, depending on which of the five cycling patterns you choose, mimicking penetrative sex. Some of these patterns make the vibe feel like it is undulating inside of you, while others feel like a thrusting motion. Still others feel like a soft thumping sensation that works perfect for the G-spot. These vibrations are incredibly sophisticated and all the modes feel absolutely delicious and are unique to the Iris alone. In addition to that, the Iris has several speeds and is quite powerful on the highest setting, much more powerful in fact that most internal vibrators due to this dual vibration design.

This is an awesome vibrator!

Sex toy review: five hearts. Rogue
Even before the wonders of the toy itself, both my lover and I were charged (so to speak) by the "green" nature of the Iris. Phthlate-free, electrically rechargable, and protected with a warranty, this alone makes the Iris an amazing addition to the sexy toybox.

But what a toy this is! Beautifully sculpted, sensual, incredibly versatile, the Iris brought so many waves of pleasure to my lover that all I could so with her was watch in muted awe.

"It befits a queen," she told me later. "I would marry this vibrator if I could!" she later wrote to me.

Sex toy review: four hearts. hotmoviesforher
The best thing about the Iris is, without a doubt, the fact that it has two separate motors. One is located in the tip of the vibe and the other is further down the shaft. A couple of the pulsation patterns switch back and forth between the two, which provided a sensation I’d never felt before and very much enjoyed. Speaking of the options for this vibe, there are five different settings all of which can be used at various speeds. I really love all the different options, you can get off quickly or take your time!

I have high expectations of Lelo products, and the Iris did very little to let me down. It’s not cheap, but it’s definitely in a different league when compared to other vibes I own.

Sex toy review: four hearts. mina
This product is worth every penny you spend. It is definitely a high class toy. I like that it does not require batteries. You just plug it in with a charger, just like you would a cell phone. The Iris comes nicely boxed, as well as a very easy to read manual that also comes in many languages. With it's ridge design, it is made for g spot stimulation. It also has the delightful added bonus of having 2 motors! One at the base and one at the tip and yes they can be set at different vibrations. I found the ridge to be a bit uncomfortable for my small size. If I twisted the iris around it didn't feel very good, however, there was a point where I had the iris facing upside down and the vibrations stimulated my anus as well. This also left for adequate space for my man to pleasure me orally. The iris also works as a great clitoral stimulator when applied to your clit.
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. disco queen
Quickly becoming a favorite sex toy in my collection. Sure, it cost me a lot, but I know this baby is going to last longer than cheaper sex toys and vibrators. Love that it comes with a warranty. Love how it feels, looks, vibrates, and is rechargeable. Fantastic investment I think.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Natty
Very nice, well made toy. I love that it's phthalate-free and rechargeable. However, I can't justify buying it for the high price.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Madeline
The Iris makes me very, very, happy. I've spent more than its cost replacing cheaper G-Spot vibes AND buying batteries in the last 12 months, so I'm thrilled to have a vibrator that actually is a) gorgeous, b) effective and c) rechargeable! Lelo wins again!
Sex toy review: four hearts. Gabi
These crafty vibrators amaze me. That a machine could accomplish a lover's job so easily and reliably, all the time, is totally unexpected. I come from a fairly conservative background and sex toys, in the big picture, didn't mesh with my outlook on sex. Perceptions change. Mine changed in a hurry right at the moment that I played with the Iris for the first time. I adore my loving husband and enjoy our sexy time, but the Iris does stimulates me in ways that no man ever has. I am still shy about masturbating in front of my husband and hurting his feelings would be selfish, so those quiet vibrations are handy for secret alone time.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Beautiful to gaze upon and wonderful vibrations. I mainly relied on my Iris for G-Spot massage when I first started playing with it. I continue to use it for that, but I am starting to use it for clit rubbing more and more. It can do both very well. It is the best vibrator that I have purchased.
Sex toy review: five hearts. tina s.
Oh my good gracious sunrising morning! The birds are chirping, the grass is green, and I am experiencing series after series of G-spot orgasms. All is right with the world and in my bedroom. The Iris is a stimulatory force that awakened me to new possibilities. I labored to experience consistent G-spot orgasms, which is a thing of the past. No more bullying myself and exerting tons of energy because the Iris does it all for me. It cost me a few pretty pennies, but I would gladly pay double for this degree and type of arousal.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Daisy
Believe the hype! I suggest women check out the Iris. Lovely elegance, wonderful vibrations, and just better quality than anything I've seen or played with. Very, very satisfied customer. With the customer service and product.
Sex toy review: four hearts. The Wildthing
Who could refuse a good rechargeable vibrating dildo? Apparently I couldn't, or can't. The Iris shows up in style and induces strong g spot and clit orgasms. Using it for one and not the other seems pointless so my Iris is for both types of orgasms.
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. Alivia
My collection is close to completion. I currently have the Lily and Iris. Both are important sex toys to me. I tired of buying inexpensive vibrators that crashed on me months after purchasing them, and these two vibrators are high quality, sexy, rechargeable, and functionally perfect. High, high performance that stays strong. I've dropped the Iris on my tile bathroom floor on numerous occasions. It hasn't missed a beat a single time. Saying adios to batteries was enough of a motivation for me. Those suckers get expensive.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Gentle Rain
Highest quality vibrator. Turned me into an avid masturbator. Before the Iris masturbation was, like, "Hey, this feels good. I am going to climax." After the Iris it's like,"Hey, this feels amazing. I never want it to stop." I might be goofy, but I know the Iris is all that I could ask for in a vibrator.

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